“Sea Raven Press, along with the company's quality books, is an excellent source of  information, and I highly recommend that others buy and read their published works." - Gary L. Benton (author)
SEA RAVEN PRESS is an independent book publishing company located in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.  We specialize in thought provoking books that stimulate and entertain while educating and enlightening.  We are proud to be the publisher of award-winning author, Civil War scholar, Bible authority, and unreconstructed Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook; award-winning psychoanalyst and alternative healthcare expert Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D.; Faye Gutierrez and the late Jay Gutierrez, authorities on natural healing therapies and the owners of Night Hawk Minerals in Pritchett, Colorado; and Amitava Dasgupta, Ph.D., Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

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PERSONNEL AND SUBJECTS: The president and founder of Sea Raven Press is Cassidy Ravensdale, a well respected entrepreneur and businesswoman in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and a member of the Georgia Order of Confederate Rose. Our current subjects are the American Civil War (from the Southern point of view), Confederate biography, theology, thealogy, the Law of Attraction, Jesus, the Bible, the Apocrypha, self-help, alternative health, social issues, the paranormal, spirituality, mythology, family histories, genealogy, and etymology. Our books can be purchased here on our Webstore (where you will get the fastest and most personal service), at Barnes & Noble stores, or wherever fine books are sold, including: Barnes Review, Glenarden, MD Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home, Biloxi, MS Burke’s Book Store, Memphis, TN Camp Moore Confederate Museum, Tangipahoa, LA Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville, TN Dixie Outfitters Webstore, Odum, GA Dixie Outfitters Store, Lynchburg, TN First White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery, AL Fort Pillow State Park, Henning, TN Gadsden and Culpeper, East Glenville, NY George Washington Birthplace National Memorial Park, Colonial Beach, VA Jefferson Davis Historic Site, Fairview, KY Lee Chapel (Robert E. Lee's burial site), Lexington, VA Lotz House Museum, Franklin, TN Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park, Eva, TN Octagon Hall Museum, Franklin, KY Paris Landing State Park, Buchanan, TN Parker’s Crossroads Visitor’s Center, Wildersville, TN Stones River National Battlefield, Mufreesboro, TN Stratford Hall (Robert E. Lee's birthplace), Stratford, VA The Cannonball House, Macon, GA The Lincoln Museum, Hodgenville, KY University of Virginia Bookstore, Charlottesville, VA White County Heritage Museum, Sparta, TN CUSTOMERS We provide our customers with the most efficient and easiest method of purchasing our products: secure online shopping through our Webstore using PayPal.  You can also purchase from us by credit card via phone and by check or money order via postal mail.  Click on our “Books” button to view our titles, and to access descriptions, prices, and purchase buttons. OUR VENDORS Our books are available wherever quality books are sold, including Barnes & Noble stores and thousands of other brick and mortar and online stores across the U.S., Europe, Russia, and Australia.  Besides our Webstore, Sea Raven Press books are also available online through Ingram, Spring Arbor, Amazon, Christianbooks.com, Cornerstone, Parable, Alibris, Dixie Outfitters, and The League of the South, among many others. NEW VENDORS Interested in carrying Sea Raven Press books?  Our titles can be ordered directly from us: we provide drop ship service for your convenience and our standard discount is 35 percent off the retail price.  Our books can also be ordered through Ingram or any of their associated sellers and partners. CATALOG Our “Complete Book Catalog” is available upon request. GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRINTING SERVICES We design and create book covers, business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, resumes, etc.  If you need to have your project printed and delivered to your door, we’ll do that for you as well.  We can design from scratch or according to your specifications.  All of our designs are attractive, Hi-Res, and printer-ready.  We work quickly and professionally.  For samples of our work see the book covers on our Books pages.  For more information, drop us an email. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY We're looking for venture capitalists or angel investors to help us take Sea Raven Press to the next level.  If you're interested please contact us. ABOUT OUR AUTHORS: SEABROOK, GOLDBERG, GUTIERREZ, GUTIERREZ, AND DASGUPTA Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook is an award-winning historian, screenwriter, and graphic artist, and is the most prolific and popular pro-South author in the world today, with over 50 books. Dr. Jane G. Goldberg is an award-winning psychoanalyst, wholistic health expert, the owner of La Casa Day Spa in New York City, and the author of nine books. Jay Gutierrez, who recently passed away, was the founder of Night Hawk Minerals in Colorado, an author, and an authority on the healing method known as natural stone hormesis. Faye Gutierrez is a wholistic health professional and author, and the owner of Night Hawk Minerals in Colorado. Dr. Amitava Dasgupta is Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, and the author of 20 books and 182 medical papers.
Sea Raven Press: Fine Books and Gifts Erin Ryder of "Destination Truth" Loves Our Book "UFOs and Aliens"!
(Left)    The    always    awesome    Erin    Ryder    of    SyFy Channel’s    hit    TV    show    “Destination    Truth”    and    Nat Geo’s    popular    series    “Chasing    UFOs,”    holding    our MUFON-approved     book     UFOs     and     Aliens:     The Complete   Guidebook .   Erin   calls   it   “a   truly   remarkable introduction     to     UFOs     that     transcends     all     other guidebooks   in   the   SUBJECT!”   Backcover   blurbs   are   by UFO    authorities    Dr.    Bruce    Maccabee,    Stanton    T. Friedman,    and    Timothy    Good,    with    a    foreword    by former   British   government   official   Nick   Pope   (the   “Real Fox Mulder”).
We have books for the whole family Our popular book "Jesus and the Law of Attraction" Our Civil War books are written from the South's perspective! Karen Cooper of the Virginia Flaggers Loves Our Books!
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(Above)      Our   friend   Karen   Cooper   of   the   Virginia   Flaggers,   holding one   of   our   books.      Miss   Karen   supports   Sea   Raven   Press   and   wrote the foreword to one of our books.