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"A Rebel Born" - The True Life Story of Nathan Bedford Forrest
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Our screenplay "A Rebel Born"
A REBEL BORN - THE FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM! "I believe that Lochlainn Seabrook’s movie A Rebel Born is going to have a greater impact on patriotism than Mel Gibson’s Braveheart did in 1996." MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM Isn't   it   time   the   Libertarian/Conservative   South   represented   its   own   story   in   Hollywood,   instead   of   continuing   to   allow   the   Liberal   Establishment   to   rewrite   our   history   and   slander   the good name of the Southern people? Sea   Raven   Press   is   happy   to   announce   that   our   author,   Southern   historian   and   acclaimed   screenwriter   Lochlainn   Seabrook,   has   signed   on   with   renowned   indie   Southern   filmmaker Christopher Forbes (of Forbes Film) to bring Lochlainn's amazing screenplay A Rebel Born to the big screen. Based   on   Lochlainn's   popular   award-winning   biography,   A   Rebel   Born: A   Defense   of   Nathan   Bedford   Forrest ,   this   promises   to   be   the   most   provocative,   historically   accurate,   and   most talked about American Civil War film of all time: Lincoln's War as seen through the eyes of the South! If   you’re   fed   up   with   Hollywood's   inaccurate,   slanderous,   anti-South   movies,   and   want   to   finally   see   the   Confederacy   portrayed   honestly,   correctly,   and   sympathetically,   please   lend   us your support. We're   looking   for   actors,   reenactors,   extras,   distributors,   etc.   Simply   email   us   your   resume,   contact   info.,   and/or   IMDB   page   so   we   can   get   back   to   you   when   casting   begins.   In particular we're seeking serious investors, who will receive points of the movie and an "Associate Producer" listing in the credits. Contributions are also most welcome. If you’re interested in participating in or supporting this truly important historic project in any way, please contact us. And be sure and visit our “A Rebel Born” Facebook page and "like" us. While you're there check out the many positive comments we're getting - and add yours! Our “A Rebel Born: The Film” Facebook page: A Rebel Born  the movie is now in pre-production, awaiting further funding. Upon release we will be selling DVDs of the movie. Please check back with us.
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Jefferson Davis: An American President was five years in the making and is the first and definitive documentary film on

the entire life of patriot and president, Jefferson Davis.

Across three beautifully shot and edited episodes, the full spectrum of Davis' life comes into full view: from his frontier

youth, to his loyal service to the United States as military officer, congressman, secretary of war, and two-term senator

from the state of Mississippi; to his rise and fall as Confederate President; through his unlawful two year imprisonment

after the Civil War; and finally covering his 25 years as a man struggling to find a country in the face of all that was lost.

Jefferson Davis' life spanned the 19th Century and he was one of the pivotal figures that shaped the United States of

America. His life was heroic and tragic and at all times, epic.

This project not only covers Davis' public life, but also delves deeply into his private and family life. Though his own

words, from letters and speeches, to expert analysis by leading Davis scholars, the film offers keen insight into the mind

behind the man.

Working in concert with the Papers of Jefferson Davis, and other primary sources, the documentary was meticulously

researched and top Davis scholars from across the country were interviewed both on and off camera for the project.

The filmmakers had exclusive access to the extant locations from Davis' life including:

Rosemont Plantation in Woodville, Mississippi

Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi

First Confederate White House in Montgomery, Alabama

Confederate White House in Richmond, Virginia

Fortress Monroe in Hampton Roads, Virginia

The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The production was headed by award winning writer, producer, director and editor, Brian Gary. It was conceived and

funded by Percival Beacroft, Executive Producer and Chairman of Rosemont Pictures Inc.

Jefferson Davis: An American President - 3 DVD set (back cover) Jefferson Davis: An American President - 3 DVD set Jefferson Davis: An American President - 3 DVD set (front cover)
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