OUR BOOKS - CONTINUED FROM REVIEWS PAGE 1 (click a book cover to purchase) ABRAHAM LINCOLN WAS A LIBERAL, JEFFERSON DAVIS WAS A CONSERVATIVE: THE MISSING KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR “American politics changed forever in the 1896 election year. Fantastic reading!” - PAUL SCOFIELD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I’ve never been so excited about a book after receiving Abraham Lincoln Was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis Was a Conservative today. It was an extreme pleasure delving into this history that you guys are providing. I was impressed with this book as soon as I got it out of the package. I got the hardback. Put it in your hand. You will feel the power behind it almost immediately. And the inside did not disappoint. This is an excellent, concise, truthful survey of our United States history. How we began. How we got to where we are as political bodies. The fights we are having today (2017) started at the beginning of the country (1781). They say there are always two sides to every story. They are adquately exposed in this book. Most history books only cover one side. Seabrook shows you who was on each side. Every schoolchild should read this for their historical edification. Every home and library should have one! For me I come down, for the most part, on the ‘let me be,’ Southern, Jeffersonian, Constitutionlist [Conservative] side. If you want Hamilton [the Liberal side] you can have it. Not good for the country. Not good for humanity. All in all, this is a very enlightening book. I loved it.” - RONALD HELMS CONFEDERATE VETERAN MAGAZINE BOOK REVIEW: "There is an absolute ton of information in Abraham Lincoln Was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis Was a Conservative. The author Lochlainn Seabrook has done an exceptional job on research going way back to our founding and bringing us forward through the election of Donald J. Trump. The work is well annotated with sources of quotes and reference material used in the research period. Any serious student of US history will be well rewarded for his/her time after reading this work. I consider myself to be better versed than the average citizen on our US Constitution and history, especially pertaining to the politics before, during and after the illegal, unconstitutional War of Northern Aggression, waged on the entire population of the South, by the war criminal Lincoln. I definitely know more now than I did before reading this particular book. At times, it can be a tough read, as I had to, more than once, read and re-read several portions to fully grasp the content. We often hear that Democrats and Republicans of certain time periods were not the same as they are in more recent times, the two parties have 'switched' on party platforms and ideaology. Mr. Seabrook has proved it beyond debate. I will add that not only was this book very helpful to me, it will remain close by for future reference." - REVIEWED BY BILL STARNES, CONFEDERATE VETERAN, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Lochlainn Seabrook's book Abraham Lincoln was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis was a Conservative is a very good guide to understanding the origin, foundation, beliefs and transformations of America's dominant political parties of today. He also shows that Abraham Lincoln was anything but the champion of freedom, emancipation and civil rights that he is portrayed to be in our history books and Hollywood movies. Seabrook’s book is an excellent place to begin to understand the truth about Lincoln (vs. the ‘glorified myth’ of legend). His book also shows that the struggle for freedom (under limited government) vs. tyranny (of unlimited government power) continues to this very day. Included in his book are significant revelations about the influence of Karl Marx and Socialist thought on Lincoln and his administration. You will never see Lincoln and the ‘Civil War’ the same way again! An excellent springboard to further inquiry.” - MR. D. (California) “I can’t wait to read this as I have had lengthy discussion with folks for years now on this subject. I often find myself having to explain why I am a Republican today, but not a ‘Lincoln Republican.’ Thank you for tackling this subject.” - ELLEN MCWHORTER STONE (Facebook) "Great book!! Explains a lot of the problems today." - ALAN GREER (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Favorite book yet! This title goes into detail about the tyrant Lincoln’s crimes against the North (yes, you read that right, the North) as well as the South. It shows how a creep like Lincoln grabbed power and got so powerful to begin with. Lincoln’s Republican Party is not the Republican Party of Reagan! Lincoln’s party needed to be opposed. Why they called themselves “Republicans” and got away with it is anyone’s guess. [Actually, Col. Seabrook answers this question in the book - the Publisher.] As long as we struggle against liberalism our heroic, patriotic Confederate ancestors have not died in vain!” - JASON PRATHER “An ultra-important book, essential to understanding the two nations involved in Lincoln’s War. This book is the missing key that will unlock a new understanding of the Conservative South as opposed to the Liberal North, and why Lincoln’s War should matter to every true American and Conservative today. This book is a must-read. If you are at all interested in the ‘Civil War’ you will likely find this book one that you will read from cover-to-cover in one sitting.” - J. SANFORD KRUIZENGA (Patreon) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great author. Great book. Any of Seabrook's stuff is great. He tells the truth. Matches with what my great-grandmother told me instead of the lies taught in public schools today." - CHARLES (no last name) "Excellent read!" - WENDELL GILBERT JR (Facebook) "Got it! Great work." - JESSB11_72301 (Instagram) EBAY PRODUCT REVIEW: "This is a very good lesson in American history, and the south in particular. More people need to read Col. Seabrook's work." - MYHUGHBAY (Texas) “I’m reading this book right now. Excellent! Lots about Lincoln. I’m on chapter 3 now. Great book. Highly recommended. Very well researched.” - FRED SALTER (Facebook) “This is one of the most awesome little books on the planet. Chock full of vital information at your fingertips. Everyone should have a copy!!!” - RONALD HELMS (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HONEST ABE MY ASS!”: "This is a well written and engrossing read that sheds a necessary light upon the long suppressed truth behind Lincoln's War against the South, not to mention the U.S. Constitution and patriotic Americans as a whole. I've come to understand some things that never really made sense before, and was amazed to discover how very like today's liberals were people like Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton. What's more I was embarrassingly unaware that liberalism's long-standing association with Marxists, socialists and others, whose abhorrence of the Constitution has left them feeling entitled to attempt it's dismantling, is not a new phenomenon but reaches back as far as dishonest Abe and beyond! Perhaps the reason that history never captured my interest in the past is because somewhere, deep within, something about what I was being taught simply didn't ring true. Well, that's begun to change..." - GODMYTH “I just wanted to drop you a note about Lochlainn Seabrook’s book Abraham Lincoln Was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis Was a Conservative. I’m almost through reading it. It is brilliant! Please tell Col. Seabrook that he really nailed the Yankee book of lies shut with this one.” - ROBERT M. SCHWARTZ EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Interesting book, a good read." - LARLARRCAMP SECRETS OF CELEBRITY SURNAMES: AN ONOMASTIC DICTIONARY OF FAMOUS PEOPLE “If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite celebrity’s surname means, pick up a copy of Lochlainn Seabrook’s thoroughly engrossing dictionary, Secrets of Celebrity Surnames. Both informative and entertaining, this unique illustrated onomasticon is impossible to put down!” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS: WHY EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD HONOR CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS AND THEIR MEMORIALS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE WHOLE STORY”: "A close cousin to fake news is what the author calls fake history. This treatment by Lochlainn Seabrook is literally (in the words of the sub-title) an explanation of Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials. It gives the answer for all Americans why the fake history and all the anarchists who use it to both rewrite and/or erase our heritage are all wrong. One would be hard pressed to find this volume of documentation any place else. If one wanted to smugly follow the group think hysteria and revisionist propaganda against Confederate Monuments then this book probably is not for you. . . it just might make you think too much and challenge the norm of your philosophy. But, if you are interested in looking at the-rest-of-the-story then this treatment will offer the value and importance of these monuments in our history which is why some want to eradicate them completely from all public venues: It is thought to be just way too dangerous to know the truth about them. This book is highly recommended for it's unique and refreshing take on the issue!" - JERRY CAINE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book to remember our historical monuments. Very nice photographs and great historical review of each monument. Highly recommended.” - MICHAEL EBAY REVIEW: “Excellent book, as described, and packed well. I recommend this selled! A+++++.” - HARDSHELL2 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent information and analytic insight. Our monuments all have to be replaced [with new ones]. They are symbols of our history, good and bad, and cannot be erased.” - EMILY DICKINSON AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. I wish all the BLM protestors would take a few minutes to do some research and read this. They’re destroying their own history.” - C. GODFREY “Col. Seabrook, I just wanted to thank you for writing your wonderful book and priceless keepsake Confederate Monuments. I’m thoroughly enjoying it!” - PATRICK BEAGLE (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “IN A TIME OF DECEIT TELLING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT”: “As a lover of history with a special adoration for the 1860s I am appalled and disgusted with those who are crying for the removal and destruction of Confederate Monuments and Memorials throughout the South. And what’s worse is that they are getting their way. I don’t care what you believe as far as the ‘Civil War’ is concerned but these monuments were erected by descendants of those who fought and died for the cause of the South and so they are historical artifacts of worth and admiration. The argument is made that these emblems represent a racist ideology and white-supremacy. But that’s not what I find when I study history: in fact, it’s just the opposite. But the purpose of my review is not to argue this point but rather to stress my opinions regarding the book Confederate Monuments written by Lochlainn Seabrook. I am not a racist. I am not a white-supremacist. I’m not even a Southerner. I was born and raised in Michigan and beside a brief 8-year stint with the Marine Corps I have lived in Michigan my entire life. I am married to a Mexican-American (Indian) and have several black friends. I say this, so no-one can say I am not 100% American, 100% Patriotic, or 100% a Friend to All Men regardless of color. I believe wholeheartedly in what Col. Seabrook has written. I used to be on the other side of the fence – a straddler – believing what I was taught in public school and University: that the Northern cause was just and righteous and that God was on the side of the North because the South was both racist and a lover of Slavery. Right? Isn’t this what we’ve been taught? If you believe these “facts” or are a fence-straddler, then you best read Confederate Monuments. It’s a well-researched book written to commemorate a small portion of the thousands of Confederate war memorials erected in honor of the Confederate Soldier before they are removed or destroyed. 266 pages is devoted to these essential elements of history from Texas to the Carolinas, Illinois to Florida. A short caption is included with each photo describing its place in history and in some instances, when known, the date erected. The forepart of the book, the first 100 pages, rebuts several of the blatant lies told by the victors of Lincoln’s War with little-known revelations concerning the North, the South, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Slavery, and much more. Read with an open mind – listen to the other side of the story before passing judgment. An insightful quote is given by Confederate General Cleburne that fits perfectly with this section. He stated that losing the war against the liberal North meant that ‘the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision.’ He was spot on. This is precisely what has transpired from the 12- year period of martial law that followed the war known as ‘Reconstruction’ in which the North attempted to mold the South in its image, up to our modern era. In my humble opinion this book is long overdue. It’s no secret that Confederate monuments are under attack: the fight against the South rages on and apparently won’t stop until every vestige of the conservative pro-Christian pro-American South is replaced by the progressive liberal ideal of big-government, humanistic and anti-American sentiment. Thus, the war continues: northern liberalism (big-government) vs. southern conservative values. (For more information on this I also recommend the author’s book, Abraham Lincoln was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis was a Conservative). George Orwell wrote that ‘in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ That being true, the book’s author is truly a revolutionist. He dares to speak what others whisper; he writes with a boldness and an authoritative knowledge that is second to none. This book is one-of-a-kind. Nothing compares to it. I am thankful that he has taken the time to research these monuments and to tell the tales of their historical importance considering the plight of recent events. I feel for the South, I really do. Southern children have been taught to frown upon their own kin, to condemn their acts as unjust, their cause ‘lost’ – to spit upon their graves in disgust. The truth has been hidden and suppressed. This is not some conspiracy theory or wishful thinking (lost-cause delusion) – this is fact. The facts have been out there: Lochlainn took the time to research and compile them in the many books he has written. I for one am a proselyte. This book seeks to explain, as the subtitles states, Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials. I believe the author answers this both clearly and resolutely on page 29 of the book. You’ll have to read it to learn why. But there is so much more that I gleaned from reading this book that I feel is beneficial to everyone: 1) How the US Federal Government today recognizes the Confederate Soldier as a U.S. Military Veteran. 2) Why it is a Crime, according to U.S. Code, to Disturb Confederate Memorials and the steep penalties, which if applied, that might help deter vandals. 3) What President’s son respectfully participated in the erection of a Confederate Monument in Chicago, Illinois! 4) How Presidents Taft, Harding, McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt viewed the Confederate Soldier. 5) How Yankee Soldiers viewed the Confederate Soldier. And so much more!!! This is a book that I couldn’t put down especially considering the modern destruction and removal of Confederate Monuments across the South. Buy it. Read it. And enlighten Your Soul and Mind. Thank you Col. Seabrook for this wonderful tribute to the Confederate Soldier!” - JAY KRUIZENGA “Thank you. I love this book.” - DAVID5067 (eBay) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Read Lochlainn Seabrook’s Confederate Monuments to understand. I love this book and am learning a lot about the history of Confederate monuments. I wish more people would read this book for understanding. Great illustrations.” - CHRISTY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Bought two copies for my family. Love having this book. A history lesson in pictures before they are gone.” - DEE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: ”A must-read.” - MOI AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!”: “I have always wanted to go see the monuments but never had the chance. This book will be my tour since I will more than likely never get to see them in person. It is a shame that the truth has been hidden from people about the South. This book is for anyone who values the truth!” - YELLAROSE FIVE-STAR EBAY PRODUCT REVIEW: “EYE OPENING & WELL WRITTEN”: “I am thoroughly satisfied with this book. Not only did it cover monuments and their locations (along with an image), it also corrects some of the falsehoods and explained why they were false regarding the Civil War, which I found very useful. Glad that I bought Confederate Monuments and look forward to reading it a few times and pass it onto family members too.” - LAKECUMBERLAND AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GOOD VIEW OF MANY CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS”: “The Civil War took many lives in the South and most people forget just how many. Most books can’t begin to give you the breadth of the damage. But with Lochlainn Seabrook’s book Confederate Monuments, you have many pictures of monuments large and small dedicated to the Confederate dead. This book makes for a good traveling companion as well.” - FREEDOM FIRST AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “SHOULD BE HONORED”: “Great book.” - MARK APPEL “Great book. I’m glad I got my copy before the powers that be started burning them.” - MARILYN PARRISH (Facebook) “Highly recommended read. Great book!” - WENDELL GILBERT JR (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book provides many pictures of monuments large and small dedicated to the Confederate dead.” - ANDREW SULLIVAN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “REAL HISTORY”: “Great book.” - STEELSOX3 THE HAMPTON ROADS CONFERENCE: THE SOUTHERN VIEW “Lochlainn Seabrook’s The Hampton Roads Conference is refreshingly factual examination of a subject almost completely disregarded by mainstream historians, but which he shows is highly significant because it so clearly contrasted the two opposing views of the contestants: the constitutionally based Southern view, and the unconstitionally based Northern view.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS THE CONCISE BOOK OF OWLS: A GUIDE TO NATURE’S MOST MYSTERIOUS BIRDS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OWLS . . . AND MORE”: "I hate to admit that before reading this book I knew absolutely nothing about owls. And worse yet...I had never seen one outside of the zoo (and even then, she was hidden in a dark room). But to find one of these amazing creatures in the wild would be a real treat and that is what this book will assist you in doing. It contains a 50-page guide of all 20 species found in North America and how to identify them. . . . Reading this book did not make me an expert in owls but it did evoke my desire to find one in the wild. I now know the basics and would be able to have an intelligent conservation with someone about owls. You’ll be able to too, only after reading this book. I’ve read most of Lochlainn Seabrook’s books and have a large collection of them sitting prominent on my shelf (all read - some numerous times!!!). This one will proudly sit alongside the rest. Loch is a wonderful author who can dissect complicated subjects and make them easy to understand in laymen’s terms. I look forward to each new release. This book is no exception." - J. KRUIZENGA EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "This book tells you everything you want to know about every species of owl, all facts about them, where they live, how they hunt, what they hunt, how to find them if you are a bird watcher, and the physiology of how to care for them. Awesome book. A must have for everyone who cares about the amazing balance of nature we all better start paying attention to." - ELIZBAURI-0 EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Great book. Thanks!!” - RMB2014 EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great book to help identify local owls. My grandsons just moved to Arizona and are very interested in discovering new plants and animals in the desert. There are 13 species of owls in Arizona and my grandsons have seen and identified 3 with the help of this book. Wonderful book. Thank you." - JJSGRAM46 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great info. I gave it to my brother who sees hawks and owls in his neighborhood. He's learned a lot from this book." - JEN H EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Outstanding book. Outstanding service. Quick delivery and packed carefully." SWANEE143 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Nice book. It was fun to read. It's really small but very informative. Would highly recommend it if you want to read about owls in understandable chunks. Also, very nice owl pictures everywhere." - COFFEE OWL ● PHOTO PRINTS BY LOCHLAINN SEABROOK EBAY REIVEW, FIVE STARS: “Very nice photos. They were well-packaged and arrived promptly and safely. Excellent shopping experience. Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction.” - CRCA-40 ● WHAT THE CONFEDERATE FLAG MEANS TO ME: AMERICANS SPEAK OUT IN DEFENSE OF SOUTHERN HONOR, HERITAGE, AND HIISTORY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TREMENDOUS!”: “This book is a tremendous rebuttal to all the Confederate bashing in today’s world. What the Confederate Flag Means to Me should be required reading in all schools and in Congress.” - ROBERT SCHWARTZ LINCOLN’S WAR: THE REAL CAUSE, THE REAL WINNER, THE REAL LOSER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “Great book detailing the real causes behind Lincoln’s war to deny freedom, independence and self- determination to the fledgling Southern nation. Lincoln’s invasion of the South has become America’s most embarassing moment in history, with his lust for power causing 700,000 deaths, including some 50,000 Southern civilians raped and murdered.” - ZERO “Great book!” - GLORIA PEOPLES ELAM “After reading this book, now I know Lincoln better and the Southern reasons for secession.” - DANIEL OMAR AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Love it.” - KEITH MEFFORD “Excellent publication!” - TR BOLTON “A truly great book.” - PAUL SCOFIELD “I’m in the middle of reading Lincoln’s War. Eye opening!” - T. BROWN (Twitter) “Lochlainn Seabrook’s Lincoln’s War: The Real Cause, the Real Winner, the Real Loser is an excellent and very informative book. I highly recommend it!!!” - ROBERT HOOVER (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Provides a true, different, and in-depth discussion on the American Civil War. Excellent. A must-read.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER “Get the book Lincoln’s War. It will knock your socks off.” - JIM GARROU AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Explains how Lincoln tricked the South and started a massive war for nothing.” - WILLIAM F. DONOVANON “Have you read Lincoln’s War by Lochlainn Seabrook? It’s a real eye opener.” - AL BASSEL “Great book!!!” - JIM CLARK (Instagram) VICTORIAN HERNIA CURES: NONSURGICAL SELF-TREATMENT OF INGUINAL HERNIA EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "This book is a must for anyone suffering from inguinal hernia." - XAVIERAVI ETSY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Victorian Hernia Cures is filled with valuable, very rare information." - DANIEL ETSY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "The contents of text is lucid and balanced." - YANGCHU VINTAGE SOUTHERN COOKBOOK: 2,000 DELICIOUS DISHES FROM DIXIE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "The book was wrapped well (having lots of fun with the bubble wrap is always a plus). I can’t wait to get cooking, especially some of the really odd recipes." - NO NAME ("Amazon customer") AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS - “GREAT FOR READING IN PARTICULAR”: "I am a cookbook collector and long-time home cook. I love this cookbook for its historical importance, I believe, in not losing recipes that were a part of the past. Having said that, if you intend to cook from this cookbook, it is probably imperative that you have some considerable experience in the kitchen. As with many very old recipes, the directions are rarely "step by step", and the recipe writer assumed that you already had familiarity with terms such as "quick oven". Having said all that, it is a great purchase - many hundreds of recipes to try, and some ingredients that may catch anyone not raised on a farm by surprise!!!" - LEISA T. SMYLY (verified purchase) (1) AMAZON RATING, FIVE STARS (NO NAME) (2) AMAZON RATING, FIVE STARS (NO NAME) SEA RAVEN PRESS BUMPER STICKERS EBAY PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: "Best stickers made! Offered by a top notch seller! Never disappointed." - STEVE PALMER (purchased our "Gray Lives Matter" sticker) WOMEN IN GRAY: A TRIBUTE TO THE LADIES WHO SUPPORTED THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Women in Gray is a must read for anyone interested in the women who supported the Confederacy. I bought this book, as an addition to my growing interest in the Confederacy. I am a member of The United Daughters of the Confederacy, and my grandfather fought for the South. I have all the documentation of my grandfather’s service; he was only 16 when he joined. The book, Women in Gray, allowed me greater insight into the lives of the women who were at home, trying to keep their families together through trying times, such as my great grandmother." - CAROL DUSTIN AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Here’s another of Seabrook’s charming volumes. Combination Christian mystic and Confederate defender (both defensive positions stemming from intelligent arguments), this author has devoted insane amounts of time writing and researching, be it for the correction of North-written (and falsified) history or explorations of the deeper hidden meanings of biblical sacred texts. Women in Gray is history through photography. There are written segments (often excerpts from old publications) beyond just the captions. But it’s the plethora of photos of Southern ladies past and present that bring this book to life. An author such as Seabrook could spin this book into several more books, data-dense with “informative” being an understatement. Lochlainn has but scratched the surface with this friendly introduction to the roles that strong Southern women fulfilled - and fulfill - in the Confederacy. You don’t have to be a history buff to find the attraction in a volume like this. Big, friendly, purple and loaded with pictures and auxiliary information, the book isn’t just an everyday volume of “Civil War” reportage. Seabrook, with Women in Gray, further cements his status as an exhaustive advocate of Confederate values and tireless defender of Confederate honor - doing his part to erase the rather unhistorical changes wrought by the North in its self-serving white-washing of history to paint itself the just victor that it wasn’t.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I have this book and I am very pleased with my purchase. Very informative. I am a member of the UDC and I enjoy reading everything I can find on the war and the women in those days.” - LINDA D. YAUGHNON “I bought this book and loved it! Enjoyed reading about the women who were instrumental in supporting themselves and their families and doing all they could to support their husbands, brothers, fathers, etc. who were away from home fighting in the war. Excellent work and very interesting information! The tenacity, strength, and perseverance that our ancestors had was truly amazing!” - RENEE LANGFORD SULLIVAN “More great history of our Southern women; a must-read and reference book. Highly recommended by ‘Isenhour Speaks’.” - BARRY ISENHOUR "I purchased Women in Gray a few years ago and really enjoyed it." LINDA JACKSON (Facebook) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ANOTHER PROUD SOUTHERN LADY”: This is a wonderful read for anyone who is a Civil War buff. You never really heard about the women who supported the cause, before, during, and after the war until now. The war affected so many on both sides.” - 636LADYBUG ALL WE ASK IS TO BE LET ALONE: THE SOUTHERN SECESSION FACT BOOK AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "If you’re infuriated by the removal of statues, school names, and street signs which honor Confederate heroes, then you must read this book. All We Ask is to be Let Alone proves once and for all that the Confederate States were not racist and the war was not about slavery. This book eliminates the lies told in most conventional history books. Seabrook has written another well documented book." - ROBERT SCHWARTZ “Reading this book right now. Great book! So glad I own it! Packed with great historically accurate information. Thank you Colonel Seabrook!” - PAUL SCOFIELD (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “All We Ask is to be Let Alone tells you where it all started. Read this book and learn factual history instead of the garbage on Tell’lie’vision. Good book.” - GRIZZLY691 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: Truth. Truth. Truth. Regardless of the reviews from the clowns who keep trying to rewrite history, it is a pleasure to have the truth about the War of Northern Aggression being accurately told.” - SERIOUSLY ETSY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "This book was a gift for my husband. The author, Lochlainn Seabrook, writes well and is knowledgeable about this complicated subject matter. His books are very interesting and engaging. The physical quality of the book is top notch. The book was exactly as pictured and described. It was well packaged for shipment, it shipped promptly, and arrived on time. Happy customer!" - E. H. (verified purchase) EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE & BOOK REVIEW: “Awesome book! Great seller! I look forward to doing future business with you. Service: A+.” - NOLADISNEYFAN RISE UP AND CALL THEM BLESSED: VICTORIAN TRIBUTES TO THE CONFEDERATE SOLDIER, 1861-1901 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Rise Up and Call Them Blessed contains a wealth of information about the Confederate soldier, his reasons for fighting, and a true history of the South.” -TENNTRAVELER “Everyone born after 1960 should have to read this book. It exposes the lies ‘history’ classes are teaching.” - RONNIE WRIGHT EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: “I am thrilled with this book - and it was packed with great care and it arrived fast. LOVE!” - THANKFULME223 ETSY CUSTOMER SERVICE, FIVE STARS: "So much care went into my package. The shipping was quick. The gift wrap was beautiful. I look forward to doing more business with you. Thank you so much." MJ (bought Rise Up and Call Them Blessed) “I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend this title. As with every book he writes, in Rise Up and Call Them Blessed Colonel Seabrook fleshes out things with great little snippets of information to make the subject come alive.” - DONALD CAUL CONFEDERATE VETERAN MAGAZINE REVIEW, JAN-FEB 2024: “Stories of Confederate soldiers and the difficulties they faced during the war should be often repeated. Lochlainn Seabrook has gathered hundreds of stories, the majority of which originally appeared in the pages of the original Confederate Veteran magazine, into a collection that makes sharing those stories much easier. Rise Up and Call Them Blessed begins with explaining the difference between political parties, terms the war was called, historians and presentism, and notes on why ‘the real war will never get in the books.’ Seabrook then launches into the war years, followed by the copious writings of Confederate veterans in the post-war years. For many of the writers, they were witnesses to events they are describing. Battles and skirmishes, meetings with various famous figures like Forrest, Lee, and Jackson, and their thoughts on the reasons behind the war are all explored. There are sketches of many Confederate generals, mostly written by veteran and editor Sumner A. Cunningham. Occasionally there are more famous people writing, like a sketch on William Barksdale at the battle of Gettysberg, written by John Bell Hood. If you are interested in reading about the war in the words of Confederate veterans who road with Forrest or marched under Stonewall Jackson, then Rise up and Call Them Blessed is recommended.” - MICHAEL HARDY VICTORIAN CONFEDERATE POETRY: THE SOUTHERN CAUSE IN VERSE, 1861-1901 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “WARMING A SOUTHERNER’S HEART”: “Lochlainn Seabrook’s book Victorian Confederate Poetry is a real treasure for those of Southern descent who love traditional poetry and yearn to connect with the culture and heart of their ancestors. This collection of works from some of the South’s greatest poets as well as everyday people from 19th century Dixie, is a beautiful tapestry of words revealing the patriotism, love of God, family and home that personified the people of the Old South in Dixie’s most trying of times. This book truly warmed my heart and I highly recommend it to people from all over the world who want to know and learn about traditional Southern culture, and the wonderful hospitable people of Dixieland’s Golden Age.” - BC EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great poetry. Very inspiring.” - MAC3737 “Just got this book and it is awesome! Great collection of Southern poetry! I’m so glad I bought it! Southrons are pure-hearted, patriotic, God-fearing people! Col. Seabrook’s Victorian Confederate Poetry should be on every true Southerner’s bookshelf!” - KEITH CRAVEN EBAY REVIEW: “Great book! I love Victorian poems!” - BLIPPENSEN2 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CONFEDERATE: WIT AND HUMOR IN THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY “This book couldn’t have shown up at a better time!” - WOODY W. WOODWARD (Facebook) THE BITTERSWEET BOND: RACE RELATIONS IN THE OLD SOUTH AS DESCRIBED BY WHITE AND BLACK SOUTHERNERS "I recommend this book by Lochlainn Seabrook to anyone who wants to learn about race relations in the old south." CONFEDERATE CONSERVATIVE (Instagram) EBAY FIVE STAR CUSTOMER PRODUCT REVIEW: "Great and caring E-Bayer! Great honest history books! Will buy from again and again! 5 stars in all categories! AAAAA+++++." MTHUNTER (verified buyer) I, CONFEDERATE: WHY DIXIE SECEDED AND FOUGHT IN THE WORDS OF SOUTHERN SOLDIERS "I absolutely love I, Confederate. It is touching to see the truth from those nearest to it. No opinions. No reiterated lies and half-truths. Just plain and simple truth. I’ve adopted Loch’s title for the Civil war, ‘Lincoln’s War’ so was surprised to see him choose a new term, ‘War for the Constitution.’ Both are equally accurate. Excellent book!! A nice addition to my collection that now sits prominent in a lighted enclosed bookcase in my living room. God Bless . . . and Thank You!!" - J. SANFORD (Tennessee) "Just wanted to let you folks know, I had high hopes for Lochlainn Seabrook’s new release I, Confederate, but it totally exceeded my expectations! It is a goldmine of information in defense of the South, and a bargain at the price! Such a great resource, and well organized. I like the linear progression, starting with writings from the immediate postwar period and then moving to early 20th century and later writings. So many sources here that are hard to find and all assembled in one book. I hope Confederate Veteran magazine will review it, as all Sons of Confederate Veterans members need to be aware of it and get a copy. I will definitely bring it to the attention of the other members of my SCV camp. I'm a slow reader but working my way through it. It's a book I'm going to be referring to again and again in the years to come. Thanks so much!" - MIKE (Virginia) FIVE STAR EBAY PRODUCT REVIEW: "Perfect as always! Thanks so much for this fantastic book!" - SADIEM11 EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Fascinating and very informative book arrived in perfect condition and shipped like lightning! Highly recommend this Seller! AAAAAA++++++." - EXCITINGHOUR (purchased I Confederate Why Dixie Seceded and Fought in the Words of Southern Soldiers) “In Lochlainn Seabrook’s I, Confederate hundreds of Confederate veterans detail the real reasons for Southern secession and warfare, making it a unique and essential work of factual history that every history buff and truth seeker will want on their shelf.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS TWELVE YEARS IN HELL: VICTORIAN SOUTHERNERS EXPOSE THE MYTH OF RECONSTRUCTION, 1865-1877 “Col. Seabrook hits another home run with his latest book, adding yet another weapon to our literary defense of the South: Twelve Years in Hell: Victorian Southerners Expose the Myth of Reconstruction, 1865-1877. It takes enormous drive and courage to write a voluminous work on a complex topic like Reconstruction, one that is both gloomy and heartbreaking - which is why even most 19th-Century Southern writers couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Kudos to Col. Seabrook for taking on the challenge! Since almost nothing you’ve been taught about Reconstruction is true, this book promises to be one of the most revealing reads you’ll ever experience.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS FIVE-STAR AMAZON BOOK REVIEW: "Good read. 5 out of 5 stars. Every American should read this book." - CATHY H. (verified purchase) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Excellent book on Lincoln's War and the Reconstruction, 12 Years in Hell by Lochlainn Seabrook!!! 50 pages into it and very impressed. Thanks Sea Raven Press! Thumbs up again for another great book." - FRED SALTER (verified purchase) SEABROOK’S COMPLETE BATTLE BOOK: WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, 1861-1865 "With Seabrook’s Complete Battle Book, the author has made a vital contribution to the topic of American history, and more particularly the War Between the States; one that will only become more significant with time. It’s the only reference book of its kind” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS A REBEL BORN: A DEFENSE OF NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST (the book) "A Rebel Born is the best book I've ever read, period!" - LYNN HARRELL (Bradford Rose Camp #1638 SCV, Morristown, Tennessee) "Lochlainn Seabrook's A Rebel Born is the definitive biography on Nathan Bedford Forrest." - CONFEDERATE VETERAN MAGAZINE "This is the very best book about General Forrest that I have ever read. General Forrest has always been one of my heroes and I’ve read every book that I can find about the general. This is the very best book that I have read to date about General Forrest. This is definitely a book that you need to have in your Confederate library. This book gets a ‘WOW! +’ rating (our highest possible rating).” - ED PORTER (owner/editor of the Lone Star Book Review, March 2011) "I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your well researched book A Rebel Born. You did General Forrest a great service." - JAMES RONALD KENNEDY (author, with Walter D. Kennedy, of The South Was Right!) “Forrest was a great American, and American history cannot be understood without this man in his proper place. That is why Mr. Seabrook’s accounting of the truth of Forrest in A Rebel Born is so welcome and has appeared with such perfect timing.” - DR. CLYDE N. WILSON (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, University of South Carolina, and author of Defending Dixie: Essays in Southern History and Culture). (Publisher’s note: Dr. Wilson includes A Rebel Born in his book entitled, The War Between the States: 60 Essential Books.) "I finally found the time to sit down and read my copy of A Rebel Born from cover to cover. I had been reading bits and pieces but finally had the undisturbed time to really read straight through. I feel that not only is A Rebel Born an outstanding history of General Forrest, but it is extremely valuable as a reference book to refute the yankee lies and propaganda, not only about Forrest, but about the entire South. I strongly believe that this book should be read and studied as required reading for every Southerner who wishes to defend his homeland and his culture. A Rebel Born has become one of my 'yellow books' since so much of it has been underlined with a yellow felt tipped marker!" - GENE ANDREWS (Forrest Boyhood Home Committee, Nashville, Tennessee) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN TRUE HISTORY”: “This is a brilliantly written true history of the War for Southern Independence and a biography of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. There is no hatred in it. It is refreshingly accurate, as are all Seabrook’s books. I heartily recommend this book.” - ROBERT SCHWARTZ "I love your book A Rebel Born. Of all the 13 books I have on Gen. Forrest, it's my favorite. In fact, it's the best book on Forrest I have ever read." - CAROL TAYLOR DAVIS (North Carolina) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Everything is always perfect when you purchase from Sea Raven Press. The three books I purchased were about Nathan Bedford Forrest. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Southern Hero, American Patriot; A Rebel Born; and The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest are outstanding books that everyone should read. Forget what was taught to you about the south and her leaders. These books explain the truth about the war and NBF. Read them and educate yourself. Outstanding books!!!!!" - STEVE PALMER “The battle we face is one of truth and the indoctrination of an entire generation. If we ‘choose to lose’ this battle, we’ll certainly lose the war. Know your history and buy this book.” - FRED COMELLA (Twitter) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MASSIVE BOOK WITH A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION! A MUST READ FOR THE SERIOUS SCHOLAR!”: "This is without a doubt the most extensive and definitive account of Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the most famous, successful and yet maligned persons of the war between the states. Copiously annotated with references, this exposes the lies that have been told about this man for over a hundred years. It also illustrates his true character, as a son, husband, father, and brilliant war time hero. Even his adversaries had to respect him. In addition to detailing his life, there are many appendices showing his human nature, his less known accomplishments, and gives insight into Forrest as an ordinary man. Yet, ordinary, he was not! This book absolutely proves that he does not deserve the vile hatred heaped upon his memory. He was NOT a racist, but rather championed the rights and abilities of the African American. After reading Colonel Seabrook’s A Rebel Born you will be incensed and angry that Forrest’s grave and monument have been desecrated and torn down by the ignorant who don't really know him. May justice prevail!" - B. BOREN EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - BEST BOOK ON FORREST!: “You will not find a better book on Forrest than A Rebel Born. Colonel Seabrook has perfectly put together the definitive Forrest biography. Seabrook gives you every fact and detail to debunk anyone who hates the Confederacy. Seabrook gives you fact after fact debunking yankee myths. The book is wonderfully structured. The book starts off by telling us why General Forrest needs defending, next moving on to Forrest's motives, the Confederacy's motives, a comparison between Forrest and Lincoln, and then to the life of General Forrest. The book has around 200 pages filled with pictures. Of course you have the normal Forrest photos seen in all the other biographies, but there were so many I had never seen before it was amazing! Overall I cannot recommend it enough. It's around a 600 page read, but I finished it in 2 days it was so good. Anyone who loves the CSA or Forrest needs this book.” - GEMS ROAD WARRIOR “Have read it twice. Awesome book!” - DEBBIE BISHOP INSTAGRAM REVIEW: “Got my copy of A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest (signed by Lochlainn Seabrook!!) today. I’m already on page 220. It’s so good. I can’t recommend it enough. Col. Seabrook has perfectly put together this work. Highly recommended! Can’t wait to finish it!” - FENWIR-THEDARKWOLF “I’ve read A Rebel Born and it’s a great book.” - ADAM JONES “One of the best books written on the General. I have used much of the information in this book for my impersonation of Forrest.” - A GENERAL FORREST REENACTOR A Rebel Born is extremely easy to read. . . . really flows.” - DUANE DWORSHAK EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!”: “I bought this book for my dad and he absolutely loves it. He said it is the best Nathan Bedford Forrest book he has ever read. I highly recommend this book. It is definitely worth the price. We need more books like this about our Southern Heritage!!!” - MC_US_PBHVJ2 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Well written book.