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My family has ancestors who fought in both the Revolutionary War and the War for Southern Independence and so we have been lucky enough to have the stories and writings from generations of family to learn from, but millions in the South have lost that connection to their family and their land and so blindly believe the lies public education and the media feed them. Ken Burns’ documentaries are visually pleasing, well produced, and with famous narrators and that’s what makes them dangerous. The only redeeming part of his “Civil War” documentary is introducing millions of people to historian Shelby Foote. But please seek out material that hasn’t been soiled by Northern narratives. I’ll post about individual works I recommend as time goes by, but Sea Raven Press is a fine place to start. As an addendum, I recommend buying books in physical copy. Do not trust Amazon, Google, or Apple to maintain copies of anything you purchase digitially. 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He is an inspiration to me.” - JAY KRUIZENGA (Michigan) "Mr. Lochlainn Seabrook is the premier Confederate defender. He is the most well researched and heavily documented author I’ve ever read. His books are must haves. Everything he writes should be required reading! I assure you, you won't be disappointed. One simply cannot go wrong with his books. Cannot go wrong. Mr. Seabrook is awesome! It’s no wonder he won the UDC’s Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal. I have never read any other author as well researched and footnoted as him. Never. Thank God for Sea Raven Press. Thank God! . . . Mr. Seabrook is second to none. I simply cannot do without him. Cannot. I’ve been in love with Mr. Seabrook for almost 5 years now. His quick wit and logic is enough reason to purchase his books. But the mere fact that he’s so extensively researched is icing on the cake. Mr. Seabrook is my favorite, hands down.” - LANI BURNETTE RINKEL (cofounder of Mid-South Flaggers) “Mr. Seabrook’s work is very well researched and documented.” - BULL TOM FARTHING “Thank you Lochlainn Seabrook for your wonderful books! You are the real deal! You are an amazing author and I love your books!!” - SOPHIA MEOW CELLIST (Facebook) “Col. Lochlainn Seabrook is a fine man.” - INVERITATE “It’s hard to choose just one of Lochlainn’s books!” - ROSANNE STEELE “I love the books of Mr. Seabrook. Gonna order some more real soon to add to my collection.” - GLORIA PEOPLES ELAM FIVE-STAR EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Lochlainn's books are always very informative." - VMICADET76 “Mr. Seabrook’s command of CSA history is breathtaking. The same with his works on mythology and Christology. He deserves great renown - check out his books!” - MARGARET SIMMONS EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “REALITY! TRUTH IN WORDS!”: Lochlainn Seabrook's books are much more well researched and authoritative than those eminently celebrated as being the authorities on the subjects he writes on. You can always trust to find the truth in his writings. He’s not one trying to become celebrated by making assumptions that somehow are thought to be and [later] become facts. He does not rewrite history, but instead shows it as it is.” - GARY STIER “Mr. Seabrook, thank you ever so much for blessing us with your most enlightening works.” - LAURENCE DRURY “I think I own 10 of Lochlainn’s books, and they are by far, hands down, the best written books addressing the real issues faced by Southerners today about the ignorance of the War for Southern Independence. I highly recommend them!” - PAUL SCOFIELD “All of Lochlainn Seabrook’s books are extremely interesting. His exhaustive biography, for example, of Nathan Bedford Forrest entitled A Rebel Born is a masterpiece. There’s so much misinformation out there about Forrest that the real history of the man has been forgotten. My friend Cassidy Ravensdale keeps me updated on all of Mr. Seabrook’s books and Sea Raven Press.” - KEITH CRAVEN GOOGLE REVIEW: “I stumbled upon Sea Raven Press and the books of Lochlainn Seabrook a couple years ago when searching for the alternative health book The Hormesis Effect: the Miraculous Healing Power of Radioactive Stones, published by Sea Raven Press. Intrigued by the numerous “Civil War” titles of Col. Seabrook, and due in part to my interest in Lincoln’s War, I took the plunge and purchased my first book. Col. Seabrook has been called ‘the new Shelby Foote’ by many of his admirers; however, I find his prolific writing style, his exhaustive research, and his ability to shed light on hidden truths leagues above Mr. Foote. Lochlainn Seabrook has quickly become my favorite writer. I have purchased over 10 of his books and will continue until I own his complete works. A searcher for the truth in all things I believe wholeheartedly that God led me to Sea Raven Press and the writings of Col. Seabrook. I have learned so much over the past couple years through his writings. A former Marine my motto has always been: ‘God, Country, Corps’. I took an oath to defend the Constitution of these united States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Seabrook has redefined ‘Country’ in my eyes and given my oath an entire new meaning. I now understand what it means to be a true Conservative and how Jefferson Davis was a Conservative through and through, while the liberal Constitution-hating Lincoln was not a friend of either the Constitution or the Negro. He did not free a single slave. His so-called Emancipation Proclamation was a war-time measure that only sought to free the southern slave(s) – not those in the North. Little did I know that there were Northern Generals, like Grant, who were slave-holders; Grant did not free his slaves until the passing of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution post-war 1865. They were NOT fighting a war to end slavery and racist bigotry was rampant throughout the North. This was nothing but a smoke-screen. The real cause of the war is on-going: the fight between big-government liberals and limited-government conservatives. Thank you, Sea Raven Press and Col. Lochlainn Seabrook, for opening my eyes and thank you God for leading me to the truth. One further note: Cassidy, owner of Sea Raven Press, has been a certain delight. She promptly replies to emails and writes a courteous note with each well-packaged delivery. Southern charm personified. It is so difficult in this fast-food society to find real customer service these days. Sea Raven Press is a blessing.” - JAY KRUIZENGA “I totally agree with the Google review above. I’m working my way through Colonel Seabrook’s works also. Never have I seen a more cogent display of truth in this matter. And yes, Cassidy is a class act. She is a jewel.” - DOUG BOREN “I read your books. Love Lochlainn Seabrook. Awesome!! - ROBIN HENDERSON ARISTIDES “I really enjoy Mr. Seabrook’s books! His knowledge is beyond belief! I learn so much more! It is more than shameful what haters are doing to our country and our precious Confederate monuments! Our blood boils at this act of disrespect!! We remain vigilant here in our small town to protect our monuments! Please convey to Mr. Seabrook that we deeply appreciate him telling the world the truth! As they continue to remove our beloved monuments, the only thing we may have left is his book: Confederate Monuments: Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials. I will be ordering more copies of this book to give to my brother and sister.” - SANDRA FISH “I love all of Colonel Seabrook’s books. They are informative and enlightening, and his warm Southern hospitality writing style makes you feel right at home, especially if you’re from dear old Dixie!” - KEITH CRAVEN (Facebook) “Please give my regards to Mr. Lochlainn Seabrook, one of the finest Southern gentlemen and authors I know.” - PRIVATE EMAIL, NAME WITHHELD (Denmark) EBAY REVIEW: “Historian Lochlainn Seabrook is a sensational author promoting truth in a world filled with lies. Also, Sea Raven Press is a great bookstore!” - MARTINLUTEHR1482 “Read Mr. Lochlainn Seabrook’s books. Education is our best weapon against the idiots who disrespect our Confederate flag. Within those pages are the weapons we need to fight those who put down the Confederacy. Instead of just cursing at them, supply them with facts and dumbfound them. They won’t know what to do or say.” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) GOOGLE REVIEW: “I read a lot of books and materials, and travel to many Civil War sites. But I have been blown away by Lochlainn Seabrook’s small pamphlet books! Incredible information and research for such small books! In all I have purchased four books from Sea Raven Press: The Quotable Stonewall Jackson, The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln, Slavery 101, and Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! I must say that I was in shock by the facts that Lochlainn Seabrook has uncovered about the four above mentioned titles! Being from Pennsylvania we were never taught anything in school that cast the South and the Confederacy in a positive light! Teachers in junior high and high school beat the same drum in our heads: that the North was good and the South was bad! In a nutshell that was the timeworn pattern we were given! Well I say if you want to learn the true facts, buy any of the above books! Mr. Seabrook has done his homework and doesn’t present opinions. He uses their own words and presents the facts as they were spoken over 150 years ago! Thank you Lochlainn Seabrook for unearthing an amazing amount of information that I can’t believe was snuck under the rug! It’s now out in the open for all to learn from.” - STEPHEN SCHRAMM (Pennsylvania) “Lochlainn Seabrook's work is an absolute treasure of scholarship and historic scope.” - MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM (Kentucky) “These are awesome books by Colonel Seabrook. He tells the truth! We were taught in school how great Lincoln was. He was not ‘Honest Abe.’” - FREDA JOHNSON COBB (Facebook) “I love Seabrook’s writings. LOVE!!! At age 55 I began researching the Civil War for a project I was working on. Imagine this Southern girl’s surprise when I learned that Lincoln and the Civil War was not at all what I was taught in history class!!! I’m in the middle of my first Lochlainn Seabrook book. Oh my!!!! Should be required reading in the government schools. So grateful to know the truth! Keep writing Lochlainn!!! - REBECCA DALRYMPLE (Facebook) “I adore Mr. Seabrook’s style and I love his books. I love an author that does proper research, and still finds a way to engage the reader. Mr. Seabrook does an admirable job of both. His love of the South is clearly conveyed.” - DONALD CAUL “Lochlainn Seabrook is a well thought of author. I have had his books recommended to me on several occasions.” - SUSAN RICHARDSON “Glad I discovered Mr. Seabrook! He’s my favorite author on the War! He writes eye opening books! Unbelievable the facts he unearths - and he backs it all up with truth, notes, footnotes, and bibliography! What a great underrated and informative writer. He always amazes me! He must not sleep much when he does his research. His books always see the whole picture. His timelines and bibliographies are incredible. He always provides carefully reasoned arguments! He’s the best. To me I think he’s better than the late great Shelby Foote! America needs more like Lochlainn Seabrook. I can’t wait to own all of his books on the war someday. Everyone who wants the Truth, who seeks the Truth and wants the full story, should read his books.” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “I love all of Colonel Seabrook’s books!” - DEBBIE SIDLE “God bless Lochlainn Seabrook!” - KEITH CRAVEN “Kudos to Lochlainn Seabrook who is a very good and informative professional truthful historian. We need more like him! I have 8 of his books and want to get more. His book Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe is a great one for kids. I got it for my daughter. Seabrook’s books are very thorough, fully cited works. He does not apologize for the Confederacy or the South. Professionally done. Very good and well researched. This is why here in the North we Copperheads are gaining ground, one Lochlainn Seabrook book at a time!” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “It is not easy to defend the Confederacy nowadays, as the anti-South hatred has been stoked to a degree greater than anytime since reconstruction. It's as if a form of madness has spread across the nation like a plague. The mere display of a Confederate flag results in sharp cries of outrage and anguish, with much posing and posturing by those who would defend us from it. Most Americans don't remotely know or understand what happened in America between 1860 and 1877, the time period that includes Lincoln's war and the reconstruction that came afterwards. However, the Northern version of the history of that time period is largely a lie, a self-serving, massive distortion of what actually happened and why. I have discovered a Southern writer who explains what happened and why, one Lochlainn Seabrook of Sea Raven Press. I just finished his book Abraham Lincoln: the Southern View. Next on my reading list is Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! Both of these books are weighty tomes, 654 pages for the former, 1020 pages for the latter. The book on Lincoln inflamed my feelings against the North, Lincoln and Yankeedom. If I suddenly attained supernatural powers, I would restore the Confederate States of America immediately, then resurrect and hang Lincoln, Sherman, Grant and Sheridan for crimes against humanity. Since I can't do that, I can continue to learn, and to propagate the truth, in the hopes that future generations may go looking for it and someday find it. You should do the same. Check out Sea Raven Press at their website.” - GARY WALTRIP AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “The books by Lochlainn Seabrook are so well researched. They tell the truth and the whole truth.” - ANONYMOUS “Lochlainn Seabrook: A stronger defender of the Confederacy and General Nathan Bedford Forrest you will not find.” - TARA ANN FORREST COL. SEABROOK’S MUSIC "I’m listening to your compositions and am impressed with how effectively you wrap emotion with story in music. Excellent use of your gifts. God bless you in your calling.” - LOUISE JONES (Stage 32, New Zealand) OUR MOVIE A REBEL BORN: PRE-RELEASE COMMENTS "I believe that Lochlainn Seabrook’s feature film A Rebel Born is going to have a greater impact on patriotism than Mel Gibson’s Braveheart did in 1996." - MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM (Kentucky) “Well, it’s about time! Thank God!!! We love Mr. Seabrook!!!” - LANI BURNETTE RINKEL “I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for making this movie, though I know lots of people didn’t want it made. I commend you for making the movie and can’t wait to see it.” - ANONYMOUS (Facebook) “The book by Lochlainn Seabrook was excellent! 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The photo on their Webpage really doesn’t do this beautiful piece of jewelry justice. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The bright silver is enhanced by the cool, calm shades of amethyst, teal and topaz blue crystals, bringing to mind the colors of the shallow water in the Florida Keys. This cross would make a great gift for an ocean addict or someone who just loves to be near water.” - TONI (California) OUR BUMPER STICKERS “Great stickers!” - FROM FACEBOOK OUR BOOKS (click a book cover to purchase) CONFEDERATE FLAG FACTS: WHAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DIXIE’S SOUTHERN CROSS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A MUST READ BOOK”: “This extremely well researched title proves that the Confederate Battle Flag is not racist.” - ROBERT SCHWARTZ AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book rocks. So much hasn’t been explained to millennials. 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Once again Lochlainn Seabrook gives us the full and complete truth of events surrounding the war upon the South. This time he focuses on the Confederate Battle Flag, the same flag that ignorant people think is the flag of the Confederacy. This is actually just one of four flags associated with Dixie. It was the Battle Flag, not the National Flag. Backed by copious documentation, he illustrates how this flag is not a symbol of racism or hate, and shows how it is really the exact opposite. The machinations of the liberals and socialists of the 1800s who started the war, are still around today trying to finally kill the principles that the South fought for: liberty, constitutional law, protection of human rights given by God, not a government. By the end of the book you realize that America has two flags, each equally important. Neither should be desecrated or diminished.” - BRIAN BOREN “Great read. Explains a lot!” - DANIEL C. COYLE “I have this book! Need to finish it. 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WHITE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “KNOWLEDGE”: “Interesting.” - HOLLEE HIBBETTS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Kerry Wakefield’s article in the Spectator mentions that ‘so much journalism these days seems to be simply word processing, with reporters more interested in agendas and getting ahead than establishing the truth.’ Sadly this is how history is now written within the Marxist bubble of universities. When history is written only from one side then it is no longer history but propaganda. Good to read the outside’s view.” - IAN MOORE “Great book.” - TERRY LEE HANING (Facebook) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is a great book on the Confederate Flag. Seabrook does an excellent job in preparing and writing Confederate Flag Facts.” - SPRO324 “Got it and reading it. It is excellent. Great documents, well cited and fully explained. A great book to carry with you. When some Liberal whines, pull out the book to find the relevant myth to debunk and watch them dig themselves into a hole. Then hug them and tell them that knowledge is better than propaganda. So far it’s five stars!” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “More ammunition to be utilized in the War of Northern Aggression. My thanks to Col. Seabrook and Sea Raven Press. Just ordered a copy” - WOODY W. WOODWARD “This book is very good and I wish more people would take the time and desire truth! Thank you, your service to us is known!” - ALIDA LOTT (Twitter) EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR IS WRONG, ASK A SOUTHERNER! "Lochlainn Seabrook's Everything You Were Taught About The Civil War Is Wrong is exactly what every patriotic Southerner needs in 2011, the sesquicentennial of the War to Prevent Southern independence. The establishment will pull out all the stops to continuing its demonization of the South. Southern folks can fight back with the information in this fine book. Truth is the most powerful weapon we have. Seabrook's book lays that truth out in a very enjoyable and usable form." - DR. J. MICHAEL HILL (President and founder of the League of the South) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Magnificent work, accurate and precise with enormous documentation." - AMAZON CUSTOMER (verified purchase) "Just received my copy of Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! by Lochlainn Seabrook. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent." - JERRY CAINE (high school history teacher, Santa Rosa, California) GOODREADS REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Born and raised a Yankee, this book was a mind-opener. To be honest, I was ready for another point of view and Lochlainn Seabrook delivered, full-throttle, no holds barred, with conviction. I had previous inklings of a different truth while watching the [Left-wing] PBS series, “The Abolitionists," which made obvious that Abraham Lincoln was not the emancipator he has since been hailed. The historical truth of his reluctance came out when Speilberg's film, Lincoln, was released. So many of the historians and scholars I admire were lamenting and refuting the premise of that film that I had to take a second look at our 16th president. Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! lifts a dark veil obscuring this period of our history and reveals a tragedy that is being perpetuated on our country with relentless energy. We can never be healed without facing the absolute facts of this tragic and criminal event. If you intend to make the so-called 'Civil War' the background for your novel, please don't perpetuate the tissue of lies and call it history. I recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in studying American history." - LEIGH VERRILL-RHYS "I finished Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong in one sitting. Loved it. Real food for thought. Especially the legality of, and the reasons for, Lincoln's war. Thanks. Will look out for more titles and recommend your site to others." - PAUL GORDON (Australia) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Well written and documented. A nice book to learn the true history of the war as it was taught then, before all this political correctness nonsense. Long live the South.” - W. KELLY (verified purchase) FIVE STAR EBAY BOOK REVIEW: “Oh my goodness. I had suspicions about the war between the states but I never imagined we were taught history that was lies. History was spun to suit the agenda of a liberal President. Honest Abe my, well you know the rest. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves and values the real history of this country. Eye opener for sure. Thank you. Now it’s up to us to get the truth out there!!” - JUTZI1998 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "WINNERS OF WARS GET TO WRITE THE HISTORY BOOKS": "As being a southern souled man living in a northern state most my life, I've always knew information was very off about the American battle that took place between conservatives and liberals [in 1861]. It's happening today now again, that is why I moved south to a more free southern state. This book is a must read for anyone, even if you are one sided or bias, reading it anyway can help open up your mind." - RAY MARTINEZ FIVE STAR EBAY BOOK REVIEW: “Excellent material and well organized. I have enjoyed every book bought from Sea Raven Press. Each was well written and very informative. I look forward to making future purchases.” - AANDJ "The best book I've ever read." - BARRY LAGRAND MCKAY (South Carolina) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! SEEK TRUTH AND YOU WILL FIND IT”: “My 13 year old daughter is contemplating joining the service when she is of age. So, for her homeschooling this year, I asked her for a topic of interest in the area of History or Social Studies and she chose the Civil War. We went to work looking for books to read to gain as much knowledge as we could on the subject and stumbled upon this interesting read by Lochlainn Seabrook. We are only in chapter 1, but man are we loving it. There is so much information we were all spoon-fed that is wrong. (Some of us even regurgitated that false narrative when we were public school teachers, eek!). I cant wait until we are finished and we can inform friends and family with real, factual talking points about why that crap taught in schools was wrong. Highly recommend this book! Oh and I should add, usually I hate History, all things History, but I actually look forward to our History block now!" - TOBEY BUSCH AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “Y’ALL NEED TO WAKE UP”: “Finally!! The truth is revealed!! Yankee aristocrats have snowballed this nation for too many years. The only ones that fought for freedom and the Constitution were the Confederate States of America. Lincoln was never for abolition; even Grant said if the War was about abolition he would have joined the Confederate States of America. The War was about the aristocrats wanting big government and taking away your rights, which they have been doing ever since the War. It’s the same move done with 9/11: create a huge lie to distract the people, blame the wrong people, and take away more of your constitutional rights and freedom. Wake up sheeple!!!” - LEA NORRIS “This is the book that started me on my path to the Truth! God bless Sea Raven Press and Lochlainn Seabrook!” - KEITH CRAVEN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT”: “Just finished my hardcover edition of this brilliant book. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know the truth about this subject. Well written, cross- referenced, and with tons of notes! One of my favorite books!!!” - PAUL SEPARK (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “BREAKING DOWN THE YANKEE MYTHS”: “This book is a true credit to preserving the truths of history. It will be an absolute eye-opener for anyone who was taught that the war was only about slavery. For too long the atrocities committed by the North against the South have been covered up by revisionists attempting to protect Lincoln’s legacy. You will learn that Lincoln was not the man you thought he was. You will question why this man is consistently thought to be the greatest president in history.” - T. K. GOOBER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ”: “The best way to lie is to tell the truth, just don’t mention the important parts. In Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! Colonel Seabrook presents these important parts cleverly left out of our school history book and media. For anyone curious about the truth of our history, Colonel Seabrook is a top notch professional researcher who tells the truth about our history and heritage (both sides), explaining what really happened in America’s Victorian era history. It’s not just about Lincoln’s War, but what happened before and after as well. He debunks myths and lies that have plagued our history books and media for far too long.” - AMY VACHON (Maine, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Outstanding book that clears up a lot of falsehoods about the Civil War. I learned alot that I never heard when I was in school and only got the Northern version of the War, which I always had my serious doubts about because it just didn’t seem to make sense to me. A must read for all those willing and wanting to learn the truth about the Civil War.” - KEITH C. PATTON (verified purchase) “Love this book! When I first read it, I was so mad at the liberal and Yankee lies that I started smoking again. I’ve since quit, thank God.” - DOUG BOREN (Facebook) “Great book. Been reading it.” - JAY RUNYAN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “LOVE THIS BOOK!”: “I love this book and as a Southerner, I am sick of hearing how the South had slaves and lost the war that the Yankees started. And I am sick of Yankees braggin’ about it! Don’t mess with Dixie or our flag!” - EMILY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THIS IS A MUST-READ FOR EVERY AMERICAN”: “Truly amazing book, very detailed and accurate. Sea Raven Press took the time to carefully wrap and package the book for shipping - and included a professional and courteous note of thanks! There’s a lot to be said in high regard when customers are treated with such respect and appreciation. Cassidy at SRP is quite well-read herself regarding American history and the company’s large inventory of related history books will enlighten you to astonishing facts. I remain amazed to now realize over the years just how word-smiths of deceit in our government have turned sacred truths into a lie without conscience or shame while the multitudes of great Americans suffered beyond the horrors that the protected will never know.” - LARRY “I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a copy of Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! I knew some of what you address in your book, but I really love how you go into detail about how and why it is proven wrong. I just wish more people would see this book, read it, and let it open their eyes. It has given me a way to defend my heritage, more so when someone calls the battle flag ‘racist.’” - SCOTT WHISNANT (Facebook) FIVE-STAR AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEW: "I bought this book ONLY because I read the 1 star comments first. I read the 1 star comments, the venomous denigrations, the denials, the claims . . . and not one - not even ONE contained a direct refutation of a factual claim contained