Cryin’ Shame Ghost Town Haunted His Voice Lonesome House Love Makes You Beautiful Obsession (female vocal) Singin’ Cowboy That’s My Girl You Are Christmas To Me (female vocal) BLUEGRASS General Lee’s Lament God-Fearin’ Man My Family Tree Sunday Drive When My Ship Comes In BLUES We Don’t Like Each Other Anymore CELTIC Cassie’s Reel Letcher County Barn Dance Road To Bannockburn CHRISTIAN Glorified God-Fearin’ Man His Burden Is Light Harbor Of Love (female vocal) Lift Me Up! Redneck Christmas You Are Christmas To Me (female vocal) CHRISTMAS Redneck Christmas You Are Christmas To Me (female vocal) CIVIL WAR General Lee’s Lament Someone’s Darlin’ CLASSIC COUNTRY Keep Your Hands Off My Man (female vocal) Livin’ A Country Song (female vocal) Mud, Sweat, and Beers Texas State of Mind Two-Timin’ Whiskey-Lovin’ Girl Just Say Yes Too Country For Country CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC (CCM) Glorified COUNTRY BALLADS Cryin’ Shame Ghost Town His Voice Lonesome House That’s My Girl COUNTRY MID TEMPO Favorite Son Happily Married Man I’m the Man She Loves I’m Your Dad Just Say Yes She Makes Me Look Good Texas State of Mind Too Country For Country Train To Richmond We Don’t Like Each Other Anymore COUNTRY POP Favorite Son Happily Married Man His Voice I’m the Man She Loves I’m Your Dad She Makes Me Look Good Train To Richmond COUNTRY ROCK Red, White, and Blue-Collar Guy Red, White, and Blue-Collar Girl (female vocal) Rock ‘n Roll Country Girl COUNTRY UP TEMPO Bronco Man Country As Hell Country Looks Good On You Homeless Heart Little Black Dress Love Moves In Mysterious Ways Lovin’ You Is Like A Rodeo Mud, Sweat, and Beers She’s A keeper Two-Timin’ Whiskey-Lovin’ Girl Your Love’s the Best Part About Me FEMALE Harbor Of Love (female vocal) His Burden Is Light (female vocal) Keep Your Hands Off My Man (female vocal) Livin’ A Country Song (female vocal) Love Makes You Beautiful (female vocal) Obsession (female vocal) Red, White, and Blue-Collar Girl (female vocal) You Are Christmas To Me (female vocal) GOSPEL Lift Me Up! INSTRUMENTAL Bodacious Bossa Cassie’s Reel Devil John Wright Letcher County Barn Dance Paleolithic Dawn Rhiannon’s Idyll Road To Bannockburn Sanctuary That Blonde At Table Six To A Common Loon Water Panet INSTRUMENTAL CLASSIC JAZZ Bodacious Bossa That Blonde At Table Six POP His Voice I’m The Man She Loves Insatiable Love Love Makes You Beautiful Obsession TECHNO Autobahn Bullet Train Caribbean Steel Chop Shop Electric Morph Immortal Insectia Mars and Back Metal Alley Pile Driver Punch-Up Robotica Base Rollin’ Shutterbug Stride Trance Dance Transitus Germanicus Urban Dig WESTERN SWING Bronco Man Singin’ Cowboy Texas State of Mind