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK”: I didn’t buy this book from Amazon, I bought it directly from Sea Raven Press. I found this book fascinating. I’ve been studying the ‘Civil’ War from the South’s perspective for a little while now and I must say that they have a pretty solid argument in their favor. This author (and a few others) have caused me to rethink this phase of American history and its subsequent ramifications to our political culture today. I am not from the South or the North. I’m from the West, I might add. The book has a pro-Confederacy slant, but as I said they have a pretty solid argument. . . I just ordered Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, by the same author [Lochlainn Seabrook] as this book on Mr. Forrest. Looking forward to it.” - PLACER COUNTY LINE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “MUCH MORE THAN JUST A BIOGRAPHY!”: "This book contains a wealth of information. It is important to bear in mind that it is a ‘defense’ of General Forrest, not just a straightforward biography, therefore it's also a defense of the cause for which he fought. It gives you a good biography of this remarkable man (mainly his exploits during the war, but also before and after the war), and a good understanding of the Civil War and antebellum slavery from the Southern perspective (which is very necessary if you're going to understand General Forrest). It dispels a number of myths and false information. It's very well-documented, with hundreds of sources cited, and there's also an extensive section of photographs, many of them very rare. I would highly recommend Lochlainn Seabrook’s A Rebel Born to anyone who has an open and inquiring mind, and would like to better educate themselves!" - MIKE BELL "Fantastic book! I own a copy and it is the best! I am a great admirer of General Forrest and I do find your book to be a very good read for a change! I will be buying more in the near future!" - GARY SHUPE (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) "A Rebel Born is a great book Lochlainn. I have learned a lot about my hero thanks to you." - FACEBOOK AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Mr. Seabrook has written a thorough defense with plenty of supporting proof showing that the ‘media’ was as effective back then as it is now in spreading lies. I wish the black community would all read this book. They are so wrong in denigrating a great man of the War Between the States and building monuments to cheap politicians like Lincoln. Of course, we are still doing it. After all, we will be building Obama, a president worse than Lincoln, a presidential library. The War Between the States was not about slavery, but states’ rights and tariffs. Slavery was used to give the ignorant a reason to fight. I wish every American would read this book!!” - LARRY FORREST "I read A Rebel Born! The best book on Bedford that I have ever read and I thought that I had read them all! Do yourself a real favor and read it . . . its super factual and very entertaining! I enjoyed it so much I read it twice!" - DANA HORTON MAKEPEACE (North Carolina) “Dang good book. There’s a copy at the library in Clinton, Arkansas.” - DANNY LAYMON (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “An extremely well researched and documented book. Those reading it with an open mind may find themselves rethinking so much of what they have been taught in today’s secular/liberal educational system. The work is definitely somewhat polarizing, but in an intelligent and documented vein. Only the closed minded could not see Forrest in a much different light after reading this book. A highly highly, recommended read. It should be noted that this type of book will be likely to merit either-or-ratings (many 5 star or 1 star ratings) due to its extreme conservative view.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER "I loved A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest. I recommend it to everyone I can and believe it should be in everyone's library that seeks facts about our history. Thank you and keep up the good work." - SCOTT CARLSON “If you haven’t read Mr. Seabrook’s book, A Rebel Born, you need to. It’s the best I’ve ever read on Forrest.” - LARRY BASS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE DEFINITIVE RESEARCH BOOK ON GENERAL FORREST”: “This book contains all the facts on General Forrest that have been suppressed by revisionist historians. With it you can easily defend Southern history. A great study with extensive sources. A required book for all Forrest fans and Southern history buffs.” DONALD “Reading a good book right now . . . which refers to Nathan Bedford Forrest as the "John Wayne of Dixie" and I agree. This book would be Lochlainn Seabrook's A Rebel Born, A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest. . . . I think I have read about 40 pages into it now and I didn't realize what vile pieces of scum Lincoln and Sherman truly were. When you read their correspondence and the orders of Sherman and his comments, it gives you a real insight to what an evil human being he truly was. Hell will never be hot enough for the both of them. And I have barely got started! I knew these 2 were evil but not to the degree that the correspondence reveals. Mao and Stalin have nothing on these two. This read is gonna be a wild ride! I need a punching dummy nearby with those two's faces on it. And this is all documented correspondence and not some he said, she said, business. . . . I am blown away by the amount of research that went into A Rebel Born. This book is the number one Truth Weapon in my arsenal.” - JOE GIBSON, SCV (Tennessee) “An extenstive work.” - NEARUSS (Ebay) “Best. Book. Ever.” - PATRICK SEAY (Mechanicsville, Virginia) “Best book ever that tells you everything you need to know if you didn’t already know about General Forrest!” - BECKY MUSKA (Facebook) “I read A Rebel Born, and it is excellent. Loved it!!! Great book!” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “An excellent book on the General. Lochlainn Seabrook has done an outstanding job of research on Nathan Bedford Forrest. If you could only have one book on the General this must be it. I highly recommend this book.” - GENE EDDINS A Rebel Born should be in every Confederate library. Well-researched and footnoted facts to counter the lies of ‘those people.’ Get your copy today!” - SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great book." - AFGHANDENNY “I can tell you that A Rebel Born is one of the greatest books that I have ever read on this brave, dynamic Southern gentleman, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading it! All of our ancestors were proud to serve with him, and many, regardless of their skin color, were family and proud members of the United Confederate Veterans after the War of Northern Aggression. A superb book. Please, do yourself a favor: purchase and read this. Kudos to our ancestors, to the author Mr. Seabrook, and to the publisher Cassidy Ravensdale. ” - DONALD CAUL (Virginia) "In the search for truth . . . Bedford was no angel. . . . But so lied about! How do we counter lies that are 150 years old? Mr. Seabrook does just that with a search for the Truth as recorded in governmental documents. We aren't taught the truth; it was just easy to lie about Forrest because he was one of our best. In justifying an illegal war that was all about money, lies were told that stuck. Be a Berean! I highly recommend A Rebel Born!!! Hands-down the best book I have ever read on General Forrest. Well researched and heavily foot-noted. I love Sea Raven Press!!! Mr. Seabrook rocks! Thank God, common sense defense and debunking of liberal lies. Plus, Mr. Seabrook is kin to Lt. General N.B. Forrest." - LANI BURNETTE RINKEL (cofounder of the Mid-South Flaggers, Mississippi) A Rebel Born is a great book.” - EVE DAVENPORT HOLDER (Tennessee) "Fanastic book! Best one on Gen. Forrest I've read!" - GARY SHUPE (Facebook) “I just wanted to thank you very much for this book. I have many of Col. Lochlainn Seabrook’s books and I’m very happy to add this one to my collection. Being a huge fan of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the best cavalry leader of the Civil War, I find Mr. Seabrook’s books very well done.” - WILFRED (eBay) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Fantastic historical biography.” - DOROTHY SMITH “An excellent read.” - MARK KEITH (Facebook) "Got your book A Rebel Born. Great insight on ‘that Devil Forrest.’ Deo Vindice." - ULTRA MERICAMIKE (Gettr) "I just wanted to take a second to praise Lochlainn Seabrook and Sea Raven Press for their book A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest. When I first heard of this book I asked around to some of the Civil War people I knew from an online forum. I got answers ranging from ‘never heard of it’ to ‘it's a League of South book.’ I was told this by people who obviously have been so embedded in Yankee mythology for so long that they don't want to hear Truth, unless it's slanted toward the North. Upon reading this book I not only learned more about the great Nathan Bedford Forrest, I learned about some of the other politics of the war. The real reason I bought this book though was because I wanted to learn more about Forrest the man. This book did not let me down. He was such an interesting person. A very complex person. I already knew that he was not the person Northern ‘history’ has tried to paint him: a racist, negro-hating, psychopathic killer. This book should be read by all. Even those who have a negative opinion of Forrest; especially them. As Mr. Seabrook says in the beginning: 'For those who have a negative opinion of old Bedford and have an open mind, this book will be a revelation. For those who love Forrest this book will be a celebration.' I look forward to reading more of Mr. Seabrook's books. Thank you." - JOE WHEELER (Pearl River, Louisiana) A Rebel Born is still one of my favorite books.” JOE WHEELER EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great general. Fantastic book. I'm glad I bought it." - DAVCRUC-0 AMAZON PRODUCT REVIEW, FIVE STARS : "Lochlainn Seabrook's book A Rebel Born displays great in-depth analysis." - KEITH RHODES “Got my copy a couple of days ago. Awesome book. I could hardly put it down!! OMG. People, this book is outstanding. It’s full of tidbits and photos. It’s a thick book. OMG. I can’t recommend it enough!! Wonderful read. Thank you Lochlainn Seabrook!!! I highly recommend it. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.” - CATHEY MARIE ORVIS CLEWIEN “Great book!” - WAYNE MORRISON (Alabama) “I just finished A Rebel Born last night. Please give my regards to Colonel Seabrook for his outstanding, excellent work on General Forrest. I can’t imagine a better exposition of a truly remarkable man.” - DOUG BOREN “A great read.” - SHIRLEY FOX RUSH AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Very good.” - RAYMOND OF TOULOUSE “I’m reading this very interesting book now, A Rebel Born. About 100 pages through an 800 page book. Highly recommended.” - FRED SALTER A Rebel Born is a fine fine book. Scholarship and integrity absolutely flows from every word.” - MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM (Kentucky) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This was the second book I’ve read from this author and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Well worth the purchase. A very well written book.” - JEREMY SLATE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT”: “Easy to read. Referenced very well. Reveals the misconceptions promoted by the historical revisionists. Delivered by a Southerner with a Southern perspective.” - DAN TOMPKINS A REBEL BORN: THE SCREENPLAY (the film script) "I believe that Lochlainn Seabrook’s feature film A Rebel Born is going to have a greater impact on patriotism than Mel Gibson’s Braveheart did in 1996." - MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "A Rebel Born: The Screenplay is a great pro-Southern book. A wonderful screenplay to a fantastic film about a true Confederate hero. What’s not to like about this great pro-Southern work?” - GREAT DANE (Germany) NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST: SOUTHERN HERO, AMERICAN PATRIOT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent account of one of our nations greatest military leaders. Factual historical account of those men, that is the CSA, who were fighting to restore the Constitution.” - PETER R. FESSLERON "Just got done reading Nathan Bedford Forrest: Southern Hero, American Patriot, and loved it." - MIKE (Franklin, Tennessee) REVIEW FROM CONFEDERATE VETERAN MAGAZINE, November/December 2010: "Lochlainn Seabrook is a cousin of Nathan Bedford Forrest and author of A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest. The slender volume being reviewed, Nathan Bedford Forrest: Southern Hero, American Patriot, is a companion piece to this much longer work, and the four parts each summarize and defend principles espoused by Forrest. ‘Forrest Antebellum’ covers his beginnings, adulthood, and rapid financial success in business. ‘Forrest and Lincoln's War’ deals with his service to the Confederacy and his stance on freeing his slaves long before Lincoln took any action. ‘Forrest Postbellum’ describes his life under Reconstruction, the rise and success of the KKK, and his last days. ‘Forrest in Brief’ portrays him as a Rebel hero, archetypal military man, and born-again Christian. Author Seabrook has included several interesting photographs and an extensive bibliography. For Southern readers who have not read Seabrook's definitive biography of Forrest, A Rebel Born, this small book will provide all the facts one needs to know about a revered Confederate hero." - ANN RIVES ZAPPA “Very good book, and it describes a different man than what most court historians have.” - BULL TOM FARTHING AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS - “FORREST, THE GREATEST WARRIOR HERO OF LINCOLN’S WAR”: “Effective treatment of the much maligned Confederate hero.” - P SCHELKER “Great book!” - ERIC SEITZ EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "First rate. Awesome." - GRIFFIP2013 (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Good stuff.” - MICHAEL G. AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent!!!” - DONALD BRAUCHION “Got this book for Christmas. It’s quite good.” - ALEX GALLIMORE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MUST FOR HISTORIANS”: “Solid look at the misconceptions of one of the greatest wartime/peacetime leaders of our country. Mr. Seabrook does a fine job of boiling the misunderstandings down to concise information.” - LESLIE SUTHERLAND AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A good book.” - N. BROOKS NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AND THE KU KLUX KLAN: YANKEE MYTH, CONFEDERATE FACT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book! Very informative and non-PC.” - ANONYMOUS “I just got this book! Though I have yet to finish it, it’s unbelievable the research Lochlainn Seabrook once again put into this book. Many don’t know the truth of the Reconstruction KKK (I surely didn’t), Forrest’s involvement with it, or the fact that there was an all black KKK chapter. This book is truly an eye opener. Certainly not what we are taught or what the media has told us. To me this is one of Lochlainn’s top 5 books! It’s a must for anyone that wants the truth! I believe his books would truly help this country as a whole.” - JOHN BULL BADER (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is well-written, well-researched, and very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the truth about Southern history.” - DONALD A. TEVAULT EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Worth a look with all the media misinformation, it’s refreshing to read something the mass media doesn’t want you to know about." - USJER_6NBKW (verified purchase) “Good read! If the uneducated would study a little they would not be so appalled!!!!” - MIKE ASHBAUGH EBAY REVIEW: “Great book, true history of Reconstruction era. Recommend highly.” - BYGONEERAS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT BOOK. WILL PURCHASE MORE FROM THIS AUTHOR”: “I really enjoyed this book. I’ve studied General Forrest since I first came across him. Over the years the many personal accounts of him that have been repeated and handed down did not match the ‘official’ story I kept hearing; this book clarifies those inconsistencies. It also brings to light the true unknown nature of how Reconstruction was run and the actual role of the [first] KKK during that period. I really appreciate that a majority of the book is actual quotes, letters, and accounts from people of that time on both sides of the war. There is no better way to refute the murky water of today than with facts from the past. After all this time of studying what actually happened during Lincoln’s war I have found there was even more to learn. This book is a great way to learn about true history and the ever-interesting story that is General Forrest.” - THE POST “Great book!” - HITECK-REDNECK (Ebay) EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "N.B. Forrest, Not the Man You Might Think He Was - This book tells the real story of a much-maligned man. He has been accused of being a racist devil, but in truth, the racists are his accusers. Proof: After the war, 93 percent of his former slaves asked if they could work for him back on his plantation. That speaks volumes about his character as well as the vengeful, hateful attitude of his accusers. Read this book. It is well worth the time." - MMAYMA - (verified purchase) EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FOUR STARS: "A great book." - WILLQ_59 (verified purchase) NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AND THE BATTLE OF FORT PILLOW: YANKEE MYTH, CONFEDERATE FACT “AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT”: “It is said that to the victor go the spoils. In the case of the Civil War the spoils have been the writing of its history. In Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Fort Pillow Lochlainn Seabrook dispels the purposeful and politically driven false narrative of the Battle of Fort Pillow through scholary and factual laden documentation. The documentation is so well done that the reader almost has a sense of being there. This book is simply the irrefutable truth about what happened at Fort Pillow before, during and after April 12, 1864. I highly recommend it.” - ROB (Tennessee) “AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Very accurate and well written!” - RENEE L. SULLIVAN "The bought-and-paid-for ‘news’ media have done such a snowjob on Forrest that a book like this is a necessity in today’s politically correct culture.” - AL BENSON JR. “Highly detailed book. Lochlainn takes Fort Pillow day by day. Debunks the myth we have been told for all too long. Shows letters and writings of those who were there, both sides. Those who lied and tried to create the myth many believe, he quickly debunks with truthful evidence. I’m so glad he uses his talents continuously to get the truth out there. Lochlainn is one of the best!” - JOHN BULL BADER “Nice addition to my library. Debunking the media’s lies is needed.” - NEARUSS (Ebay) “There are always two sides to every story. Especially when it comes to America’s history. Those who have slandered Forrest, who can no longer speak for himself, are the same crowd who want to see the Confederate flag removed from public viewing. Their motives have far less to do with racism and a whole lot more about hiding the truth. As someone born and raised in Yankee territory I can honestly say that in all my years at school I never learned anything about the South’s point of view in the Civil War. Your books are very interesting and I cannot wait to read more!” - PAMELA BRIDA GIVE ’EM HELL BOYS! THE COMPLETE MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE OF NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST “One of the best reads you’ll ever come across. I personally give this book a #1 rating. Try it, you’ll love it!” - STEVEN POLO (Facebook) “Great book.” - TERRY LEE HANING “Great book. As always, super well done by Colonel Seabrook. Researched extremely well. If you want the truth without holes. Details with timelines. No dates left out. Get this book.” - JOHN BULL BADER NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AND AFRICAN-AMERICANS: YANKEE MYTH, CONFEDERATE FACT EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book! I could not put it down. The research alone is compelling and believable. Explains a lot of things in clear, concise words. The book is well-written, well-researched and written so that anyone can understand it. The author has used books starting with 1736 and ending with 2010s to include relevant information.” - ISILVERCOIN EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT BOOK”: “Great book. The ravenous Left hates the Truth. Nathan Bedford Forrest is a very complex man and his history needs to be taught.” - SMALLBLOCKCHEVY “AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “If it is true that the Confederate battle flag is the most politically incorrect symbol in the country now, then it would follow that the personification of that symbol would be, by popular exclaim, none other than Nathan Bedford Forrest. Two main arguments against him seem to be (1) that he started the KKK and (2) presided over the slaughter of black Union soldiers at the battle of Fort Pillow during what is popularly called the Civil War. This new book by Lochlainn Seabrook rejects and successfully refutes both charges in a clear and simple way that even Al Sharpton would be able to understand. Neither charge is true or correct. Nathan Bedford Forrest and African-Americans: Yankee Myth, Confederate Fact does set the record straight for it's readers on these and other points of wider context of the life of a great American. It is a simple objective fact of history that General Forrest was only invited to associate with the KKK after it had already been organized by others - contrary to that line in the movie Forrest Gump. The author also brings out that the post-war reconstruction KKK had nothing whatsoever to do with the modern version utilizing the same name. The original version only lasted a few years and was disbanded (not started) by Forrest. It is also difficult to see how the original could be labeled a racist organization for the simple reason there was actually an all-black chapter of it at the time. Also, the battle of Fort Pillow is probably one of the most misunderstood battles of the entire war. Were there black Union deaths at the battle? Yes. Did they follow directions to properly surrender? No. Did they totally disarm themselves of all their weaponry? No. Did some continue to fire back at General Forrest's men even among others trying to surrender, adding to the battlefield confusion? Yes. Did the Union officers supposedly in charge there allow a good number of their own men to get drunk the previous night adding to their impairment of judgement? Yes. One of General Forrest's defenders was one who could hardly be called a Southern apologist: General Sherman, who actually sided with Forrest. This is never presented in standard history books. This is why this brief treatment of the record is so valuable. It sets the record straight in a clear and concise manner. The book is highly recommended by myself as a high school history teacher. In the interest of diversity of opinion it should be given a wide readership. The author notes at the end that ‘Forrest was, as his friends, servants, and soldiers knew him, “a tender-hearted,” kindly man who would go out of his way to assist anyone, whatever their complexion.’ Yes, that would include even Al Sharpton!” - JERRY CAINE “This is one of the best books I have read on Forrest, a brave, dynamic Southern gentleman. All of our ancestors were proud to have served with him, and many, regardless of their skin color, were family and proud members of the UCV after the War of Northern Aggression. Kudos to our ancestors and to Colonel Seabrook.” - DONALD CAUL “Amen! Great book! Do not let Yankees lie about Forrest any longer!” - JASON EDWARD PRATHER (Facebook) “AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS, “FIVE STARS”: “Great read and sure tells a different story.” - FRANK D. EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TRUTH”: “I got this book at about 2:30 in the afternoon, and by 5 o’clock I had read almost half of it. I couldn’t put it down. I live in Memphis and I see the hate that the lies about Forrest bring out in the people of today. If they all could accept the truth and believe the facts, the South might just be in a better place. May we one day find peace. RIP General Forrest.” - CHARVELNUTZ THE QUOTABLE NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Nathan Bedford Forrest is one of those characters in history who is constantly either misunderstood or intentionally misinterpreted. As he has done in his previous works on Forrest, Lochlainn Seabrook corrects the misinformation about this great Confederate general, and in the best way possible - using the general's own words. After reading this book, you will no longer view Ol' Bedford as a mean racist, but as a true American hero." - ANDREW MURDAUGH "Just finished The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest. Love the book and the man! Awesome job!!" - JOHN DAVID WILES “Great book. Finished it last week.” - EVE DAVENPORT HOLDER (Tennessee) “I have this book. It’s a great read!” - AMY VACHON (Facebook) "I just finished your book The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest, which I really enjoyed!" - THORN HILL (Find-a-Grave) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ONE SOUTHERN GENERAL”: “I enjoyed this book very much. If you are a fan of Civil War history, this will give you a unique perspective of one Southern General.” - SAMUECAI_3 I RODE WITH FORREST: CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO SERVED WITH THE WORLD’S GREATEST CAVALRY LEADER FIVE-STAR EBAY CUSTOMER BOOK REVIEW: “REAL HISTORY FOR REAL AMERICANS”: “Great book in an encyclopedic layout that gives you stories from the men who were there with the greatest American general of all time. No Yankee or Marxist propaganda here. The truth about Forrest and his men is so much more interesting than the limp-wristed lies told by those who have never read a book about true history. I recommend anything written by Lochlainn Seabrook." - HOTRODMOB “Quick delivery, well packaged, good book, highly recommend Sea Raven Press! A+A+A+” - KYDRAGOON (eBay) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great read. I didn't know much of the exploits of Forrest during the Civil War. Enjoyed learning." - COACHBILL THE GOD OF WAR: NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AS HE WAS SEEN BY HIS CONTEMPORARIES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book is absolutely fantastic! If you want to know the truth about the great General Nathan Bedford Forrest, this is a great place to start. Obviously all of his contemporaries had the highest degree of respect for him on and off the battlefield, be they friend or foe, and I believe them over any modern day detractors. All the negative myths about Forrest are put to rest in The God of War, with first-hand accounts and testimonials that provide irrefutable evidence that upholds the good name and legacy of Forrest as a fearless warrior, devoted Christian, loving husband and father, and civil rights leader, who gave his all to promote peace and equality. Want to know the real Nathan Bedford Forrest? Buy The God of War today!” - BC EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Lochlainn Seabrook, one of the best authors on the subject of N. B. Forrest, has done it again! He has distilled the views of Forrest's peers, enemies and superior officers of the Confederate command structure. Lots of great reading here and prepare to be surprised! Super great stuff! Get this book!!" - LORD OF THE REALM AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Enjoyed reading this book. It contains a lot of helpful information and little known facts.” - TERRY J. YOUNG EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “REALITY! TRUTH FOUND IN WORDS!”: “This is a masterful work of which I am sure it took a great amount of time to compile these [entries] first hand, straight from the horse's mouth, mini biographies which I place much stock in of finding out who Nathan Bedford Forrest actually was, and how things were really thought about, seen, and were in those times. Lochlainn Seabrook's books are much more well researched and authoritative than those eminently celebrated as being the authorities on the subjects he writes on. You can always trust to find the truth in his writings. He’s not one trying to become celebrated by making assumptions that somehow are thought to be and [later] become ‘facts.’ He does not rewrite history, but instead shows it as it is.” - GARY STIER EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Enjoyed reading this book very much." - BIGDUB66 FORREST! 99 REASONS TO LOVE NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “STRAIGHTFORWARD, SIMPLE, WELL WRITTEN, LOVE IT”: “Amazing book! If you’re looking for just straight facts this is a wonderful book. It doesn’t take any time at all to read. An amazing reference guide that destroys the lies surrounding General Forrest!” - HANK CHARLESTON "Excellent reading and information.” - STEVEN POLO SADDLE, SWORD, AND GUN: A BIOGRAPHY OF NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST FOR TEENS EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Better than expected! Bought it for my daughter. Excellent book. Well researched, structured, and documented. Highly readable and thoroughly enjoyable.” - 1944SNP “Very good read.” - JEFFREY MILES (Facebook) “I have this book. Love it!! - CELTIC SCOTT EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great for anyone. The book says ‘for teens,’ but it’s actually a rather informative read for adults as well. I’m a Civil War fanatic basically and I found this to be a really well written biography of General Forrest.” - BLACKLABERADOR01 OUR 12 BOOK “NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST” COLLECTION “I want to buy all 12 of Colonel Seabrook’s Forrest books ASAP!” - ANDI W. ACROSS (Facebook) OUR 6 BOOK “QUOTABLE CIVIL WAR” COLLECTION “I have every one of these great books! I’m reading The Quotable Jefferson Davis right now. Love it!” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) “I have Lochlainn’s books on Forrest, Davis, and Lincoln. Excellent quick references to what they said and wrote. Kudos for compiling these guides. They come in very handy. If only people knew what these men were really like! I’ll be purchasing the rest eventually.” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “I own all but two!” - JOHN BULL BADER OUR 3 BOOK “EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT” SERIES “I just placed an online book order with Sea Raven Press - for a title I’m missing from Col. Seabrook’s ‘Everything You Were Taught’ series. Great series by the way. Filled with so much essential information. Entertaining. Fact-filled. And so much fun to read.” - JAY KRUIZENGA THE ULTIMATE CIVIL WAR QUIZ BOOK: WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT AMERICA’S MOST MISUNDERSTOOD CONFLICT? AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!”: I liked this book because it tells you what really happened before, during, and after the War Between the States. You will learn the truth as it was documented! Lochlainn Seabrook is known as ‘the new Shelby Foote’ and you will understand why when you read his books.” - JACK M. BOOK DEVIL REVIEW - FIVE STARS! “I hate disclaimers. I really do. Yet even when the facts are behind you on a subject of this sort of unpopularity (not the “Civil War” but the truth about it), the emotional reaction from most (stemming often from lack of information more than anything) can be withering. People assume you’re racist. I’m not. The truth - backed up by loads of historical documents, many the most damning because they come from Lincoln’s own mouth - about the War Between the States is far different than what your cranked-out history class tomes bullshitted to you. In many cases, the things you thought you knew about this conflict are nearly the opposite of what is actually true. Recall, the frequently unpopular facts highlighted here are fully supported by a plethora of documentation. These are not lies. What are lies are many of the things people believe about the South and the Civil War. The winner writes history and Northern propaganda did a hella job rewriting history. Author Lochlainn Seabrook has written extensively on this subject. In this case, he uses the quiz book approach. He has found a variety of angles for presenting various facets of information on this and related topics. This one, eschewing a thicker history book approach, offers a perfect intro to the subject before a curious reader moves on to more comprehensive Seabrook material. It’s a perfect digest of data for helping to clear up the mass confusion on this touchy topic.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Happy! Sooo happy to receive this book. Alot of info. Thanks so much.” - BAR_2052 THE QUOTABLE JEFFERSON DAVIS: SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS & SPEECHES OF THE CONFEDERACY'S FIRST PRESIDENT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "THE REAL DAVIS IN HIS OWN WORDS": "This is a book every Civil War buff - pro-North or pro-South - should have because it reveals in Jefferson Davis' own words what he truly believed about the War, the Constitution, and life in the Old South. Instead of having conventional historians interpret what the CSA's first and only President was like, read this book and find out what Davis really said." - ANDREW MURDAUGH “Just bought this the other day! Great read! And the Truth!!!” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “I am honored and pleased; my copy of the new edition of The Quotable Jefferson Davis, edited by Lochlainn Seabrook, came today. . . . This copy will be placed in a position of respect in my book case. As one who portrays the honorable statesman Jefferson Davis, I use this book extensively!” - PASTOR J. W. BINION (Mississippi) “Great book.” - BRYAN RIVERS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, VERY WELL ORGANIZED": “This book is an amazing read for anyone looking for Jefferson Davis’ stance on political issues. I was thinking this would just be a book of random quotes. To my delight it was very well organized into different quotes on different topics and issues. Davis is a very underrated and misunderstood character in history. For anyone wanting a good glimpse at the real man, rather than the one mainstream history books lie to you about, this is the perfect book for you.” - HANK CHARLESTON “Ordered my copy of The Quotable Jefferson Davis today. Thanks to the Sea Raven Press Store and the honorable Lochlainn Seabrook!” - KEITH CRAVEN BOOK DEVIL REVIEW - FIVE STARS! “Jefferson Davis was maligned, and much so, by the victors of the Civil War. The honor of the man and his presidency have suffered greatly the detrimental effects of history’s untruths. He was in fact, an honorable man. He was not a racist. And he understood all too well the real reasons behind the War Between the States (political and economical NOT slavery - that last non-reason was Northern propaganda). He also knew the true nature of Lincoln’s character. The North’s scandalous misinformation (and that’s being nice), “Reconstruction”, etc., had long- lasting and terrible affects on the South. Beyond the practical aftermath of so-called Reconstruction, there is the widely believed fake history being shoved into brainwashable young minds. And this is no tinfoil hat review. Nor is it a tinfoil hat book. The North’s version of history, which is what school, etc., teaches, is the actual revisionist history. If readily available documents are searched (check the bibliographies in many of Seabrook’s volumes), then the truth can be seen. Jefferson Davis is one of the major casualties of Union propaganda. His character has been called into question (to say the least). At the same time, Lincoln’s lousy character has been Tom Sawyer whitewashed over. This is a more subjective book, obviously, than a regular historical treatise. Nevertheless, it is illuminating and speaks volumes for how Jefferson Davis really thought. That, and he was an excellent writer!” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN “It’s in my library. Great book!” - DAVID WALSH JR. (Twitter) “I have this book and it’s great! A quick reference to his well loved and eloquent words! Eloquence in plainness and truth. A testament to his Christian values.” - AMY VACHON JEFFERSON DAVIS: AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT (3-DVD set) “I bought this and I do not exaggerate when I say this DVD is a must-have for Southerners or anyone who wants to know true history. It is beautifully designed and packaged. Exceptionally well done.” - KEITH CRAVEN THE UNHOLY CRUSADE: LINCOLN’S LEGACY OF DESTRUCTION IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “SHOCKING AND SAD DESTRUCTION OF THE SOUTH”: “This book has a history of Sherman’s ‘March to the Sea’ as never before seen in photographs and drawings. The destruction for that time period is almost unbelievable, as one would think this is something one would see in photographs of World War II bombed cities. This is a book that must be in one’s ‘Civil War’ library.” - JOSEPH A. METCHNIKOV “Great book with loads of great photos!!! If you don’t have it, buy it!” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) “Makes you cry, but damn good book.” - MARY ACOSTA (Facebook) “This is an informative book and quite revealing as to what really happened. A great lesson in the truth of the matter. Excellent book.” - GLORID PEOPLES ELAM THE ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS READER: EXCERPTS FROM THE WORKS OF A CONFEDERATE FOUNDING FATHER “I am grateful that Southern historian and fellow SCV member Lochlainn Seabrook has created the monumental detailed work The Alexander H. Stephens Reader, dedicated to one of America’s most significant figures. . . . I, along with Mr. Seabrook and thousands of others, believe that Alexander Hamilton Stephens was a great American patriot who deserves to be remembered and whose life should be celebrated. By providing relevant examples of the Confederate Vice-President’s writings and speeches - many of them unknown to the general public - Mr. Seabrook’s massive work is a unique, timely, and much needed contribution to Southern literature that will be valued for generations to come.” - CHARLES KELLY BARROW (former Lieutenant Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans) EBAY REVIEW: “Massive volume of information.” - ARNOLDB4410 “Stephens was an incredible man. So smart. So patriotic. This is a must-read book!” - DOUG BOREN EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Fast, secure shipping! Great book! Thank you!" - AUSKRA-18 THE QUOTABLE ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS: SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS & SPEECHES OF THE CONFEDERACY’S FIRST VICE PRESIDENT FIVE-STAR AMAZON CUSTOMER & BOOK REVIEW: "Prompt delivery of a quality book complete with a catalog, bookmark, and even a nice Christmas card! Will definitely shop with Sea Raven Press again." - JOSH BAILEY (verified purchase; bought our book The Quotable Alexander H. Stephens) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Another misunderstood man. Many today surely misunderstand Stephens, the Confederate States of America’s first VP, due to honest lack of knowledge. But that lack of knowledge of the truth goes back to those who deliberately “misunderstood” Stephens and the South and who set out to make sure others “misunderstood” too. Here, then, is a tome of passages from the pen and mouth (speeches) of Stephens. Here is a man nobler than the credit Union victors were willing to give him. Before the book spills into the inevitable politically themed passages, there is a mighty chunk of quotes, long and short, that present an extensive, intimate account of his personal life. After a few packed chapters of such material, the cornucopia of political and social convictions held by the man are here for perusal. What one discovers is not a Southern supervillain. Rather revealed is a man who was strongly Constitutionalist. He loved not only freedom, but also the peace that should accompany it. He opposed succession for a long while until circumstances forced him to accept it. Of course, secession shouldn’t have been an event of physical strife, but the inevitable War Between the States resulted when the North under Lincoln asserted its federal centric designs at gunpoint. It should come as no surprise that there’s a chapter of Stephen’s quotes about Lincoln. Slavery is also inevitably, and necessarily, a topic here. Yes, Stephens owned slaves. But - and this is not justification of the practice - his servants were people for whom he cared. He certainly did not behave callously toward them. His defense of the institution arose from his literalist belief in the Bible, which does, like it or not, condone and even command slavery. Obviously, an enlightened, mythic (think Jungian/Campbellian/mystic) sacred view would eschew this. But Stephens, a man of his time socially and religiously, accepted the institution as sanctioned by God. I do not agree but from such a standpoint, which was normative at the time, he cannot be condemned. He certainly cannot be singled out as some particularly onerous example of humanity. Not unless one allows presentism to eradicate context. Further, among the majority of the populace whose normative view this was, he was a kind, generous example. He was benevolent, as noted. Politically, his attitude toward slavery was that it was a state decision, not a centrally decided blanket decision by the federal government. Each state - pre civil war, the states were individual sovereign entities - should decide the issue for itself, Stephens asserted. And rightly so. For state sovereignty was the constitutional aim. Be it socio-political interest, historical curiosity or personal biographical pursuits, this volume is suited to them all." - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) “I highly recommend Col. Seabrook’s The Quotable Alexander H. Stephens. Great book with invaluable information!” - KEITH CRAVEN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "A MUCH-NEEDED RESOURCE ON A GREAT MAN": "Alexander Hamilton Stephens is one of the most misunderstood, if not outright neglected, leaders of the American Civil War. Lochlainn Seabrook (one of my favorite authors) has once again set the record straight and, through the writings of Stephens himself, shows us that the Vice-President of the CSA was a Constitutional genius - a liberty-loving, conservative Southron - who is just as relevant today as he was in his own day." - ANDREW MURDAUGH AMAZON FIVE, STAR REVIEW: "Alexander H. Stephens was probably one of the greatest Constitutional scholars who ever lived. Unlike most of today's representatives in Congress, he depended on other means for his financial well being. Yes, he owned slaves, but he violated Georgia law by teaching them to read and to write. When, in the 1930s his former slaves were interviewed by the WPA, they all spoke very highly of him." - EDWARD H. REYNOLDS (verified purchase) THE CONSTITUTION OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA EXPLAINED: A CLAUSE-BY-CLAUSE STUDY OF THE SOUTH'S MAGNA CARTA “I highly recommend this marvelous book by Lochlainn Seabrook. It exhibits the forward thinking that our ancestors had, and there are numerous footnotes to further breakdown what the [Confederate] authors’ intent was while writing this important document.” - DONALD CAUL (Facebook) “I received my copy of The Constitution of the Confederate States of America Explained in today’s mail. I’m excited to be further enlightened by my favorite unreconstructed Southern historical author Lochlainn Seabrook. Thanks for doing what you do.