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"Mr. Seabrook is the best of the Southern writers." - Dana Horton Makepeace

LOCHLAINN SEABROOK, the 2011 winner of the United Daughter of the Confederacy's prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal, is recognized as one of the world's leading pro-South writers.  A seventh-generation Kentuckian and a fourth-generation West Virginian of Appalachian heritage, he is a popular unreconstructed Southern historian and award-winning author, poet, and screenwriter, an encyclopedist and lexicographer, and the author of some thirty adult, teen, and children's books - twenty-two of them on the War for Southern Independence.

A states' rights advocate, traditional Southern Agrarian, and  former Civil War tour guide, as a Civil War scholar Mr. Seabrook is often compared to another Tennessee historian of note, Shelby Foote.  As a Bible scholar, in the field of religion Mr. Seabrook has been likened to Christian writer Charles Fillmore for his in-depth works on Jesus and the Bible.  And as an expert on ancient mythology and symbolism, he is referred to as both the "new Joseph Campbell" and the "American Robert Graves," the latter after his English cousin, historian, mythographer, poet, and author of the classic book, The White Goddess.

Mr. Seabrook's adult works include the following genres: pro-South studies, Confederate biography, Civil War ghost stories, the Law of Attraction, spirituality, theology, thealogy, self-help, healing, health, encyclopedias, dictionaries, genealogy, etymology, the paranormal, comparative religion and mythology, and social issues.

His eight children's books include a guide to the Civil War for Southern children, a biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest for teenagers, a dictionary of religion and myth, a rewriting of the King Arthur legend (which reinstates the original pre-Christian motifs), bedtime stories for pre-schoolers, a naturalist's guidebook to owls, a worldwide look at the family, and an examination of the Near-Death Experience.

An acclaimed screenwriter, Mr. Seabrook recently signed on with renowned filmmaker Christopher Forbes.  Together they will bring Seabrook's screenplay "A Rebel Born" (based on his popular biography of the same name) to the big screen.  This will surely be the most provocative, historically accurate, and most talked about Civil War film of all time.  Stay tuned for new developments.  (For more info. click on "Screenplays" below.)

Also an award-winning BMI-Nashville songwriter and musician, he has written some 3,000 songs (250 albums), has opened for groups such as the Earl Scruggs Review, Ted Nugent, and Bob Seger, and has performed privately for such luminaries as President Ronald Reagan, Burt Reynolds, and Senator Edward Brooke.

The descendant of dozens of Confederate soldiers, Mr. Seabrook is cousins with Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Alexander H. Stephens, James Longstreet, John S. Mosby, Jeb Stuart, John McGavock, John Lawton Seabrook, Mary Chesnut, and Jesse James, among many others.  His cousins in the entertainment industry include Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw, the Judds, Lee Ann Womack, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Pat Boone, Chet Atkins, Martha Carson, Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise, Andy Griffith, and Rebecca Gayheart.

Mr. Seabrook's books have been endorsed by numerous Civil War authorities, bestselling authors, celebrities, noted scientists, TV show hosts, racially inclusive pro-South organizations, and celebrated academicians from around the world, including:

Dannion Brinkley (New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light)
Dr. Clyde N. Wilson (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, University of South Carolina)
Dr. Jane G. Goldberg (psychoanalyst, psychologist, and author of The Dark Side of Love)
Dr. Michael Bradley (SCV Chaplain and author of Forrest and His Escort and Staff)
Dr. Jeremy Lopez (international Christian teacher and motivational speaker)
Dr. J. Michael Hill (founder of the League of the South and author of Celtic Warfare)
Dr. Bruce Maccabee (nuclear physicist, author, and former director of MUFON Maryland)
Erin Ryder (host of SyFy Channel's "Destination Truth" and Nat Geo's "Chasing UFOs")
Austin Cook (host of SyFy Channel's "Killer Contact")
Michael Givens (Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans)
Charles Kelly Barrow (Lt. Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans, author of Black Confederates)
Thomas Moore (Executive Director, The Southern National Congress)
James Ronald Kennedy (author of the bestseller The South Was Right!)
Al Benson Jr. (author of Lincoln's Marxists)
Clint Johnson (author of the bestseller The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South)
Nelson W. Winbush (African-American educator, SCV member, Ulmer Award winner)
Lynn Hammond (editor The Southern Cross)
Stanton T. Friedman (nuclear physicist and author of Science Was Wrong)
Xaviera Hollander (author of the worldwide blockbuster The Happy Hooker)
John Paul Strain (award-winning military artist and author of the bestseller Witness to the Civil War)
Nick Pope (former British government official and author of Open Skies, Closed Minds)
Timothy Good (author of the bestseller Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up)
Norma Jean Almodovar (author of Cop to Call Girl and founder of ISWFACE)
Karen Cooper (member of The Virginia Flaggers)
J. T. Thompson (Executive Director, Lotz House, Franklin, Tennessee)
Dolores French (author of Working and founder of HIRE)
Scott Bowden (five-time award-winning writer and author of Robert E. Lee at War)
Margo St. James (founder of COYOTE and St. James Infirmary)
Robert Lovell (five-term mayor of Leesburg, Florida)
Jay Gutierrez (medicine man and founder of Night Hawk Minerals)
Dane Bryant (acclaimed Nashville session player and keyboardist to country music's brightest stars)
Marlene Webb (health minister and CEO and founder of The Vitality Connection)
Katherine King (owner of Cosmic Connections)
Ray H. Blakeney (former President of the Blakeney/Blakey Association)
Barbara Marthal (African American educator and member of the Tennessee Order of the Black Rose)
Timothy D. Manning (Executive Director, The Southern Partisan Reader)
Carol Leigh (award-winning documentarian and founding member of ACT UP)
Ronny Mangrum (Adjutant, Roderick, Forrest's War Horse Camp 2072, SCV)
Sue A. Thompson (Master Curator, Lotz House Museum, Franklin, Tennessee)

Mr. Seabrook is a member of the multiracial organization Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), the National Grange, and the Civil War Trust.  He lives with his wife and family in historic Middle Tennessee, the heart of the Confederacy.



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