within the book. Libel, opinion, unsubstantiated accusations . . . basically every single characteristic these reviewers painted the book with, were contained within their own reviews. So I bought the book to see for myself what would cause these reviewers to display such remarkably unaware hypocrisy, and it was to cause me an out-loud chortle when I read the author's claim of exactly what his critics and naysayers would say, and why, in the introduction, before one even gets to the first chapter. I learned a lot from reading this book. I mean A LOT. And the author's 1,284 notes just before the 21 page bibliography made it easy to fact-check his references. As to the claims of 'bias' by so many in the reviews, I must believe that these reviewers are either lying, have incredibly short memories, or are challenged in the area of reading comprehension. The author literally tells you, again in the introduction, that he is indeed biased, explains why, how, and to what extent. And then points out that the history books of the North that contain so many easily refuted falsehoods, ARE ALSO BIASED. What history book isn't? I already know how badly I was lied to in my own history books about everything from WWII to the Vietnam 'Conflict'. Anyone who believes there is ANY history book on the market that is NOT biased is naive at best. I fact checked about 18 major points to the best of my ability using the US Department of War docs, the Congressional Record, and both Grant's and Sherman's personal writings, and with every check this author was proven correct in the facts provided. And I must thank the 1 star reviewers for being both the actual and proximate cause for my purchase and careful reading of the book. It may please them to know, that because of their reviews and my subsequent reading, I am purchasing three more copies to give to my nephews as Christmas gifts." - MG EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Thanks! Nice book!!” - HOULKA5 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "THE GENERALLY ACCEPTED VERSION OF THE ‘CIVIL WAR’ IS A COMPLETE FRAUD": [Publisher’s note: The reviewer took the following info from Col. Seabrook’s book.] "The War of Northern Aggression was certainly not about slavery (Lincoln was a hope-to-die hater of black people) and was all about the Union's illegal and anti-constitutional war against the Southern states that had legally seceded (see the 20th Amendment) and were all about creating a new nation. The North wasn't having any of this because Lincoln was a strong federalist who wanted all power concentrated in Washington. The war was a continuation of the original fight between those who wanted a strong Federal government and those who espoused states' rights that had been going on since the very beginnings of our country. I'm glad to see the record straightened out herein: the South did NOT start the war. The South did not treat Northern prisoners in an inhumane manner, hundreds of thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy, and throughout the war slavery was still legal and being practiced in the North (Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware). The Emancipation Proclamation did not free them! It only freed the slaves in the Confederacy. Lincoln proposed shipping all black people to Africa and that is a rock-solid fact that is totally ignored by Northern sympathizers who write about this era." - ROY BARTON “Though I’m a Yankee, I just love Col. Seabrook’s book Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! This is the first book I’ve purchased from Sea Raven Press, but it certainly won’t be the last.” - JOHNNY B (Twitter) ALIBRIS REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Wonderfully researched and presented. An easy to comprehend counter to the historical bias in this country." - JUDIJ EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “CONFEDERATRE TRUTH!”: I take it this book’s title was directed, not at me, but towards those whom only know the version of the war that makes Lincoln out to be a hero, and the South the villain. However, this book is a must read for all Americans because, one, there is too much yankee propaganda out there, and second of all, this book gives one a source of much fuel for the fire to burn the enemies of the Confederacy. Great book!” - PRAECAMASC AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “INFORMATIVE”: “Seabrook's book is well written, informative and interesting to read. Especially if you have never studied Civil War history or if you have heard only the biased Northern description of what took place, it gives an accurate account of what really happened during this most Uncivil War. While the South has been falsely accused of many horrendous crimes before, during and after the war, it practiced civilized warfare, only targeting Union solders and not civilians, while Lincoln and his Northern generals practiced total warfare, violating the Geneva Accord, looting, raping and killing Southern civilians and cattle, destroying crops and burning whole Southern cities. The South did none of this to the Northern towns they captured. Also the North's Reconstruction efforts were a nightmare for the South. The South simply wanted to be left alone and mind its own business. Who doesn't? Lincoln wanted his Southern tariffs (taxes) to fund his pork barrel spending projects and because of this to preserve the Union. Like much of the rest of the North he had no love or respect for blacks. Only 5% of Southerners even owned slaves and many smaller farmers worked in the field beside their slaves. The slave trade was a money making Northern venture and even after the end of the war many Northerners owned slaves. Lincoln never desired to end slavery, but keep the blacks in the South or ship them of to another country, such as Liberia. Instead he trampled all over the Constitution with muddy boots. For good reason the South is referred to as the Bible Belt, while Illinois (The Land of Lincoln) has given us Obama. Read the book to find out the whole story.” SEAOTTER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Do yourself a favor and buy this book! Awesome book! The story of Lincoln's War from the South's point of view. Remember that the victor writes the history but I finally found a book that tells the true history. This book is more important now than ever with all the false information being pushed by Liberals. I have a favorite new author and his name is Lochlainn Seabrook." - J. EWING EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Wow is all I can say, excellent book and service! A+++++++” - REYEGERARD (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT BOOK”: “The true facts. No B.S.” - DON MOORE EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”: “It’s about time someone took the time and spent the effort to research this subject and share the truthful details instead of espousing the same old tired propaganda. Great book and I highly recommend it, especially for those who tend to be liberal mindless followers.” - DEEPWATERBILL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Best book I ever bought.” - JENNIFER VARNER (Tennessee) FIVE-STAR EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Awesome book. Awesome seller. Will buy other products in the future." - HOWARDLOV-42 EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “REVISITING HISTORY”: “The author Lochlainn Seabrook uncovers the truth behind some misconceptions about the civil war. Very enlightening.” - RAPPL99 EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TREMENDOUS BOOK FOR OPEN MINDED TRUTH SEEKERS, BUT NOT GOOD FOR CLOSED MINDED KNOW-IT-ALLS, OR RACE BAITERS!”: “Bought the book and read it. Very easy to read. Don’t have to read it in order, pick which ever chapter you want to read next and it stands on its own. I highly recommend this book for truth seekers! I have read a lot on this subject, I thought I knew a lot on this subject and was surprised how much I didn’t know! Very well done, one of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject. Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! covers what we were not taught in school and what you will never hear in the media. ‘Sometimes things are true whether you want to believe them or not.’ I don’t know who said that but he was right. All the statements in Mr. Seabrook’s book are documented and I’m often looking to see who his sources are - and all are credible!” - HOTRODCUSTOMGUITARS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “WAKE UP TO THEIR SUBVERSIVE TAKEOVER AND REVISIONISM OF ALL EUROPEAN HISTORY”: "Very very good book that shows the bias, and total revisionism of today’s society . . . so sad. Highly recommend for any history buff. And especially any sons or daughters of the south. We must fight for the truth!!! It is all there for us to research . . . they smear these men [Confederate soldiers] for identity politics and political agendas . . . it is up to us to spread awareness to the truth, and the subversive agenda and takeover of western academia that is attacking not just the American civil war, but all of European history . . . it is time to wake up. 10/10 for this great read." - HISTORY BUFF AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TAXES, TAXES, TAXES!”: “Even today, the states are still legally allowed to secede from the Union!!!!! However, like Lincoln, politicians today won’t allow it because they won’t get their tax money from those states. There were plenty of other reasons for Lincoln’s Civil War. Buy this book. Read it. Then you decide what really happened!” - DR. JOE COOL (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HARD TRUTHS”: "After reading and absorbing the information put forth in Seabrook's accounting of the war between the states I've come to the conclusion that America has been lied to by its politicians and media for a very long time. We're still living with the lies told about the South's secession from the Union and the reason Lincoln launched an illegal abominable war, which had nothing to do with slavery. The lies perpetuated by higher academicians have resulted in unbridled mayhem regarding race, so-called ‘white supremacy,’ and the tearing down of century old monuments honoring CSA war dead, generals, and the president of the Confederacy. The ignorant hate-filled thugs who destroy silent stoic memorials are a far greater threat to society than any ‘supremacist’ could ever hope to be. It is because of the current climate in America that I sought out books to fill in the many many gaps missing in the narrative of our war to ‘save the union.’ Seabrook’s book shed much needed light on the matter for me. RIP Silent Sam." - FLOORTOM14 (verified purchase) “Good book with lots of factual information, as opposed to the mythology they teach in the government schools.” - THOMAS BALLARD (Gab) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “TRUTHFUL HISTORY, NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT”: “One of the best truth books you will ever read.” - FRED WHITTEMORE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. Tells what the Politically Correct do not want you to know.” - GEORGE W. NEWPORT (verified purchase) “One of the best books I’ve ever read.” - MATT SHIRLEY EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "So much knowledge in such a small book! I know that the victors write the history. Based on referenced facts with notes, with this book we can learn what was wrong and doubt what we learned in school. Good or bad we must know the truth because the truth will set us free! I recommend this book by Seabrook." - SIEG93654 EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "READ THIS BOOK!": “Finally someone writes a true history of the Civil War. If anyone would take the time and do proper research they would find that they are severely misled by current liberal historians. Manuscripts, letters, photographs, diaries, military documents, all prove them wrong on most every issue, and this has filtered into our education system. Research Lincoln and see what he really said about the slavery issue. See how Sherman brought warfare to civilian populations. No one should ever defend slavery, but do your own research! You will be greatly surprised. This book is well researched and a good start." - RIPET23 EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Tremendous vendor, arrived early, great unstated information that was never known.” - JOSEPHACARR AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Must read for history buffs. A book of meaningful details lost from many and eye opening to many others.” - MARCI AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Love it. Great book. At least some truth is still not being censored and is still available.” - LARRY POLLATTA EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Truth about the South. Great book!” - JLIVSTON AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A WELL WRITTEN BOOK”: “This is well written - I loved it - I may yet order copies for my damn Yankee friends. Their knowledge of the War for Southern Indepedence is pitifully lacking.” - JOHN K. SORRELLS (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MUST-READ BOOK”: “Every Southerner needs to read this book to know the real history of Lincoln’s unnecessary war. Makes me proud of my Southern heritage. I never thought Lincoln was a very good president, and now I know he wasn’t.” - PATRICIA “A real page turner, eye opener, and best of all, a fact-based book. Excellent reading material for people who love history, or just want to know a bit more about the Civil War and it’s beginnings. Thank you for publishing this book. God bless.” - DAVID STEVENS (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “ This book is great. Looking forward to getting a brand new copy instead of a used one from my brother.” - DALTON COLEMAN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “We Southerners have always known the truth, and this book by Col. Lochlainn Seabrook further validates our beliefs. This is one heck of a book of facts! I learned a great deal about the real South back in these times. I had always been told by my grandmother how horrible the Northerners were as they invaded our country. And it is still happening today. The Yankees that move down South have an attitude that they are better than Southerners. If President Woodrow Wilson [a liberal] could stand up for us, why can’t the truth about the real war come out?” - AMAZON CUSTOMER (verified purchase) “I highly recommend this book. Be sure to have a highlighter marker handy when reading it. Every unreconstructed Southerner needs a copy.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book, fast shipping. Great eBayer!! Thanks!!” - GIROCK503 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Absolutely hit the spot! Glad someone who knows something about the American Civil War wrote a book exposing all the errors that are floating around.” - ZEDDIE R. DYESSON (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HUBBY LOVES IT”: “Hubby must love it because he keeps quoting from it and reading it aloud to me. A book filled with very interesting but not often taught facts.” - TRHOC (verified purchase) “A great book.” - CHARLOTTE JOHNSTON NIEDERMAYER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “MUST READ”: "I reccomend this charming historical tome to every American citizen. This volume, written by award-winning unreconstructed historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, an eloquent [neo] Victorian gentleman descended from the noble families of Constitutional law scholar Alexander Hamilton Stephens and legendary ranger Colonel John S. Mosby - teaches the truths of history about the War of Federal Aggression commonly known among the ignorant masses to be the American Civil War, and the institutions of servitude, I'm glad are abolished once formerly practiced in the United States. I thoroughly recommend this book because its truth promotes true inclusion and peace by dispelling the lies taught in revisionist mainstream academia, which presently create strife amongst the branches of humanity. Never forget the same culture which gave rise to North America's greatest General Robert E. Lee centuries prior, sired the Republic's Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson!" - COUNT TIGREVURMUD VORN “Excellent book! I keep it on my end table next to my TV chair!” - MARK ROGERS (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Helpful in overcoming the lies of our shameful government schools.” - SAILOR TOM (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: ”This Civil War book is a must-read. I loved this book because it gives well researched information about what really happened during the War. I feel everyone on this planet should read this book for the truth it provides.” - DOUGLAS P. FLYNN “Great book, one of the first Seabrook works I read; very informative and well explained, highly recommended.” - ALAN GREER (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "NOT FOR THE CULTURAL MARXIST-INDOCTRINATED DELICATE DOILY": "Wonderful book full of little-known non-PC history the Leftist revisionists don't want out. Many go to their Marxist indoctrination camps and get spoon-fed the Marxist pablum of "North good, South bad; Union good. Confederate bad". Of course, if you have a thinking brain and are fed-up with the mind- numbing, mainstream, Cultural Marxist, revisionist history then get this little book for your non-PC library. But, be warned...you may get 'triggered'. That is, Colonel Seabrook calls out the lie that famous radio and TV personalities helped propagate that Nathan Bedford Forrest literally skinned black folks at Fort Pillow....never happened and a disgusting revisionist lie. That he was the first Grand Wizard of the KKK...another lie. Folks, there's lots of lies and smearing of our great historical heroes going on these days. My advice is not to be so quick to believe and condemn, but research and be objective. The good with the bad as long as it's the truth. After all...we're all sinners. Who are these post-modern nabobs to be pointing fingers at anyone? From Columbus to Nathan Bedford Forrest, Marxist revisionists do their part to help destroy American culture by lying and playing on emotion. Get this little book as a small step to counter these nefarious mendacities." - CODOZALATOR AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is real history. Everyone should be required to read it.” - M42 (verified purchase) “I enjoy anything from Sea Raven Press. I’m currently reading Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong. Very enlightening. Talk about making Liberals’ heads explode.” - ROX292 (Instagram) EBAY REVIEW - “A must read for everyone. Eye opening facts that have never been taught and or have been deleted from American history in schools and public discusssion.” - DAVIDK1031 (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY”: “Great perspective to read abou the Civil War from a Southerner’s perspective. Lots of history that is left out of the books.” - READER WRITER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong contains the unvarnished truth about Northern injustices against the South! The words of our Savior Jesus Christ: ‘And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’” - GERRY CASTINO EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - LARGE PRINT EDITION: “I am enjoying this book, thank you. Nice big print. Very happy.” - ELEMENTXGHOST (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “WELL WORTH THE PRICE”: “This book is an eye opener to me. It’s a shame I never learned this information in school.” - WILDHELLIONON (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Finally the truth. Great book.” - MATT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THOUGHTFUL”: “I like the idea of having lots of information on a subject and then making my own decision(s) concerning whether what I have seen/heard/read is true or false. Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong has filled in that part of the necessary information.” - ROBERTA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!”: “I am sad that it took until now for me to learn the true history of the ‘civil war.’ I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone. We need to educate ourselves on facts, not simply believe what people tell us. For in reading Mr. Seabrook’s book I have found out that what I was taught was not true. It was revisionsit history, used to make us all believe lies. The truth will set us free. Read Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! - research his sources. Your eyes will be opened. Don’t think that bits of [opinionated] information here and there are truths. Search out the truth for yourself.” - RENNE C. (verified purchase) “I have some of your books. Thanks for all you do!” - JUDITH BARKER LANDRY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE": "It's amazing to find out everything you were taught about the 'civil war' is not true. Get the real history from the people who Lincoln tried to destroy with everything he could, ignoring human dignity and just wanted to slaughter as many peoople as he could, and burn the south to the ground. Lincoln was one of the worst racists on earth and admitted the war was not about slavery, it was to keep the tariffs the south was earning from cotton and such." - C. WINKLER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "IF YOU CAN'T ACCEPT THE TRUTH, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK": "Another great explanation, detailed facts that will destroy all you know about this country's true history. Many will just blow it off as another spoof of just wanting to sell a book. But I have researched personal documents, places, witnesses, written documenatations of the truth. This book is factual and should be learned by everybody, but as I have found for over 55 years, no one wants to know the truth; they accept liesl falsehoods, feed to them that fit an agenda of society's narrative, to conform to the fake realites of their desires." - ROTORTOP 69 (Verfified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Informative read. Great book. Really enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it to anybody. Well maybe not a die-hard Yankee, haha!” - TOOAND (UK) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A Yankee here . . . what a great book! Growing up in the North, being a Yankee like me, you were most certainly taught in school the wrong side of history. This book is packed with information and every chapter is on a different subject.” - CHELSEA CALLAHAN (verified purchase) ALIBRIS REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Wonderfully researched and presented. An easy to comprehend counter to the historical bias in this country.” - JUDIJ EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Confederate forever. My grandmother’s father was a Confederate. All the story’s she would tell me about northern aggression were spot on fact. I can’t wait to finish this masterpiece. Thanks for the truth. Everything about this book is perfect.” - DACARTW_75 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “AM I EVER GLAD I READ THIS!” “I recently read this book and actually had no idea what I would find within its pages, but, boy, am I ever glad I did!!! I have always been told the victor writes the history and that is the case with Lincoln's unconstitutional war he waged against the South. If you are looking for truth about this war that continues to impact our country, then this is the book for you. Buy it, read it and then share the real truth with others so they, too, can understand how DC (District of Corruption) really operates.” - REBECCA DALRYMPLE (verified purchase) GOODREADS REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Born and raised a Yankee, this book was a mind-opener. To be honest, I was ready for another point of view and Lochlainn Seabrook delivered, full-throttle, no holds barred, with conviction. I had previous inklings of a different truth while watching the PBS series, "The Abolitionists," which made obvious that Abraham Lincoln was not the emancipator he has since been hailed. The historical truth of his reluctance came out when Speilberg's film, Lincoln, was released. So many of the historians and scholars I admire were lamenting and refuting the premise of that film that I had to take a second look at our 16th president. Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! lifts a dark veil obscuring this period of our history and reveals a tragedy that is being perpetuated on our country with relentless energy. We can never be healed without facing the absolute facts of this tragic and criminal event. If you intend to make the so-called 'Civil War' the background for your novel, please don't perpetuate the tissue of lies and call it history. I recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in studying American history.” - LEIGH VERRILL-RHYS (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. Good to learn what liberals hide from the American public.” - GREGORY JAMES “Read this book - because you can’t trust Yankee history books to tell the truth!” - TOM KOPCZAK “This is a great book! I got my 14 year old to read it, and my older son, their mom, and step-dad are supposed to read it next!” - JEFF C. ESPEY (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Very enlightening. Read what was said, not someone else's interpretation." - KRAZYKAJUN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. Liked that the author gave the other side of the sotry and explained all aspects of the war. Should be required reading in history classes.” - DJ AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “MOST INFORMATIVE TRUTHFUL BOOK ON THE CIVIL WAR OUT THERE”: This book is really nice and very easy to read. Well researched. This could be the best book on the Civil War that I’ve ever seen.” - “AMAZON CUSTOMER” AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A very thought provoking book that anyone who claims to have an open mind should read. Superbly written and superbly documented. This book may very well make you furious if you are dead set in your views about the reasons why the American Civil War was fought. Modern day liberals would be infuriated by this read, as it is polar opposite to their worldview. It is certainly a challenging book to read if you already have built in biases about this pivotal point in American history. However a challenging book is a great read and this is why I highly recommend it. The author, award- winning Southern historian Col. Lochlainn Seabrook, can certainly back up what he says with valid and factual historical records.” DON C. KEAN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Hubby loved it.” - KENYA CONRAD (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Good book with many sources to fact check it.” - JAMES JOHNSON (verified purchase) “Absolutely wonderful book.” - BECK ROBERTS EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A great read. Educational, and it holds your attention.” - LEICALOVER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MUST READ!!”: Great book! Very thorough. There’s always 2 sides to every story, and I would encourage everyone to hear 1st hand accounts and other important information [in this book] as these are not told in history.” - M THOMAS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “WELL WRITTEN, EXCELLENT BOOK”: Had my attention all the way through. Shows interesting angles of the war that the north wouldn’t dare put in history books.” - BLNIEL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great reading. Well written.” - REBECCA L. ALBRECHT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT BOOK, WILL TEACH YOU SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T KNOW”: Finally, a book with a different perspective and truth. The truth will set you free . . . reading this will make you a wiser person to the ways of government. Dig for the truth, stop accepting textbook-created propaganda! Go to the original documents and actual people accounts of history. Textbooks are derived from a specific agenda or a propoganda-driven perspective. You have to read the original accounts/documents to form your own opinion of what happened. Remember the old pirate saying ‘dead men tell no tales.’ Or ‘history is written by the winner.’” - P96 (verified purchase) “A great historical piece for my collection, thanks.” - GMITCHELL-9, EBAY REVIEW (verified purchase) EBAY BOOK REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "REVISITING HISTORY": "The author Lochlainn Seabrook uncovers the truth behind some misconceptions about the Civil War. Very enlightening." - RAPP199 AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book. Allows you to see the American Civil War from the point of view of the South, who incidentally still call it ‘Lincoln’s War.’ A war that was an act of aggression for economic reasons, in which until 1863 the racial question was not even talked about. A war that ended with genocide, cost the lives of a million civilians in the South. Very interesting counterbalance to the pablum served by the Liberal media, schools, and institutions. I highly recommend this book!” - OVIDIO GENTILONI (Italy, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Should be used in American history class! Excellent, it gives you a whole new perspective on the Civil War!” - VICKEY E. (verified purchase) “I have this book and I highly recommend it!” - THOMAS BALLARD (Gab) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Just right! It’s time the truth is told. This author really researched before he wrote. No quesswork. So many lies told by people who didn’t want to know the real truth. I was born and raised in the South and I never knew there were differences in people. Neither do my sons. We are all God’s children. The war was fought because there were people who wanted to be kings. There still are people who come to the South for the winter because they can’t afford to buy heat in the north. They think we are barefoot and hungry! We just take their money and laugh.” - YAKKICOYOTE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "THIS IS WHAT I WAS TAUGHT IN THE 1960S, UNTIL THE SOCIALIST LIBERALS CAME ALONG” - "You have to remember there is always a group of people who are idiots and you really can fix stupid. These people are socialists who own the media and have lied to us about almost every historical event in this countries history. . . Watch them cry when they read this book exposing their news media lies. Google the Corwin Amendment, the [original] 13th Amendment that allows in effect the states to keep slaves, it was approved and waiting for Southern states to ratify before the war. The South did not care about keeping slaves as much as they wanted the 40% tariff dropped. You would have to be socialist liberal to think a dirt farmer would go to war over a rich mans slave. It was not a Civil War, it was the second War for Independence. Look up the definition Civil War. The Civil War was Lincoln’s term, not the South’s. It was war with another country seeking independence from the money-grabbing [U.S.] congress. Profile all the names in the socialist media, the owners of the media, and those four corrupt today [ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.] they all have one thing in common. In my youth I had a few dozen black friends from Mississippi. We would go to the river and had the Confederate battle flag flying from the car antenna, a sign of Southern pride. One of my friends’ father was the grandson of a slave; he had a Confederate flag on the wall of his home. Southern pride. Ok now let's see what the socialist liberals have to say. Let's watch them squeal and laugh at them." - M. P. WILLS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “STATES RIGHTS”: “If you are full of white guilt and clueless buy this book soon.” - BLINDMAN (verified purchase) “The winner is not always right. I always welcome a different point of view to that which is spoon-fed to the masses.” - IAN MOORE “This is the first book I purchased written by Mr. Seabrook. A very good book to get you hooked on the Southern point of view. I would highly recommend it.” - FRED SALTER “Just finished this. Great book to read. There’s lots of interesting things you won’t find in a history book or taught in school.” - ADAM JONES EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book, super fast shipping, awesome eBayer!!! A++++++++.” - 1DALEFAN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GOOD PURCHASE”: “Great insights into the real causes of the Civil War.” - G. R. FARLEY (verified purchase) “If history were still taught in schools this book should be used as a textbook.” - PERCIVAL BEACROFT EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “ A must read for everyone. Eye opening facts that have never been taught and/or deleted from American history in schools and public discussion. 100% recommended, 100% good value, 100% compelling content.” - DAVID K. (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!”: “This should be one of the required books to read while in school. This book presents documented, unreconstructed facts and sheds so much light and truth on many commonly believed falsehoods. It is well written and a fantastic read.” - TIFFANY FLETCHERON (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT READ - THE TRUTH IS IN THIS BOOK”: “Finally a good book that tells the truth about the Civil War. For many years only the on sided northern version of the Civil War was taught in schools, total propaganda lies from the north. Dishonest Abe Lincoln is exposed for what he really was in this book. There was much more to the story that is left out completely by northern propagandists. This book is an honest good read.” - NICOLE HICKS (verified purchase) “I have this book and I love it!” - MARY ELLEN HUNT (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Must read. So true!” - AMAZON CUSTOMER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: ”How wrong my history lessons were. Very interesting and well-sourced. Excellent book.” - CONNIE H. CLEVELAND “I’ve had a copy of this book for several years now. I recommend it to others often and use it on a regular basis as a reference and for rebuttal material.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “YANKEES ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS”: “Everything you should have learned about the Civil War and the Southern heroes who defended the South instead of the lies you were taught. The Northerners that wrote the history books were a bunch of liars. The South will rise again!!!” - ANONYMOUS (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book should be read by everyone!! It tells it the way it was. There is so much information our there that just isn’t true, but too many people who won’t acknowledge they may be mistaken.” - JANET VOLCHANSKY (verified purchase) “This was the first book I bought from Sea Raven Press. It’s a real eye opener and I’m so thankful to Col. Lochlainn Seabrook for this book and all the fine books he’s written. I now have these real history books to pass down to my son, my daughter, and my grandchildren as well, as the memoirs of my great great grandfather who fought in the war. You just can’t put a price on having these books to preserve Dixie’s true history and heritage. Y’all are saints in my book for doing the fine work that you do. Thank you and God bless you all.” - KEITH CRAVEN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “All I can say is WOW!!! Well documented! I recall some of the things in this book were taught when I went to school, but have been lost or distorted in order to promote the myth that the war was fought over slavery - which it certainly was not. Slavery wasn’t even an issue until 2 years into the war to justify the conflict and to keep England and France from siding with the South. If every American would read this they would realize history has been rewritten to actually destroy America.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK”: “Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong! Read this book and find out the facts! I thought I knew so much about the War Between the States. You will be amazed at what you weren’t taught!” - JACQUELINE KARLSEN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Finally the TRUTH!!!!!” - RICK ADAMSON (verified purchase) “Hardly a week goes by that I don’t use the documented information in my copy to refute damn Yankee propaganda.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Fact! Not fiction. A must read if you're seeking the truth! A brilliant read. Highly recommended. . . . The more you research about the Civil War the more you start to realize we've been force fed a false narrative." - KYLE WILLIAMS AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Excellent research and to the point. This book should be required reading in schools. . . . There is no other book like it . . . I strongly recommend it.” - FRANCES STEWART (verified purchase) EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "I would definitely purchase from this seller again. Excellent packaging, communication, and pr,ices and it arrived early. Great experience." (no name provided, verfied buyer, Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong) “I own this book. It is a very good read and anyone interested in history should read this.” - MARK A. FREDRICK (Illinois) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HISTORY RARELY TOLD IN SCHOOL”: “The ‘winners’ write the school text books. I dig deeper on most topics. This was an easy read and full of history not often told. The South got a bad rap, that’s for sure. I grew up a ‘Yankee’ and used to believe what I was told when young. Man, a guy has to dig to get a perspective on most topics. Glad I read this book.” - MRMIKE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “There are three sides to every story, side A, side B, and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Definitely