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD “I have a copy of this book. I let a friend borrow it for a week and he said it changed his mind on a lot of policies the Confederacy used compared to what PC history promotes.” - AMY VACHON (Facebook) “Hell of a good book!” - V. J. FRANKLIN (Twitter) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book from a great author. Excellent service with good packaging and fast shipping. A+ transaction 20 stars.” - ZSWEAT2012 "A quick, easy read." - KEN NEILL (Tennessee) EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Easy-to-read edition with valuable commentary. Awesome." - BEESKITS (verified purchase) EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Good book on Southern history!" - VINTAGE1980S THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION EXPLAINED: A CLAUSE-BY-CLAUSE STUDY OF AMERICA’S FIRST CONSTITUTION AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GOOD BUY”: “Great book! I recommend this to anyone who wants to study this document.” - DARKFAIRE "Rock on. This is one of the best books you could ever read, believe me!!!” - STEVEN POLO (Facebook) “I have this one. Good book!” - MICHAEL CY FLOYD EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: “Excellent read. Very detailed. Sea Raven Press is awesome. Will be buying more books from them soon!” - DOALBA_14 EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS:"Useful and valuable. Excellent publisher." - BEESKITS (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A GREAT BOOK ON THE TRUTH OF ONE OF AMERICA’S FORGOTTEN AND MANY TIMES OVERLOOKED FOUNDING DOCUMENTS”: “Did you know Great Britain surrendered to a Confederacy after the American Revolution? This book shows not only what America is supposed to be, but what the South was fighting to preserve from that tyrant Lincoln, and his nightmarish union from hell.” - JASON PRATHER THE OLD REBEL: ROBERT E. LEE AS HE WAS SEEN BY HIS CONTEMPORARIES “I have this book. It is truly a great book on General Lee. I came away awestruck at the man’s character, bravery, loyalty, and humility. Truly one of the godliest men ever.” - KEITH CRAVEN “I own this and have read it. Super book from Colonel Seabrook!!” - RANDY ARNOLD EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Excellent content and writing! Would recommend. Good value. Compelling content." - JEN122980_99 (verified purchase) THE QUOTABLE ROBERT E. LEE: SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS & SPEECHES OF THE SOUTH’S MOST BELOVED CIVIL WAR GENERAL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: The Quotable Robert E. Lee reveals the man’s thoughts from many angles. This book isn’t a rant against Northern injustice - though there are passages that offer insight aplenty into that topic. This is as much as anything the revelation of a man through his own words. The fact that he comes out looking better than his detractors would have you think of him - well that’s just a bonus, I guess. Besides a look, via the man’s own words, into Lee’s perspectives on North vs. South in all its facets, this collection offers insight into all angles of the man. Even his comments on topics you’d expect a book like this to address are surprises - for some. Lee was an abolitionist ultimately, and was not a white racist. He was a talented general, but he did not relish war. The wicked General Sherman he most certainly wasn’t. But beyond all these topics (and the contrary-to-expectations views they express) are reflections on such things as religion. He also speaks on the natural world, whose beauty he adored. And there are plenty of excerpts from his writings that share other personal thoughts and feelings. The quotes, long and short, come from a variety of sources, including letters, speeches and other writings. So it’s a broad range of original materials from Lee’s pen, covering a diverse, thought oft-related, array of topics. This read is a lovely insight into the man. For the rest of this write up on Robert, check out Amazon’s listing for The Old Rebel, also compiled by Seabrook. My review of that book continues this train of thought.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN “An excellent book about an excellent man. Love the quotes.” - GLORIA PEOPLES ELAM AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A GREAT WAY TO KNOW THIS MAN!”: “If you want to really get to know this famous historical figure, what better way than to read his own words? Col. Seabrook’s book includes hundreds of excerpts of letters, conversations and speeches from this remarkable man. Despite being known as a warrior in the bloodiest conflict this country has ever seen, he was actually a simple, devout Christian who lived his life with his eye firmly on the grace of God. This man was amazing. If it were not for him and what he manifested to his soldiers, the so called ‘Civil War’ would have lasted much longer, and the country would have been further torn apart. The USA owes a debt to Robert E. Lee for not advocating guerrilla warfare in the face of the situation at Appomattox. This is a must-read for all students of history.” - DOUG BOREN AMAZON REVIEW - “GOOD INFORMATION THAT WIDENS YOUR KNOWLEDGE”: “The Quotable Robert E. Lee contains a lot of details about the important events in the incredible history of the United States. Most of them are difficult to find in school history books. As an immigrant naturalized American, I believe that no events in the history of any country should be ignored, supplanted, or deleted. The more history we know the better we will be able to move forward into the future. History builds the conditions of any country.” - ARS THE QUOTABLE STONEWALL JACKSON: SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS & SPEECHES OF THE SOUTH'S MOST FAMOUS GENERAL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!": "I consider this book to be the final say in regards to the life and beliefs of Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson. This book is a huge amalgamation of most if not all of Jackson's writings, letters, and correspondence. You cannot get a more in depth look at his ideology than to look at his own writing! Mr. Seabrook does a phenomenal job in putting all of this together!!!! Ten stars!!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!! Exactly what I was seeking!!!! God Bless All!" - MATTHEW SMATHERS “I just received The Quotable Stonewall Jackson, which I ordered a few days ago. It is an excellent book about the General and I would highly recommend it and any books by Lochlainn Seabrook. Kudos to you, Sea Raven Press! Deo Vindice!” - DONALD CAUL (Virginia) “This is one of my favorites!” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) THE GREATEST JESUS MYSTERY OF ALL TIME: WHERE WAS CHRIST BETWEEN THE AGES OF 12 AND 30? “In The Greatest Jesus Mystery of All Time Bible scholar and award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook explores the widespread Eastern belief that during his “Lost Years” (ages 12-30) Christ traveled and studied throughout Central Asia, including India, Tibet, and Nepal. A riveting read that will be appreciated by all those with an open and enquiring mind.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS THE GREAT YANKEE COVERUP: WHAT THE NORTH DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT LINCOLN’S WAR! “A wonderful read! Eye-opening to be certain. Makes absolute sense . . . unless you choose to believe the liberal media. Why is the South repeatedly subject to ridicule, humiliation and lies? This book will tell you. It has certainly given me a lot to think about. As well it should. I couldn’t put the book down. Mr. Seabrook makes some great arguments that I wholeheartedly agree with. I will be reading more books by this author.” - J. KRIUZENGA “Great book! I bought it from you and loved it!!!!” - MIKE JONES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A GREAT BOOK!”: “Lochlainn Seabrook is a great researcher and author! You won’t want to put this book down! The North doesn’t want you to read this book! I couldn’t put it down! You will learn a lot from this one!” - JACQUELINE KARLSEN “A must read!” - THE SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY “Love this book!” - PAUL SCOFIELD EBAY PRODUCT CUSTOMER REVIEW: "My old copy of The Great Yankee Coverup was given to a friend to read, he never gave it back. This new copy I'm keeping, a great read for facts to shut up the opposition! AAA+++ Thanks, Blessings too." HDNUCK FIVE-STAR EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: "Would highly recommend The Great Yankee Coverup to all.” BIGDUB66 EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent. Very informative.” - RUSTY1955BLUE EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Awesome truth!” - TIMCAR_53 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Another masterpiece.” - JASON PRATHER EBAY FIVE STAR REVIEW: "Great book. All of Col. Seabrook's books are great." - DAVID VAUGHN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “From an objective point of view, either the author, Lochlainn Seabrook, is telling the truth or he isn’t telling the truth. Since there is only one true side to the story, if he is telling the truth, then the other side is telling a lie. If the author is telling the truth, then there is no need for him to defend himself. The truth will defend itself.” - TONY TRAN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I love this book!” - KAT LADY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “MUST READ”: “Great book.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER “This is a great book. Every American should read it.” - JIM HOLLAND EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Would highly recommend this book to all." - JNOSMOSBY EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW. FIVE STARS: "Great seller, item exactly as described! Thrilled with my purchase!" - JEN122980_99 “Southern families, I read this book early this morning. It’s worth reading if y’all like to learn and know more history. The history school teachers may have taught y’all well, but they didn’t teach y’all everything.” - JARED JONES “I just picked up your book The Great Yankee Coverup. Interesting read. Dropped the name of it and Sea Raven Press on a post over at “Open Carry Texas.” Hopefully you can sell some more.” - JOHN F. WINGENBACH (Facebook) “A must read.” - STEPHANIE KEYS (Facebook) CONFEDERATE BLOOD AND TREASURE: AN INTERVIEW WITH LOCHLAININ SEABROOK “AMAZON RATING, FIVE STARS: Rating only, no actual written review. (NAME PRIVATIZED BY AMAZON CUSTOMER) SEA RAVEN PRESS CONFEDERATE WALL CALENDARS “Very nice product. A++++++++++ And fast shipping!” A++++++++++” - CUBANSGOLDBLACK (eBay) SEA RAVEN PRESS BUMPER STICKERS “Great seller. Great item. Will deal with again. Recommended. A++.” - DIXIEREBEL1947, EBAY REVIEW (bought our Robert E. Lee sticker) ABRAHAM LINCOLN: THE SOUTHERN VIEW - DEMYTHOLOGIZING AMERICA'S SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT “This in-depth book by Lochlainn Seabrook, Abraham Lincoln, The Southern View - Demythologizing America’s Sixteenth President, is one of those books that gives readers another view of Lincoln, the man, the president, the politician. Seabrook has found historical references that show that Lincoln wasn’t as kind as many people have been led to believe. He wasn’t as willing to welcome black people into roles as equal citizens as many have been led to believe. He wasn’t quite as “Honest Abe” as many have been led to believe. . . . Was Lincoln the nation’s greatest president as we have been told? Read all of the books on the man, including this one, before making up your mind.” - CLINT JOHNSON (author of the bestselling book The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again) "This is an enlightening book that is very well documented. The spin doctors have been burying the truth about Abraham Lincoln for a long time. Abraham Lincoln was not a saint but a politician with a political agenda. Abraham Lincoln was willing to do what ever was necessary to obtain his goals, just like Adolph Hitler did some seventy years later in Germany. This book has received our ‘WOW! +’ rating (our highest possible rating).” - ED PORTER (owner/editor, the Lone Star Book Review, March 2011) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "GREAT AND REFRESHING!": "I have just purchased this book and have only just begun it, but it is great. I can hardly put it down. It is well- written and completely refreshing. It is thoroughly documented, so few worries that it is a wild-eyed tirade without academic standards or merit. I cannot wait to devour this book, and will update my comments when done! Even if you are a loyal Lincolnite, read this book for some perspective and Truth that you may have been missing along the way." - ANONYMOUS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "WELL WRITTEN": "Very well researched, written, and documented." - "AMAZON CUSTOMER" AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TREMENDOUS AND REVEALING”: “This book reveals that Lincoln was not as he is portrayed in conventional books and movies. His own words and actions reveal that he was a despot, white supremacist, power grabber. He admitted that his emancipation proclamation was not intended to free slaves and bring them civil rights. This book is very well documented.” - ROBERT SCHWARTZ AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “FIVE STARS”: “Lochlainn Seabrook is just one of several Southern authors who has written history books on Abe Lincoln and the Civil War, actually the War for Southern Independence. This is perhaps the best of the group since it also goes into details concerning Reconstruction following the war. It is important that both historical periods be read together, because Reconstruction was the second occupation of the South by the North, in which the Southland underwent more brutal punishment and humiliation. Consequently, the states lost much of their sovereignty with a much more expanded federal government. Jeffersonian democracy largely died with the antebellum South. But the right of state secession did not die with the North winning the war. As the author notes, it remains fundamental to a state of culturally related people to form their own government.” - RICHARD “I’m three chapters into Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View. Great read so far. Very well done and interesting. Get it, you won’t be disappointed!” - JACK SCOTT "Excellent book. Very good read." - A VIRGINIA SOUTHRON “I am reading Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View. I am not even a third of the way through it and it is so fantastic. I love it. I think it should be mandatory reading for the entire planet.” - DOUG FLYNN “Read Colonel Seabrook’s Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View, and learn the truth.” - ALLEN G. AYCOCK (Facebook) “I just finished the book Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View. Excellent read, could hardly put it down. If only the great mass of the public could know the facts as related by this book, they would finally know, once and for all: the South was right, the North was horribly, criminally, and thoroughly wrong!” - GARY WALTRIP "A must read, not just for Southerners." - KEN NEILL “I’m on the last chapter. Great read. Get it if you’re interested in the truth about Lincoln.” - FRED SALTER "This is a good one." - LEROY WALLER “Magnificent book. Required reading. Lincoln’s father was a slave catcher and Lincoln supported the Illinois black codes. I was born in NYC, but have been a Copperhead ever since 1999 when I learned the truth.” - LAURENCE LEVINE (Sea Raven Press on Patreon) “I’ve used Abraham Lincoln: The Southern View as a source several times to squash attempts by people to portray the War as being about slavery. When they hear the truth the room suddenly gets real quiet!” - KEN KELLER THE GREAT IMPERSONATOR! 99 REASONS TO DISLIKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “This is one of the best books ever written! It destroys every Lincoln idolater’s argument. But, it does it simply. It gives you the straight facts, and nothing more. I personally enjoy the straight facts. This way when I’m searching for a certain fact it’s easy to find. A lot of these facts I already knew. Author Lochlainn Seabrook just goes into more detail helping to further understand them. But, the most interesting fact that I had never heard of, was that Lincoln was penpals with Karl Marx, creator of Marxism [modern communism, the Publisher]! I don’t want to spoil anymore, but let me just say the public education system has been lying to the youth for generations! - HANK CHARLESTON "Great book!” - PATRICK FOGERTY “This is one of Lochlainn’s many great books.” - JOHN BULL BADER “Ordered the hardback edition a few minutes ago. Col. Seabrook never disappoints. He backs up every statement with factual documentation. Damn Yankees don’t like what he has to say, but facts are facts.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD “It’s easy to be a liberal, all your thinking is done by someone else. Lincoln was a tyrant among many other despicable things, and this book exposes him. But in order to accept the truth you have to have character and courage, and liberals are sadly lacking both!” - DARON CLARINGTON AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “DISHONESTY OF THE PRESIDENT”: “All likes, bar none, great book!” - STEELSEX3 THE UNQUOTABLE ABRAHAM LINCOLN: THE PRESIDENT’S QUOTES THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! "Great read! A real eye opener.” - MARK KEITH AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Another nail in the Lincoln idolatry coffin! Thanks for standing up for the politically ‘incorrect’ (formerly known as the truth).” - JAMES BAILIFF “Great book!!! If you want to find out the truth about this guy, from his own words, please read this book.” - BARB ZINN (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Whew! Once again, this author has exposed for any and all who have an open mind to be educated, a wealth of little known facts about the War between the States. This time he examines Lincoln, using Lincoln's own words. This is an exhaustive series of quotes by Abe himself, as gleaned from his speeches, debates, and writings over the course of his life. This will shock the reader when he learns what Lincoln felt about secession and state's rights, the cause and purpose of the War, African-Americans and racism, and a host of other timely topics. This man is shown to be no great emancipator. He hated the blacks, often using the ‘N’ word, and only wanted to ‘free’ them so he could deport all of them back to Africa. He said numerous times he wanted a ‘whites only’ America. Lest the author be accused of ‘Southern Revisionism,’ he makes his case factually and clearly using no less than ten pages of footnotes, and four pages of bibliography. A true scholar, Mr. Seabrook has authored over fifty books pertaining to this period of history. This is no novel. At times it is hard to read, for it is so infuriating, surprising, and depressing. Your heart will be inflamed. Your mind will be opened.” - B. BOREN “A great quick reference to the things Lincoln said that ‘the establishment’ tries to ignore or explain away! A must-have on every truth teller’s shelf. A great book.” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “Great book!” - MICHAEL CY FLOYD (Facebook) EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book and transaction.” - CLEOPHUS1 EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Love this book. I’ll be buying more.” - NOELSHE17 Must reading!!! Lincoln was an unprincipled tyrant!!! He will finally and rightfully be unmasked!!!” - ANDY PORTER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT A DESPICABLE AMERICAN”: “It is sad that so many Americans still cling to the fairy tale image of Lincoln that they learned about in school. Mr. Seabrook’s book reveals the truth about dishonest Abe in his own words. It is time for this nation of children to confront the facts about our worst president, and this book is a valuable tool.” - JOE JORDAN EBAY REVIEW: “I will never look at Honest Abe the same way. This should be a school textbook.” - POBERSKI123 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Don’t read this if you’re hung up on the ‘Lincoln is America’s most popular/greatest president’ myth. Lincoln was the number one enemy of the Constitution, and that’s a fact Jack. Believe the Marxist lies and self-created propaganda if you must. Some of us have more sense!” - HUFFY LINCOLNOLOGY: THE REAL ABRAHAM LINCOLN REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORDS - A STUDY OF LINCOLN'S SUPPRESSED, MISINTERPRETED, AND FORGOTTEN WRITINGS AND SPEECHES "I've read this book and it is not only great, but very eye opening. Not what we were taught in the public school system." - JASON R. CULBERTSON “Everyone needs to read Lincolnology: The Real Abraham Lincoln Revealed in His Own Words, by Lochlainn Seabrook. It is a wonderful book (and huge!!!), one that proves what a liar, tyrant, and racist Lincoln was. The facts within it have served me well in proving many Liberals wrong in their thinking.” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “There are a number of good volumes out there that present the completely historical argument that Lincoln was tyrannical, not freedom-minded. It goes against everything we are taught about him. This is one of the most compelling aspects of American history and enough cannot be said about it. Author Lochlainn Seabrook has written plenty on the matter. But of all the books on this topic, even Seabrook’s others, Lincolnology may be the finest single work on the subject. Its comprehensiveness is awe-inspiring. I could practically use this as a one-volume reference on the subject. There’s a stunning wealth of information organized into a narratively pleasant arrangement. The number of topics here allows for approaching the information from a variety of significant angles. Lincoln’s own words, as well as those of his contemporaries, are used plentifully. This provides gobs of from-the-times and from-the-horse’s-mouth evidence. Historical documentation galore all back this overwhelming volume delineating a litany of presidential misbehavior (to say the least). Like I said, there are lots of books on this subject, several I could recommend, but for a single encyclopedic but highly readable tome on the topic, this is one of the best.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) THE BATTLE OF FRANKLIN: RECOLLECTIONS OF CONFEDERATE AND UNION SOLDIERS “EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book and seller. Tracking number shows it was shipped same day as ordered.” - 101RVN (Indiana) THE BATTLE OF SPRING HILL: RECOLLECTIONS OF CONFEDERATE AND UNION SOLDIERS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I love it.” AMAZONCUSTOMER EBAY REVIEW: “Very nice book, highly reccommend it. A+A+A+” - KYDRAGOON EBAY REVIEW: “Great book.” - DISCOUNTBOOKSTODAY THE BATTLE OF NASHVILLE: RECOLLECTIONS OF CONFEDERATE AND UNION SOLDIERS “Lochlainn Seabrook’s book The Battle of Nashville is impressive.” - MAYOR DAVID BRILEY, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Best author ever. My fourth great grandfather fought at Shiloh, Chattanooga, and the Battle of Nashville. I live in Nashville and have been trying to find the sites of the Battle of Nashville for years! Long live the South!!” - EMILY OUR THREE BATTLE BOOK COLLECTION (SEE ABOVE) ““EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: “My battle book collection from Sea Raven Press just arrived, and they're beautiful! Another excellent transaction . . . and so fast! Thank you!" - SADIEM11 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BATTLE OF FRANKLIN: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE CONFLICT THAT CHANGED THE CIVIL WAR “Thanks to the scholarly efforts of Southern historian Lochlainn Seabrook and his one-of-a-kind encyclopedia, we may now more thoroughly study the events of the Battle of Franklin.” - MICHAEL GIVENS (former Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans) “Lochlainn Seabrook’s Encyclopedia of the Battle of Franklin is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the true history of this important but largely disregarded conflict.” - JIMBO PEXTON (2nd great-grandson of Confederate General Earl Van Dorn) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "This is a formidable looking tome. Indeed, in all the right ways it is. The Battle of Franklin - actually the second of three Franklin clashes - has never been covered this extensively in one volume. For accumulators of legit Civil War information, this is a godsend of a text. It’s loaded with information on a battle that has been under-represented in historical texts despite the fact that it occupies a crux position in the War for Southern Independence. So this book is a much needed remedy in the voluminous published annals of Civil War documentation and history. But despite its formidability (in terms of its being armed to the teeth with pertinent but thinly reported data), it is not daunting in terms of diving into its material. It’s a browser, not a cover- to-cover book (though one may certainly peruse it thus if so desired). And the information is arranged in orderly, alphabetical sequence of entries. The book is friendly and navigable with its presentation of entries from each letter of the alphabet in discrete sections. Some entries are a small graph while others are longer, but it’s all here in digestible segments of historical facts. And the book, despite its formal nature as an encyclopedia, is still, for such a text, warm and inviting. My review seems a weird slab of comments on a specialized Civil War encyclopedia, perhaps. It does even to me, and I’m writing the words! But sometimes true is weird and weird is true. ust like the real story of the War Against Northern Aggression . . .” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) “I just want to thank you for the absolutely magnificent book Encyclopedia of the Battle of Franklin. Wow, it surpasses my greatest expectations. Please also give my regards to Mr. Lochlainn Seabrook, one of the finest Southern gentlemen and authors I know.” - PRIVATE EMAIL, NAME WITHHELD (Denmark) “EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book.” - 101RVN “EBAY REVIEW: “I love it.” - JAMECOL_71 THE MCGAVOCKS OF CARNTON PLANTATION: A SOUTHERN HISTORY - CELEBRATING ONE OF DIXIE’S MOST NOBLE CONFEDERATE FAMILIES AND THEIR TENNESSEE HOME "A wonderful book, well worth reading." - LINDA GOODWILL (Nashville, TN) “I absolutely love the book! I reread it every so often. Carrie McGavock must have been quite a woman!” - ANDIE L. GARCIA “This is a fascinating book and I suggest reading it before you visit Carnton Plantation.” - DIANE STEPHENS WHITE 1. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 2. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 3. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 4. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 5. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 6. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 7. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 8. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 9. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING 10. AMAZON REVIEW, ANONYMOUS FIVE STAR RATING CARNTON PLANTATION GHOST STORIES: TRUE STORIES OF THE UNEXPLAINED FROM TENNESSEE’S MOST HAUNTED CIVIL WAR HOUSE! “I’ve always said the best ghost stories are told by actors and authors. It isn’t enough just to hear what sort of paranormal phenomenon occurred, I want to feel the hair raise on the back of my neck. In Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories Lochlainn Seabrook does an amazing job of describing each story in such great detail that it not only feels like I am reading the story, but I am in the story. Before you jump into the ghostly tales, you get an outline of the deep rooted history of Carnton Plantation. You can picture yourself walking through the home in the 1800s, feeling the misery that the McGavocks experienced at the time they lived there. Then you snap back to the present and hear real accounts of paranormal activity that take place today. This book really hit home for me . . . literally. Because I grew up only miles away from Carnton Plantation! I used to go to the house with my friends before security was enforced on the property, and sometimes we would hang out at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery. Although we never experienced anything, we would always tell ghost stories that had taken place at the house. Being the history and paranormal researcher (nerd) that I am, before I read this book I thought I knew about every one of Carnton’s supernatural anomalies. Oh how I was mistaken! One thing I really love about Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories is that it not only provides narratives of some fascinating other worldly occurrences, but it chronicles the rich history of a place that should never be forgotten. The last thing ghost stories should do is take away from the historical integrity of a location, especially one as amazing as Carnton Plantation.” - AUSTIN COOK (team leader of SyFy Channel’s hit TV series Killer Contact) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "A quick read! Very interesting, especially since I have been here before!" - MYSTERYGIRL “This is a great book full of stories of the unexplained. I have my copy! What a good read it is. Amazing stories!” - DIANE STEPHENS WHITE ETSY CUSTOMER SERVICE & BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Wonderful and very entertaining book!!! I couldn't put it down!!!!! Great and prompt seller!!! Thanks so much!! All the very best!!!!" MICHAEL FIVE-STAR AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEW - "THANK YOU MR. SEABROOK": "After having visited Carnton I was left dissappointed. At the start of my tour, the guide immediately told the group that the civil war was fought because the South wanted to preserve slavery and the North did not. This was the narrative during the whole tour. When I got back home I researched for books about Carnton to learn more of it’s history instead of only hearing politically correct opinions. I stumbled upon this book and Mr. Seabrook tells of the history and some spooky happenings at the plantation. I learned he used to be a guide himself there and knows much about it. It was also very interesting for me to learn there were Ewings that were related to the owners even though I am pretty sure that I am not related to them in any way as I am not from that area. I am glad I bought this book to learn more about Carnton Plantation." - J. EWING "This book is very spooky and will make an excellent book for brave parents, boys and girls to read after they get their homework done. This book will also make a very good addition to your Civil War or Confederate library with all of the tragic fighting and deaths from the Battle of Franklin. The McGavock Confederate Cemetery occupants are listed in an appendix. This is a very interesting and sad book, as well as a spooky book with ghosts. We give Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories our highest rating, a well earned WOW!" - ED PORTER (owner/editor, the Lone Star Book Review, November 2011) "I love Carton Plantation and this is a great book about it!" - MICHELLE STAMPER “A good book!” - AMY VACHON EBAY REVIEW: “Love the book!! Informative and entertaining. Really enjoying it.” - MISS45RPM AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book! Not just for paranormal fans, it has a lot of facts about the South that most books leave out.” - SUSAN STARKS “I love this book.” - ANDIE L. GARCIA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. I liked everything about Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories. It has history in it. I would highly recommend it.” - DAMINA GUZMA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “It is a great companion book to go with the history books about the battle of Franklin.” - DONNA C. BRYAN AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Very good book.” - JUDY FOWLER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Loved this book! So interesting. A must for anyone interested in Civil War history.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “. . . Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories is amazing . . . buy this book . . . I’ve given so many copies to friends who visit Carnton, and it is so fascinating.” - SYRAH THE RISE AND FALL OF THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNMENT “War hero and American statesman Jefferson Davis reveals all while vindicating Dixie and her people in what has become a true Southern classic, The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. Sea Raven Press is proud to publish a facsimile reprint - the only one of its kind - of this massive two-volume work, compiled, edited, and designed by award-winning author-historian-artist and SCV member Col. Lochlainn Seabrook. Our beautiful photographic reproduction is a must-read for all serious students of American, Southern, military, political, and constitutional history.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICAS "President Jefferson Davis’ own words published by Sea Raven Press. You can’t do any better.” - DANIEL VINCENT OMAR (Gab) FIVE-STAR EBAY REVIEW: "What a great book! It's an unspoiled firsthand account of a bygone era." - VILLARA07 “I just want to share what a great book A Short History of the CSA (edited by Lochlainn Seabrook) is. We are lucky to have such an intellectual text . . . One doesn’t need another historical text of this era.” - GARY PRICE (LinkedIn) ● PRISON LIFE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Great book." - NBFORRESTIV THE MARTIAN ANOMALIES: A PHOTOGRAPHIC SEARCH FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE ON MARS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Very good showing of artificial objects and ruins on Mars. Note to NASA: The Brookings Report is obsolete!! You can safely release the information that you have about ruins on the Moon and Mars, and society will not collapse. The information and pictures of ruins on the Moon and Mars are all over the Internet and in many books (which I own a number of). Mr. Seabrook has done an excellent job of researching all these NASA photos of Mars. One is almost overwhelmed by the sheer number that he shows. Obviously, most of these items are artificial. Until humans can get to Mars and actually examine these things in situ, we won't know how old they are. What Mr. Seabrook's photos show is the catastrophic destruction of a high tech civilization on Mars. Some people have suggested nuclear war. But, since Mars is closer to the asteroid belt, I think it was probably an asteroid strike, maybe one the size that offed the dinosaurs on Earth. It stripped away most of the planet's atmosphere, and probably killed most of the Martians." - F. S. FREDERICK EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE/BOOK REVIEW: "The Martian Anomalies came to me brand new with that new book smell. Amazing deal. Very fast shipping. Shipping packaging was very well secured. Hard cover was more than expected. A personalized note was very much appreciated. I am beyond excited to compare this book with my own studies. The sheer dedication the author put into this work is recognized and greatly appreciated. I'd like to sincerely thank the author Lochlainn Seabrook. I will be reviewing the book more deeply once I've read it over. I'll be pushing positive subject matter to my personal circles." - US-OZ19 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE-STAR RATING - NO NAME JESUS AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION "Jesus and the Law of Attraction skillfully blends religious belief and Universal Law into one easy to use daily practice. Lochlainn has successfully created another masterpiece!" - DANNION BRINKLEY (NY Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light, which inspired the film of the same name, starring Eric Roberts) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "OUTSTANDING": “Lochlainn Seabrook’s Jesus and the Law of Attraction is probably the best book on mental science in existence by a living author. And, along with Thomas Troward, Emmet Fox, and Jack Addington, Mr. Seabrook is one of the top four mental science authors of all time, since biblical times.” - IAN BARTON STEWART EBAY PRODUCT & CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "ABSOLUTELY LIFE-CHANGING": "I originally purchased the paperback version of this book and found the content therein to be so valuable that I purchased the hardcover version to add to my personal library. Everything from the book binding, to the format and layout of the content is high quality and well worth the price. As for the subject matter of the book, although I am still in the process of reading the book, I have already started living some of the concepts that the book presented and have already seen positive changes in my life, almost like magic. I highly recommend this book for those interested in mental science and the law of attraction or for anyone willing to study and apply the concepts taught within the book in order to change one's life." - CHRISLU6935 (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT”: “An excellent book; indispensable if you want to know about the law of attraction. . . The author’s view is that Jesus was all about the law of attraction, rather than being some unique son of God. [This is not technically accurate, but rather reflects this reviewer’s personal opinion - The Publisher.] Personally I’m of the view that he’s absolutely right. Col. Seabrook is up there with other fine LOA authorities, such as Goddard, Troward, Holmes, Fillmore, and Murphy.” - IAN BARTON STEWART “Awesome, a must read!!!!!!!” - PAM STEELE FIVE-STAR MERCARI REVIEW: "Great author!" - INTEGRITY SALES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book!” - ALEXXI33 EBAY REVIEW: “This book is amazing! Excellent [buying] experience! AAA+++” - JANE4200_0 "I have long been a fan of Lochlainn Seabrook and his literary works. His thinking always fascinates me, stimulates me, inspires me. But Jesus and the Law of Attraction is more than a revelation. He has taken the ancient wisdom of Christ and applied a modern understanding to it, making a compelling case for the profound interface of the two. Consider the book, as I do, must reading for all those who strive to be smarter, better informed, more thoughtful, more knowledgeable. This book will make you all of those." - DR. JANE G. GOLDBERG (psychologist, psychoanalyst, owner La Casa Day Spa, author of The Dark Side of Love) "Lochlainn has resuscitated the secret teachings of Jesus, giving us back the power to shape our own destinies. An ingenious and groundbreaking megahit by the new Joseph Campbell!" - KATHERINE KING (owner Cosmic Connections) "Mr. Seabrook inspires you to take a deeper look at yourself and your relationship with the Creator. Great words to take with you on your journey." - JAY GUTIERREZ (Medicine Man, fTHE LATE ounder Night Hawk Minerals, and author of The Divine Three Manual) BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “While Jesus and the Law of Attraction takes a more black-and-white, moralist approach to the material in this biggish, comprehensive tome (more than 400 pages), I can still recommend it to savvy, critical readers who know to approach many religious texts with a subtextal approach. As with any religious text, ‘sacred’ or otherwise, reading is gleaning. The enlightened reader can apply his/her own filters based on personal insight, worldview, etc. In any case, on whatever level one interprets Lochlainn Seabrook’s take on the power of consciousness to affect your reality, the book is a thought-provoking one. It’s not a new idea and it has been presented in a number of different ways, from secular to super-religious. Seabrook, being the syncretic, mystic Christian that he is - frequently stepping outside biblical canon and even beyond the boundaries of the Judeo-Christian tradition - expounds his spiritual ideas from a non-literalist approach to the interpretation of sacred texts, be they canonical, ‘apocryphal,’ or even culled from the Bhagavad Gita or ancient goddess worship. In fact, syncretic mysticism and the divine feminine are both recurring topics for this well-read researcher-author - not to mention Civil War history. Just as his slew of volumes on the latter topic engage in the dismantling of bad history (written by the winners up North), so his volumes on theology, spirituality and religious history proffer well-researched arguments for less ‘religious’ religion and thoroughly thought-out defenses of interpretive alternatives to fundamentalist-literalist Christianity. As a matter of fact, it’s Seabrook’s impassioned quest for the divine between the lines (rather than concretizing of surface symbols) that makes it perhaps a bit surprising that, in Jesus and the Law of Attraction, he springboards from a detailed discussion of his mystic, anti-literalist theology into a rather empiricized breakdown of how theosis (we are all God) can be systematically applied to the betterment of one’s life. Now, I do think one’s mindset, including faith, has a lot to do with the way life goes for a person. Dwelling on the negative attracts negative; positive focus with an attitude of already have that which is sought, be it love, money, job, etc. That attitude of certainty, in Seabrook’s model for this philosophy, is faith. Seek and you will find. Emphasis on will. Fully put stock in one’s personal divinity (Genesis 1’s breath of God, the New Testament’s Christ anointing, shared by all of us as co-inheritors), and believe with confidence that your desire is as good as fulfilled - and it will be. Now, while I did say up yonder that Seabrook’s spin on the summoning of good into our lives via inner divinity (and its connection to everything on the outside) seems a bit on the literalist side, especially given its foundation in definitively non-literal, mystic philosophy. However, it isn’t as though Seabrook as gone full tilt mathetmatical with it. It’s not an equation we can plug into our soul calculator and demand immediate, guaranteed results no matter what. He does warn that excess doubt can prevent effectiveness. And, sure, that offers a built-in ‘cop-out’ but the opportunity for cop-out does not automatically mean the philosopher in question is actually attempting to engage in such. I think that it’s the nature of most any faith or philosophy outside the borders of rationalism’s limited domain to have a possible cop-out loophole somewhere. But the whole point of faith is that it exists outside the rational, beyond ultimate empirical analysis. That window of cognitive uncertainty (the gap bridged by faith, Kierkegaard’s leap) is, by nature of its empirical/observational ambiguity, can’t help but produce potential loopholes. . . . Back to Seabrook, who isn’t teaching Prosperity Faith Dynamics. Another of his caveats is that one’s desire must be reasonable (in my case, I might look for larger writing success, but not for a crate full of cash to be randomly parachuted into my yard), and it must align with divine