From Nashville’s Premier Songwriting & Song Publishing Company, Sea Raven Music

Artists,   bands,   managers   filmmakers,   music   directors, TV   producers,   radio   advertisers:   Need   a   killer   hit   song?      If   you’re   looking   for   top   quality   Nashville   tunes   for   your   artist,   group,   film, TV   project, or radio spot, you've come to the right place.  Scroll down for a list of our currently available tunes and listen to our MP3s.  If you hear something you like, let us know. We   are   actively   pitching   the   song   catalog   of   our   award-winning   author/songwriter   and   composer   Lochlainn   Seabrook   (BMI-Nashville),   who   has   written   and   recorded   some   3,000   songs   (250 albums) in the genres of country, bluegrass, Christian contemporary, Gospel, Western Swing, pop, jazz, adult contemporary, New Age, and classical.  Also   a   musician,   producer,   multi-instrumentalist,   and   renown   performer—whose   keyboard   work   has   been   variously   compared   to   pianists   from   Hargus   Robbins   and   Vince   Guaraldi   to   Elton   John and   Leonard   Bernstein—Seabrook   has   opened   for   groups   such   as   the   Earl   Scruggs   Review,   Ted   Nugent,   and   Bob   Seger,   and   has   performed   privately   for   such   public   figures   as   President   Ronald Reagan,   Burt   Reynolds,   Loni   Anderson,   and   Senator   Edward   W.   Brooke.      Seabrook’s   cousins   in   the   music   business   include:   Johnny   Cash,   Elvis   Presley,   Billy   Ray   and   Miley   Cyrus,   Patty Loveless, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack, Dolly Parton, Pat Boone, Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley Judd, Ricky Skaggs, the Sunshine Sisters, Martha Carson, and Chet Atkins. Our   broadcast   quality   recordings   (rated   a   "perfect   10"   by   one   of   Music   City's   top   mastering   studios)   are   also   available   for   licensing   for   film,   video,   TV,   radio,   Internet,   etc.   We   use   only   the   finest Nashville   session   players   and   singers   on   our   hi-res   digital   recordings.   We   have   commercial   ballads,   mid-tempos,   and   up-tempos   in   all   styles   of   country   and   bluegrass,   including   vocals   and instrumentals. Several of Lochlainn’s songs will be featured in the film A Rebel Born , set for release in 2017 (see our Videos/DVDs page for more information).  In   2012   Lochlainn’s   poignant   ballad   That’s   My   Girl   -   recorded   and   produced   by   his   cousin   John   Carter   Cash   (son   of   Johnny   Cash   and   executive   producer   of   the   five-time Academy Award-winning film   Walk   the   Line )   -   was   selected   for   inclusion   in   the   film   Cowgirls   N’ Angels ,   starring   Bailee   Madison,   Jackson   Rathbone,   and   James   Cromwell.      Lochlainn’s   songs   can   also   be   heard   in   a   host   of other films, including: Confederate Cavalry, Billy the Kid: Showdown in Lincoln County, Vengeance Without Mercy, Last Step, County Line,  and  The Mark . For questions pertaining to licensing or artist song placement, please email us here at Sea Raven Press.


All songs, lyrics, performances, arrangements, productions copyright © Lochlainn Seabrook, BMI-Nashville/Sea Raven Music Copying, recording, performing, or distributing these songs without permission is a violation of copyright and is a crime which our Music Row attornies take very seriously. OUR CURRENT LOCHLAINN SEABROOK SONG CATALOG NOTES: Listed alphabetically by genre and tempo.  Some songs are listed in more than one genre.  Allow the page to fully load (30-60 seconds).  All songs have male vocals unless otherwise indicated.  These low-resolution MP3s are for auditioning only, and are not suitable for professional use.  For access to our broadcast quality versions, please contact us.               
THE SONGS OF LOCHLAINN SEABROOK PERSONNEL All lyrics, all music, rhythm guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, piano, organ, synthesizer, drums, harmonica, percussion, backup vocals, production, arrangments, recordings, engineering, mastering: LOCHLAINN SEABROOK Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle: JASON ROLLER Vocals (lead and backup): RANDY MCCLELLAN Vocals (lead and backup): RED MARLOW Vocals (lead and backup): ROB NICHOLS Vocals (lead and backup): MARIBETH JOHNSON Vocals (lead and backup): EMILY JACOBS Vocals (lead and backup): LUKE BROWN Vocals (lead and backup): LAYNE IDHE Vocals (lead and backup): ANGELA HURT Vocals (lead and backup): JEFF CARSON Vocals (lead and backup): JAY TETER Fiddle: STUART DUNCAN Steel guitar: DAVID WOOD Banjo: CRAIG MORRIS Dobro: JOSH ULBRICH
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