intent, for lack of a better word. In other words if you’re following the Tao (spiritually going with the flow but not as a mere passenger), your desire should align with such. (Seabrook is definitely more concerned with morality than I. For him, alignment of personal desire with ‘God’s will’ is a bit of an issue of good and bad, whereas my moral paradigm is definitely less regimented and closer to pure moral subjectivity – not to be confused with amorality.) This material, can be read on numerous levels, much like the spiritual ‘babes’ who, per Paul, were still only mature enough for ‘milk’ rather than meatier, more sublime understanding available to those further along the path. I’m certainly not opposed to the idea that enlightened will in sync with the flow of things can help shape reality. It’s just, as Seabrook would agree, that we can’t build our own reality entirely to spec since there are the personal realities of every other individual consciousness out there, all interconnected in out shared reality (this whole time-space construct). So though Seabrook might have a firmer view of this material compared to my softer view, it’s still a great book. In ways, this could stand as the closest thing there is to a one-volume, comprehensive laying-out of Seabrook’s overall spiritual viewpoint and theology. I recommend it highly to the mystically inclined and to anybody who’s ever read any other books on belief and the power of consciousness (Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, comes to mind, but there are many more, from numerous angles). Seabrook has written a ton of theology books, so it’s a tribute to Jesus and the Law of Attraction that it concisely but thoroughly presents a sort of Seabrook’s Systematic Theology. Hmmm. Maybe “too systematic” was the phrase I was looking for way up there near the top. Seabrook’s overall theology is, for a fact, more systematic than mine, which is more fluid. Then again, maybe my faith in this regard is still underdeveloped and in the experimental stages still. I’m testing the philosophy out. And, sure, I have doubt. But – and this goes for faith generally – it’s not the absence of doubt that matters but the presence of faith. After all, a sincere life of faith and intellect harmonized will always hover with a tension between doubt and faith.” KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) "By implementing the guiding principles found in Jesus and the Law of Attraction, we can easily embrace our divine power through the practice of positive thinking. Lochlainn clearly demonstrates how to do this by unveiling the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ in this powerful, life-changing book." - MARLENE WEBB (Health Minister, CEO & founder The Vitality Connection) "Unique and inspirational. A stunning exploration of the LOA from start to finish! Jesus and the Law of Attraction is an excellent tool for those who explore scripture. It also sheds new light on the power of common ground that is the foundation to fellowship not only in the church community, but to all communities. A great addition to my reference library." - DANE BRYANT (acclaimed keyboardist to country music's brightest stars) "Learn about the Gospel that Jesus actually taught, and start changing your life for the better right now!" - LYNN HAMMOND (editor The Southern Cross) "This positive, uplifting, well documented work from spiritual educator Lochlainn Seabrook bridges the gap between faith and science, the mainstream Church and New Thought Theology, and fundamentalist Christianity and mystical Christianity, providing a biblical look into what Jesus called not 'the Gospel of Jesus Christ,' but 'the Gospel of the Kingdom'—a simple spiritual belief system that includes Christ's teachings on the Law of Attraction. A fascinating and provocative classic with over 3,000 endnotes, 30,000 Bible citations and scriptural references, a glossary, and important academic historical matter." - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS THE BIBLE AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT”: “An excellent companion to the author’s wonderful but much longer work Jesus and the Law of Attraction. The Bible and the Law of Attraction is short and concise, with a great selection of scripture and a detailed discussion of the Law of Attraction. The author writes clearly and convincingly. Comparable authors who are highly recommended include Goddard, Troward, Fillmore, Holmes, Murphy, and Haanel. Buy Col. Seabrook’s book without reservation or hesitation. It’s not for those who believe in a God in space that doesn’t exist, but for those who struggle with the Bible as literally or historically true, but appreciate it as a manual for the use of the mind, this book is up there with the best. Whilst Jesus’ message has been distorted and twisted to suit certain elements, The Bible and the Law of Attraction, as well as the author’s Jesus and the Law of Attraction, convincingly show that Christ was actually a great mental scientist, and taught the truth about how to use the mind. Excellent photo taken by the author of a statue of Jesus on the front cover [of the paperback edition].” - IAN BARTON STEWART “This companion book to Jesus and the Law of Attraction (which I also own) is a part of my daily morning reading ritual. Every teaching points me to a new scripture for the day. Inspirational!” - DANE BRYANT (acclaimed keyboardist to country music's brightest stars) “Fantastic book! Just received this gem yesterday! Already 30 pages in. Truly helps you look at the positive side of life and life in general. As per usual it’s packed with Lochlainn Seabrook’s mindful and unbelievable facts! It’s hard to really put this book in perspective. It’s a must own for sure.” - JOHN BULL BADER SEABROOK’S BIBLE DICTIONARY OF TRADITIONAL AND MYSTICAL CHRISTIAN DOCTRINES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “An excellent resource for all subjects concerning esoteric Christianity. For fans of Manly Palmer and Albert Pike. Highly recommended.” - JARED AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Seabrook’s Bible Dictionary is a fascinating read! As an orthodox Catholic theologian I do not always agree with Mr. Seabrook’s interpretations, but I still find much to learn from his knowledge and perspective. I find his works endlessly fascinating and valuable for the many insights and seeds of truth he dispenses. As a former graphic designer and illustrator I also find that his design, layouts, type faces and interior and exterior artwork and line art, add immensely to the enjoyability of the works. His Bible dictionary is amazing!” - RON EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A must-have for all!!!” - TAMARAN1979_5 “I recently bought this book and love it! Learning an amazing amount after studying the Bible for decades.” - IRENE ZUNDEL (Facebook) CHRIST IS ALL AND IN ALL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Much has been written of Jesus of Nazareth. His presence is felt the world over. He’s loved and respected by most, but many of these same people still aren’t sure what to make of him. They sense that this desert prophet’s sayings are of vital importance, but cannot access them as they are cryptic and deliberately corrupted by fundamenalists of all stripes. Cut through all of the noise by purchasing this volume! What did Jesus mean when he referred to himself as the “Son of God”? Why did he teach that the Kingdom is “within”? Why did he buck established norms by proclaming “ye are gods”? This book reveals the truth!” - TYLER SETH HINDS FIVE-STAR MERCARI REVIEW: "Great author!" - INTEGRITY SALES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "EXCELLENT": "Another excellent book by Lochlainn Seabrook. Controversial but supported by the Good Book." - IAN BARTON STEWART BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “There is a scientific theory - yes, scientific - called biocentrism, which I will explain in very simplified terms, trying not to muck the concept up too much. We’re all familiar with the usual scientific model of rational materialism, which declares (among other things) that matter holds supremacy and that consciousness is a product of the nervous system. Basically, you are a hunk of meat and an intangible byproduct of brain chemicals. Biocentrism, however, holds that consciousness is supreme and that - again, this is highly simplified - material reality is something similar to electrons. Electrons, we now know, are not particles orbiting the nucleus of an atom. Rather, they are probability fields that only coalesce into a particle state when observed. Biocentrism asserts that this is pretty much how the whole dang cosmos works. That consciousness - which existed initially as a field of raw, undifferentiated consciousness permeating the entire universe - is responsible for the collapsing of matter into a solidified state from a sort of probability field state. Biocentrism obviously challenges string theory (which works great on paper if you do mathematical gymnastics and invent a few extra dimensions), as well as the bulk of established scientific thought since it would dethrone materialism from its elevated throne. It seems strange to say, but since biocentrism echoes some ancient ideas spawned by mysticism - notably Hinduism and Buddhism, on the more ancient end of things - that actually spikes my inclination to give it credit. I’ve seen a few startling parallels between cutting edge science, particularly of the quantum variety, and ancient mystic thought. What this all has to do with author Seabrook’s excellent, slim but heady volume of religious reassessment, Christ Is All and In All, is the fact that while Seabrook is a Christian, he’s a syncretic Christian and he’s of the gnostic bent. Which means that most of this book would be considered anywhere from unorthodox to heretical. He sheds new light on classic, familiar biblical passages, demonstrating how they teach that all of us are divine - possessed by the spark of godhood within. This is clearly a mythological analog to the fact that consciousness, as per biocentrist thought (at least my take on it), is not generated from the nervous system but, rather, precedes matter and that our nervous systems are antennae, channelers, of consciousness, not generators of it. Jesus, then, was not a god- man among lower beings. Instead, he was the first of such god-men (within Christian tradition, naturally, since god-men have been around long before Christianity). He was inviting the rest of us to realize we could be just like him. We’re all enlightened (or potentially so), to use Buddhist terminology. Biocentrifically (I think I made that word up), we are all participators in the consciousness that permeates all. Seabrook cites both canonical and non-canonical sacred texts, as well as analogous material in other religions, to make his case for “theosis” - the idea that we are all “god”. From the breath of God inserted into Adam and Eve to the teachings of Christ, the author builds a compelling case for gnostic Christianity [actually Christian mysticism, the Publisher] - or, for that matter, whatever mythological symbology in which you care to place your faith. Like Seabrook, I am a syncretist, and I know that the truth is out there - everywhere. From the Bhagavad Gita through the New Testament and on to biocentrism, the concept of theosis permeates. Sort of like the “god” consciousness around which this book revolves.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) JESUS AND THE GOSPEL OF Q "This is my second approach at meeting Jesus for me. This time my way, my terms, my books, my choices - not someone elses. The first try left my mind and heart a broken, bloody, scared mess. I am on a quest for ‘lost knowledge.’ Lochlainn Seabrook's Jesus and the Gospel of Q is amazing! I love it! There are 5 more books of Mr. Seabrook's I will be purchasing. I love his style and approach. It's not the 'norm.' . . . Thank you so much for helping me along the new path that I have embarked on. Cassidy and Lochlainn at Sea Raven Press are a blessing to me! Amazing books!" - KEITH PARISH (New York) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Compelling read. Would recommend." - 1970PEANUT EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Fast shipping. Very pleased with this book.” - GWENDOLYN2469 BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “The theoretical Gospel of Q has been a controversy since the idea’s introduction into biblical scholarship. It’s a bone of contention between liberal, mainstream Christian scholars and the quite conservative fundamentalist/evangelical swath of the Christian spectrum. Q comes from quelle, German for “source”, and favorers of Q theory embrace it as a logical, likely explanation for the common source of material common to Matthew and Luke but not found in the earliest canonical gospel, that of Mark. Already, in 70 A.D., four decades after when Jesus is said to have been crucified, one sees the more mystic, less dogmatic Jesus of the Kingdom Within, a Christ among Christs since Jesus was not the only Christ but rather the foremost of many. “Ye are all gods.” The consciousness of each being is cut from the same cloth; every nervous system is channeling its own thread of the all-encompassing Supersoul, which is God. All share in the Christ consciousness, though but few realize this. In Christianity, Jesus is eminent, a sort of First Christ who, by declaring us heirs and siblings revealed our own divinity and our equality with and possession of the Christ anointing. He was First, not One-and-Only. He shared his Christ consciousness and opened the door, leading the way for the select few who seriously, with true understanding, pursue the “strait path”, threading the needle’s eye. Thus his Christhood showed initiates their own Christhood, the creation account’s “breath of God”. Jesus is, for Christian faithful, the introductory, first-of-many, who unveiled the truth to those with seeing eyes and hearing ears. He is the Shepherd in that he leads us through the gate into the discovery of each one’s own Christ anointing. He is Christianity’s God-man whose very presence as such reflects to us that each one of us is also a God-person. (In Hinduism, Lord Krisna is the God-man; in fact, “Krisna” and “Christ” are the same thing and are both on the same lingual family tree. Krisna also shares a message of universal participation in the Supersoul. Mark’s gospel, as noted, already had made alterations. The morphing of Christ, First of Many Peers, to Christ the Only and Peerless, was already cemented, a done deal. The mystic lucidity of the Q document – assumed with good reason to be a non-narrative sayings collection – was being successfully made over into another kind of Christ, more religious but less spiritual, a Christ for the Church and its power structure, an outer, perishable kingdom far removed from the inner (and all-where) Kingdom of all us divine beings (even if our divinity remains unrealized or scoffed at by most). The Christ of Q was blotted out by a more mundane messiah-prophet. In Jesus and the Gospel of Q, scholar and prolific author Lochlainn Seabrook does his own breakdown of the Q doc by presenting, culled from their respective gospels, the sequence of Q sayings as found in each of the three synoptic gospels. He identifies three Q layers, each increasingly removed from the less-tampered-with early stage of Q. The first and earliest layer, Seabrook asserts, is the closest to the seminal phase of the Q document’s evolution, said earliest stage being truest to what a historical Jesus with a gnostic bent may actually have taught. This earliest layer of Q came before the advent of Christianity (which, as a breakoff, independent religion separate from Judaism, was preached and established by certain significant figures of Christianity in the wake of Christ’s death) and proposed no new religion with Christ its head but rather the spiritual reform of the current faith, a Judaism that had lapsed into spiritless surface veneer that was not only ineffectual but downright spiritually degrading. The proposed second and third Q layers were increasingly manipulated, molded and manufactured, culminating in the total suppression of Q, except as it can be, with some scholarly insight and a nice bit of educated guesswork, extracted from where its contents are embedded in the canonical gospels. The non-story sayings collection that Q was at the onset was ultimately buried under the story form that grew from the incrementally more fudged-with subsequent layers. Following a compact but comprehensive introduction that explains Q theory, the core chapters are Q verses, the three Q layers extant in each synoptic gospel, presented in a simple context that allows the reader to see the developing themes of each Q layer, and thus the shift from the original Q layer’s themes and simple non-narrative structure, through Q2’s shift in focus, to the final Q layer and the religious narratives that arose gospels from the ashes of Q1’s simple profundity. Dealing in theory means that Seabrook’s breakdown – which he admits differs from classical Q theory here and there – is one of those educated scholarly guesses (no derision intended) that can never be authoritatively established. Unless somebody messes around and finds an actual extant Q document languishing in a cave somewhere. Barring that unlikely event, these intelligent surmises will be the closest to a Q document we’ll get. Seabrook’s culling and organized presentation of Q as merged into the synoptics is a fine introduction to Q theory as well as a polished presentation of what Q may very well have been, in each of its evolving reiterations.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) ETSY CUSTOMER PRODUCT REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Thank you for the great book.” - FREDEE EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent packaging, fast shipping, amazing book!” - HIGSEA-XZBCJJW YOUR SOUL LIVES FOREVER: DOCUMENTED VICTORIAN CASE STUDIES PROVING CONSCIOUSNESS SURVIVES DEATH “If you’ve ever wondered if there is a spiritual world awaiting us on the Other Side, read award-winning author-historian Lochlainn Seabrook’s book Your Soul Lives Forever. He has compiled 385 detailed accounts of paranormal phenomena, experienced and recorded by highly credible 19th-Century individuals from all walks of life, establishing once and for all the reality of life after death.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS CHRISTMAS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY FROM "SMALL PRESS REVIEWS": “In Christmas Before Christianity: How the Birthday of the “Sun” Became the Birthday of the “Son,” Lochlainn Seabrook presents a thoroughly researched examination of the ‘ingredients’ that have, over centuries and millennia, contributed to our contemporary understanding of what many, right or wrong, consider the holiest day of the year. Early on, Seabrook discusses the paucity of historical evidence surrounding the figure of Jesus in order to subsequently demonstrate the ways in which the relative blank slate of his biography allowed early Christians to incorporate a myriad of other belief systems into what eventually came to be accepted as canon. Chief among these other systems, as the book’s subtitle suggests, was a firm belief that the sun was the center of all life. Indeed, the author points out that, in his words, ‘Jesus’ birth on December 25 specifically was not mentioned by any writer, scholar, or historian’ during the time in which Jesus lived; what’s more, the date traditionally associated with the birth of Christ was not established until the year 534, ‘not because Jesus was born on that date, but rather because the Christian masses overwhelmingly identified Jesus with the Pagan Roman sun-god Mithras, as well as with other pre-Christian solar deities, all whose birthdays fell on December 25.’ In addition to investigating the ways in which pre-Christian mythology fed into the story of the birth of Christ, Seabrook also examines the origins of the season’s accoutrements including the Christmas tree (a pagan fertility symbol originating in Egypt), the tale of the three wise men (an allusion to ancient astrology and the three stars that comprise Orion’s belt), and Santa Claus (an amalgam of Odin, Thor, and various maritime deities). Other topics Seabrook explores include the evolution of Christmas cards, plum pudding, Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, holly, and pantomime from their ancient forms to the ways in which we employ and enjoy them today. Altogether, a fascinating and meticulously detailed read for anyone curious about the origins of Christmas - or, for that matter, about the ways in which myths and legends evolve over time.” - MARC SCHUSTER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “VERY INFORMATIONAL”: “Wow, what an eye-opener. Interesting to see where our Christiams traditions come from. Christianity did not create these. I had heard that but now I know.” - B. K. BROWN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Full of facts and excellent references. Brilliant book. So full of really good facts. If you’re interested in this subject, you won’t regret buying it.” - SANDI (United Kingdom) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “There’s a ton of stuff powerpacked into Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook’s Christmas Before Christianity: How the Birthday of the “Sun” Became the Birthday of the “Son.” At 300 pages, it feels like it has twice as much data crammed in and it is told interestingly. This comprehensive but concise volume is a wonderful go-to for those interested in the Christianization of pagan religious culture. It’s no secret, except perhaps among the ignorant (both willfully so and otherwise), that Judeo-Christian traditions did what religions do. It evolved, growing from pagan roots and, even after having established its own identity as a stream of religious culture, continued to appropriate from surrounding and established pagan belief systems. Many aspects of Christianity, including what is now one of its major holidays (not always; consider 4th Century church father Origen, who opposed the holiday exactly because of its pagan roots), were retoolings of extant pagan deities and concepts. From every major facet of the Nativity to the décor and traditions of Christmas celebrations, paganism permeates the Christian tradition and its messianic birthday celebration. Even Santa Claus and his alleged historical analog (St. Nicholas) were Christianizations of pagan ideas. Southern religious scholar Seabrook reveals to the reader aspects of the conversion even the initiated might have overlooked. He even discloses pagan rooted celebrations practiced around the globe today. For a primer and reference volume pertaining to this fascinating evolution in religious thought and culture, Christmas Before Christianity is one of Seabrook’s several fascinating books on Christianity’s oft overlooked foundations.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) Christmas Before Christianity is a must read.” - GLORIA PEOPLES ELAM AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great read.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER MYSTERIOUS INVADERS: TWELVE FAMOUS 20TH-CENTURY SCIENTISTS CONFRONT THE UFO PHENOMENON MAGONIA BOOK REVIEW, APRIL 2024: "This book provides an excellent insight into 'expert' opinions about UFOs in a period when the space race to the Moon was at its height, which are largely supportive of the ETH, based on witness testimony of things seen in the sky, and they encourage further research. . . . Mysterious Invaders is a fitting tribute to the symposium, with biographies of the participants, references, notes, an impressive index, and not a whistle-blower in sight. - NIGEL WATSON, LONDON, UK “In this one-of-a-kind illustrated book edition, award-winning author-historian Lochlainn Seabrook resuscitates the all-important ‘Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects’ held in Washington on July 29, 1968, featuring respected scientists J. Allen Hynek, Carl Sagan, Stanton T. Friedman, and many others. Mysterious Invaders is a still-pertinent must-have for all those interested in ufology, science, and astronomy.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS THE SEA RAVEN PRESS JESUS BOOK COLLECTION EBAY REVIEW, 5 STARS: “Excellent books altogether! Service is top notch! A+++++++” - REYEGERARD UFOS AND ALIENS: THE COMPLETE GUIDEBOOK "A truly remarkable introduction to UFOs that transcends all other guidebooks in the SUBJECT!" - ERIN RYDER (from SyFy Channel’s hit TV series Destination Truth and Nat Geo’s Chasing UFOs) “Lochlainn Seabrook’s UFOs and Aliens: The Complete Guidebook is an informative, interesting and well-written book. An excellent introduction to the subject of ufology, it offers a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon, one in which you’ll find everything you need to know. . . . Although primarily aimed at people new to the subject, there are many seasoned ufologists who would do well to read this book and learn from it. Read it, and be prepared to be amazed!” - NICK POPE (the “Real Fox Mulder,” author, journalist, TV personality, British government official 1991-1994, and author of Open Skies, Closed Minds) "UFOs and Aliens: The Complete Guidebook covers a huge range of ufological topics. The style is such that it should stimulate readers to dig more deeply and to recognize that there is more to ufology than the attacks of the noisy negativists or the claims of the true believers." - STANTON T. FRIEDMAN (nuclear physicist, coauthor of Crash at Corona and Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, and author of Top Secret/MAJIC, Flying Saucers and Science, and Science Was Wrong) "I wholeheartedly recommend this first-rate introduction to ufology. It is a book that provides a comprehensive overview of a controversial and exciting subject, one that will become required reading for all those interested in UFOs and aliens." - TIMOTHY GOOD (leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence, and author of Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-up, and Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence) EBAY BOOK REVIEW: “Great book. I really enjoyed reading this book and it was one of the few books I couldn’t put down! For myself, it was easy to read and understand, and every page helped my understanding about UFOs!” - JEFF239HUNTING “Great book!!!” - 1968QXJEDI (Ebay) FIVE STAR EBAY PRODUCT REVIEW: "Love this book, a real eye opener." - COUNT_ALAN "The scope of the book and the format are impressive." - DR. BRUCE MACCABEE (naval physicist (retired), former Chairman of the Fund for UFO Research, former state director of MUFON Maryland, author of UFO-FBI Connection and Abduction in My Life, coauthor of UFOs Are Real, Here's the Proof) FIVE STAR REVIEW, THE PARANORMAL HERALD: “I do not always review people’s books, but the publisher Sea Raven Press was kind enough to send me a review copy of UFOs and Aliens: The Complete Guidebook. Most often I lose all interest in a book by the third chapter, but I read this one from start to finish! The book is well structured and well written and has just about everything the reader would want to see on the topic. The author Lochlainn Seabrook has a winner in the UFO category. The Paranormal Herald is more than happy to give five stars to this wonderful creation.” - EVAN JENSEN, THE PARANORMAL HERALD (magazine) EBAY BOOK REVIEW: “Unbelievable book, great information, a must-have for all ufologists.” - NOTLEKSR0623 EBAY BOOK REVIEW - “GREAT UFO REFERENCE TOOL”: “Excellent book that consisely covers all aspects of ufology. The author provides excellent examples of casebook files and the work makes an excellent reference book, with pertinent terms and theories. I would strongly recommend this publication for the novice and professionals as well.” - UREA THE BOOK OF KELLE: AN INTRODUCTION TO GODDESS-WORSHIP AND THE GREAT CELTIC MOTHER-GODDESS KELLE “Col. Seabrook’s The Book of Kelle explores the little discussed world of thealogy: female-based religion. It offers an introduction to both this important subject and the Great Celtic Mother-Goddess Kelle, from whom the Celts took their name” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS BRITANNIAS RULES:GODDESS-WORSHIP IN ANCIENT ANGLO-CELTIC SOCIETY BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “Brilliant in its simplicity, Britannia Rules uses the structure of a brief etymological treatise to give a quick but enlightening and thoroughly engaging overview of ancient matriarchal-goddess society and its eventual repression and sublimation into the patriarchal religious culture of today. While the suppression of the divine feminine is a theme here, the book is not just about that. Britannia Rules is not a harangue. Rather, it’s a fascinating study of the numerous names, and their iterations, applied to the sacred feminine/goddess/creatrix/etc. And these lingual threads in turn lead us to understanding some of the cultural crossover from culture to culture and from era to era. There’s so much mashed into this sleek, compact volume, it’s almost like this book was the Tardis, with more inside than it’s package could possibly suggest. Wow. This is a fascinating and under-reported corner of thealogical studies, and Southern Advocate Lochlann Seabrook (who clearly writes on a diversity of topics) does a good job, all by his lonesome, of covering the subject from various angles with this and his other fine books on the subject.”- KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) THE CAUDILLS: AN ETYMOLOGICAL, ETHNOLOGICAL, AND GENEALOGICAL STUDY - EXPLORING THE NAME AND NATIONAL ORIGINS OF A EUROPEAN- AMERICAN FAMILY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "This is an excellent book!!! So many Caudill's out there, I can't believe that he hasn't sold thousands! [Publisher's note: It has!] Great reading as well as Caudill trees. More than I expected with lots of info. on other resources. Must have!!! Don't let this one pass you by. Thanks so much Lochlainn for taking the time to do all this work and then share it with others. Worth every penny. You have made a fan out of me!!!" - SHIRLEY FARMER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A treasure of information about the Caudill family. Over a thousand genealogical connections of the Caudill family. Great for those who are doing genealogical research.” - LARRY D. CAUDILL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “CAUDLE NAME”: This book discusses the Caudle name and how it came about. The last part of the book is a resource for family history.” - LETHA AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS - “COULD NOT RECOMMEND IT MORE”: “Immensely informative for my research of my ancestors. Could not recommend it more highly. Motivated me to go back to Scotland.” - MELVIN CAUDILL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “Informative book”: “Great and informative book about this part of my family. We’ve been doing a significant amount of genealogy stuff as of late and this helped answer some questions and raised some new ones!” - REPUBLIC84 AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Interesting book. Don’t know a lot about my own family line. Cast light on some things I had read in other books. Enjoyable read.” - PHYLLIS CAUDILL-JAMES “Got the book and love it!” - DEBRA CAUDLE (Facebook) “Love this book!!! It’s been a while since I read through it! My gg grandmother is a Caudle, buried in Maury County, Tennessee!” - KARLA MCDONALD JONES (Facebook) THE BLAKENEYS: AN ETYMOLOGICAL, ETHNOLOGICAL, AND GENEALOGICAL STUDY - UNVEILING THE MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS OF THE BLAKENEY FAMILY AND NAME “With The Blakeneys Mr. Seabrook, a cousin of the Blakeneys, has done a great service in his excellent research of the Blakeney family name. . . . Mr. Seabrook’s book will, I hope, make you feel that a most useful contribution has been made to uncover the mystery of our name.” - RAY H. BLAKENEY (former President of the Blakeney-Blakley Family Association, and the author of, My Help Comes From Above: Blakeney and Blakey - The History of Chambers Blakely and David Bleakney and Their Neighbours in the 18th Century) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I have been doing family research for some time and this book really answered a lot of questions and helped me put more branches on my tree. I love how the author, Mr. Seabrook, dissects the surname to find the meaning. Very interesting.” - DAWN (Canada) AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS - “THE BLAKENEYS”: “As a Blakeney descendant and amateur genealogist I found it fascinating to learn that we probably originated as Danish Vikings. The etymology is detailed, and can be a stumbling block if the reader is not interested in word origins, but it is important to the understanding of the origins of the Blakeney family.” - KAYE T. LEIDY AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS - “A MUST FOR ALL BLAKENEYS”: “I got this book since my surname is Blakeney. While I have read other things on the origin of the name and knew that the Blakeneys came from Normandy after 1066, it was interesting to find that the name goes back even further and is a true Danish name.” - CAPTAIN BILL BLAKENEY PRINCESS DIANA: MODERN DAY MOON-GODDESS BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “I’ve never been one to find fascination with the royal family. I just never understood the grip they have on fans, particularly this side of the Atlantic. However, in no way could I miss out on examining Jane Goldberg’s and Lochlainn Seabrook’s “psychoanalytical and mythological look at Diane Spencer’s Life, Marriage and Death.” Though some could fairly argue that the archetypal and mythological applications this book makes to Diana’s life are either vague and easy, or else forced, I still say this is interesting and insightful and has something real to say. At least I learned something. I now have a better grasp on the thrall in which Diana fans are held. Diana and the royal family at large inhabit a sort of modern mythology, a secular mythology, with roots in Freudian and Jungian subconscious psychology, but also with roots in ancient pagan proto-religions. Goldberg and Seabrook dive through one of Seabrook’s favorite topics - the matriarchal foundations of man’s religions and the suppression of the Moon-Goddess in favor of the patriarchal Sun-God (later “Son”-God, another of Seabrook’s favored subjects) - and in the process they apply these concepts to Diana and Charles, their marriage, divorce, etc. The authors even point out some compelling synchronicities in Diana’s death. It’s a short book - I blazed through it in less than a day’s time - but the blazing was also fueled by the interest factor of this unique material. Some will balk, others will embrace wholly. In any case, this a surprising and captivating, not to mention creatively imaginative (in a positive, mythic fashion), work of academic literature. It’s worth a peek even if you, like me, are not a British royalty aficionado, but have an interest in mythology at large, as well as in psychology, particularly of the Jungian variety. That last bit is where psychology and mythology can really be seen to dovetail, as more fully expounded by the brilliant Joseph Campbell, whose thoughts on this book I’d love to have had.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) APHRODITE’S TRADE: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF PROSTITUTION UNVEILED “One of the many things I love about Aphrodite’s Trade: The Hidden History of Prostitution Unveiled is that it teaches without prejudice, without malice, without cattiness. Written in a straight-forward manner and with true integrity, its deep insights into human nature make it easy to relate to. . . . This is the first book I’ve ever read that provides a holistic history of prostitution, from its beginnings as a survival mechanism in the mists of prehistory to its culmination in the 21st Century as a commercialized business. . . . Mr. Seabrook, a conservative-libertarian Christian, sees himself as following in the footsteps of others from this group who favored decriminalizing prostitution; namely Saint Augustine and the founder of The National Review, William F. Buckley, Jr.” - XAVIERA HOLLANDER (author of the worldwide blockbuster The Happy Hooker) “I’m thrilled with such a positive writing on women in the trade. Historians have always been the underpinnings of COYOTE’s efforts to repeal the prohibition which puts all women in fear of the stigma and keeps us separated and unable to vote as a block to gain our freedom. Whores, housewives and lesbians and all those in between will be empowered by such a work as Aphrodite’s Trade.” - MARGO ST. JAMES (founder of COYOTE and founder and director emeritus of St. James Infirmary) BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “Lochlainn Seabrook’s magnificent little history volume, Aphrodite’s Trade: The Hidden History of Prostitution Unveiled, might as well be called How the Patriarchy Suppressed the Goddess, since that’s an inevitable and central part of this volume. A libertarian and conservative - but mystic - Christian, Seabrook brings a surprising viewpoint to the material. This is not just “How Hooking Started and Got To The Sorry State It’s In Now.” Rather, Seabrook analyzes the religious roots of prostitution and documents the revered place it held for so long. Seabrook also analyzes how it made its descent to the unfair status it now holds in most parts of the world. Thing is, prostitution was at one time a sacred and honored tradition for growing closer to the divine element, which originally was matriarchal in nature. Not dissing patriarchy in and of itself, but its suppression (or attempts thereof) of the divine feminine is a pretty heinous affair, one which Seabrook has no problem bringing to light for the freshly informed reader. The author’s “Hidden History of Prostitution…” is not the only thing unveiled. Seabrook also uncovers some rather eye-opening traces of spiritual matriarchy and sacred prostitution that can still be found in some rather major components of modern day orthodox Christianity (which suppressed ancient gnostic Christianity - something Seabrook has a few things to say about in another of his fine books, such as Christ Is All and In All). This short but arduously researched volume is a marvelous read and of interest to everybody from liberal femimists to (authentic) conservatives. Seabrook is a talented and multi-faceted historian, to be sure.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) “The only book of its kind. Much needed and highly recommended!” - NORMA JEAN ALMODOVAR (author of Cop to Call Girl, and founder of ISWFACE) “Excellent research, bold writing. Bravo! If only we had more works like Aphrodite’s Trade, an enlightened society might have decriminalized prostitution by now. This is a book that everyone with an interest in sex workers’ rights and women’s rights should have on their shelf.” - CAROL LEIGH (award-winning documentarian, author of Unrepentant Whore, coiner of the phrase “sex work,” and a founding member of ACT UP) “Female prostitutes are truly the foot soldiers of the women’s liberation movement. Cheers to author Lochlainn Seabrook for defending them so respectfully and for helping to dispel the many myths surrounding Aphrodite’s Trade.” - DOLORES FRENCH (author of Working: My Life as a Prostitute and founder of HIRE) "Great book. I ordered a copy, very educational and it explains where a lot of myths surrounding the industry came from." - FACEBOOK THE GODDESS DICTIONAERY OF WORDS AND PHRASES: INTRODUCING A NEW CORE VOCABULARY FOR THE WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY MOVEMENT The Goddess Dictionary of Words and Phrases, by award-winning author and historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, is an important scholarly reference book dedicated to the universal deity known for thousands of years around the globe as ‘Goddess’ or the ‘Great Mother.’ This academic work is a must have for anyone interested in thealogy (female spirituality), matriarchal and patriarchal language, and prehistoric religion.” - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS SEA RAVEN PRESS BOOK COVER POSTERS “I bought the poster of the cover of Col. Seabrook’s book All We Ask is to be Let Alone: The Southern Secession Fact Book. It’s beauitful!” - HEIDUNVVITCH (Ebay) EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: “Great poster! Recommended seller!” (Bought the poster of the cover of Col. Seabrook’s book Nathan Bedford Forrest: Southern Hero, American Patriot) - GAFR6665 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A NON-YOGI: A SCIENTIST’S JOURNEY FROM HINDUISM TO CHRISTIANITY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MARVELOUS JOURNEY”: “It was abundantly clear from the first page that Mr. Dasgupta’s journey was going to be something I have never experienced. The journey was both educational and uplifting. As an evangelical Christian my journey has been quite different than Mr. Dasgupta’s, and yet we ended our journeys in relatively the same place as believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Thank you Mr. Dasgupta for sharing the religion, history and science knowledge you obtained during your journey. I will be reading this book many times.” - ROB ALLEN BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “This is, beyond any shred of doubt, one of the most curious books on religion I’ve ever read. There are some curious combinations of spiritual traditions at work in the life of Amitava Dasgupta, a self-described “non-yogi”, who, with co-writer Lochlainn Seabrook, delivers a brief but thorough discourse on both his life and his beliefs. In less than 200 pages, Dasgupta walks the reader through his life and its unusual twists and turns along the spiritual path. The author, it turns out, is a Christian - but a syncretic Christian. This highlights at once things in common - and not - between Dasgupta and me. . . . Despite Dasgupta’s uncomfortable tendency to create false overlap between faith and reason, natural and supernatural, he is nevertheless far more open-minded than your run-of-the-mill church-goer, for sure. And despite obvious conflicts with religious worldview that became apparent early on in my reading of the book, no friction or reader hostility was generated. In fact, Dasgupta’s story and religious philosophies still offer spiritual stimulation. And there’s lots of interesting data in the book, interpretation of said data notwithstanding. And though more concretist than is my taste, Dasgupta is anything but the bellowing, pushy fundamentalist that plagues the U.S. like a divine curse of locusts. Autobiography of a Non-Yogi offers food for thought, even if writer and reader don’t share paradigms. It’s entertaining, a swift read into which one easily settles. And, ultimately, it’s a unique book among its kind and offers a rare insight into a person whose religious expression doesn’t follow a party line.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) THE HORMESIS EFFECT: THE MIRACULOUS HEALING POWER OF RADIOACTIVE STONES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MUST READ. CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION AND TREATMENT THAT SOMEDAY WILL BE COMMON KNOPWLEDGE TO ALL”: “A fine duo. Dr. Jane G. Goldberg is brilliant and way ahead of her time - for decades. And Mr. Jay Gutierrez is a mystic and a great and gifted medicine man who has left a legacy for all to know, use, and pass on.” - HOWARD GELFMAN, M.D. AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book!” - CECIL THE DIVINE THREE MANUAL: HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF SAFELY AND SIMPLY USING EARTH’S NATURAL RESOURCES AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A man driven and called on by the highest of callings to unearth a miracle. Jay was a true medicine man. He left a legacy that will change the course of allopathic and wholistic medicine forever. Jay and Faye made it sound, and explain it all so a two year old can grasp its background, history, usage and method. An amazing team of healers. Bless them both. A ‘must read.’” - HOWARD GELFMAN, M.D. AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Good starter book.” - CECIL
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