a thought provoking book. It was interesting to hear a different version of events on a topic that I learned very little about in school from traditional teachings. It certainly explains why some folks still fly the rebel flag as ‘heritage not hate,’ and the notion that perhaps honest Abe wasn’t so honest.” - J. WHITTAKER “A must-read! Very good info. As a member of the SCV I recommend everyone read it. You will learn the truth on many things you were taught!” - ROCK PFINGSTEN (Facebook) “Amazing book.” - CHRISTOPHER MILLER FIVE STAR EBAY PRODUCT REVIEW: "Thank you so much. The book is very in lightning. It's stuff you have heard about but id different than what is taught in school. looking forward to getting the other book. Will buy from you again." - RACHELK1470 “Been recommending this book for years.” - ROBERT FLETCHER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “From the beginning to the last page of this book, it explains and demonstrates that Lincoln created the hateful behaviors of the Yankee North towards the South. Plus it explains with facts that the North is the reason for slavery and the delays of the emancipation and racist behaviors that Lincoln was and is the biggest racist that America has ever experienced. Plus all the cover ups that were created to blame the South. The War was not about slavery but to conserve the Union. The South was exploited by the tariff and high taxes, which is why the Southern States seceded from the Union. If you want to get real facts about this War I recommend you read this book and come to your own conclusions and feelings.” - ADOLFO (verified purchase) “Just finished rereading this book.” - BILL WEST “I am currently right in the middle of this book! I love it! What a different view it presents!” - MIKE JONES (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “CORRECTING THE ERRORS OF YANKEE HISTORY”: "We are blessed that we live in this time period, where we are finally learning the truth about many things that have occurred, especially in what we have been taught in our sanitized understanding of history. This book virtually rewrites everything we thought we knew about the Civil War, especially from what we have been taught from the northern perspective. And most importantly, it does it with an extensive footnoting (which really need to be read concurrently with the main text) and bibliography. Lochlainn Seabrook writes from a very knowledgeable perspective, and backs his assertions with facts, directly from known historical documentation. The book is written in a ‘here’s what you were taught, and now here’s the truthful answer’ format. It works well, and while different questions may end up using the same source material, many include additional sources of information. The bottom line is that each ‘what we thought we knew’ is thoroughly answered as if different people were doing the asking. This book is a mandatory read, and not just because it focuses on the Civil War, but the astute reader will see the many parallels that have come up in American history from the time of this country’s inception, and that continue through the events happening today. The book covers: the causes of the Civil War, the ongoing battle between a State’s Rights and the Federal government, the abolition movement, slavery and servitude, the states’ right of secession, what history really says about Abraham Lincoln, the Confederate Flag, the Reconstruction fiasco, blockades, war crimes, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, the early Ku Klux Klan, and much more. I highly recommend Everything You Were Taught About The Civil War Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! This is one book that should be read by every student and truth seeker of history." - DBH (verified purchase) “This is a wonderful book and we would recommend it to all.” - ROBERT WILLIAM ALEXANDER (Facebook) “Great book!” - DAVID MCMAHON AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “The title says it all. For anyone who cares to research the subject you will find many truths that have been under-exposed to the common man. The Civil was fought over States Rights which is not what we were taught in school. ‘In war the victor writes the story’ certainly applies here.” - GRANDMA JOANNE (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Everyone should read this book!!!” - GREG BLALOCK (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Very informative. Learned a lot that should be required in school.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent” - NATIVE TEXAN (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE TRUTH”: “Best book on the truth of the War for Southern Indpendence that I’ve ever read.” - “AMAZON CUSTOMER” “Highest recommendation in every regard! Thank you!!!” - FIVE STAR EBAY REVIEW (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Everyone should read this book!!!” - GREG BLALOCK (verified purchase) “A great book!!! The Truth shall set you free!!!!!” - MAX WILSON “I just finished reading this book, and it is full of information to ruin any Yankee’s day!!!” - RANDY ARNOLD (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. Hope Amazon keeps selling confederate and confederacy stuff. we need a place where we can buy those things, because we should be able to celebrate our Southern pride.” - MICHAEL COLVIN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Finally, an honest account of what really happened in the South. I suspected that Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, et al. were a lowly, soulless and murderous lot. These people slaughtered and burned everything in their way, in the South, including the innocent slaves. I was born in the North, very near the cradle of corruption and sleazy attorneys, such as Lincoln and Obama. Yes, I was born near Chicago, Illinois and am a Caucasian, who voted for Obama and his lies the first time. Our country would be so much better today, if not for the likes of these two presidents. Obama and Hitler admired Lincoln; there's your sign. While Lincoln appears to have done two wonderful things; freed the slaves and attempted to end Central Banking, he could have cared less about slaves, never defended a slave, but did have no issue defending slave owners and only wanted to end central banking, because they wanted to gouge the north with too much interest to help fight his stupid war (about 30% interest) and he never forgot; probably why he was assassinated, when attempting to end the central bank with his greenbacks. Our country is still paying for Lincoln's ambitions and ingnorance. In the end, his dictatorial agenda got him murdered. While it was the right thing to attempt the decentralization of the banking corrupt, Lincoln did not do it for us. Nothing he did can ever hide his lust for Nazi style power. Even if you are ignorant, this book will make you question the propaganda you have been fed for a century plus. It's time for folks to wake up. This review is not popular. It never is when one hits a sore spot that is true. I wish Lincoln had been a great man, I was upset when I found out the truth. That's OK, most people also get excited when they hear the murderous name of Al Capone. It was and is all good, until you crossed Lincoln or Capone or realize the truth.” - NOBS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “It’s good to get the straight story for once.” - CARRIE (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “IMPORTANT TO HISTORY”: “The truth is important!” - J. WILLIAM H. HUDGINS (verified purchase) “Every newsperson and elected official should have a copy of Lochlainn Seabrook’s Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!” - JAMES GREENE “This is a great book. Thanks Sea Raven Press for publishing a read that dispels the myths taught in conventional history class.” - JAY WHY (Twitter) “I own the paperback version and have loaned it out five times to friends of mine. They’ve all said it opened their eyes about the War of Northern aggression. Oh, I forgot to mention that two of them are black. They said it gave them a new understanding of the Confederate States of America and how today’s government is spinning historical fact.” - PAUL SCOFIELD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE NORTH ISN’T ALL THERE IS”: “This book does exactly what it promises on the cover. Exceptionally well-documented and thought-provoking. This is one of the books that redresses the adage 'history belongs to the victors'. I have recently questioned the accepted position regarding the American Civil War - having been in the South and had opportunity to meet and know many Southerners of all races and religions. I especially doubt the pure ‘there is only one right side of the conflict’ attitude espoused by some in my acquaintance. In war, there is never one right side. I am a Maine Yankee. A member of my family fought with Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg. It's time we accepted the truth of our history. Northerners were slave owners - among them Ulysses S. Grant - and Southerners were abolitionists - among them Robert E. Lee. As despicable as slavery was and is, there is no civilization or ethnic group that has not employed this method of domination and was considered preferable to the slaughter of entire societies. It exists today, perpetrated by human traffickers and pimps - many belonging to the very ethnic groups who have been exploited in the past. Greeks, Romans, Celts, Africans, Arabs, Jews, Angles and Saxons, Asians, etc. have all enslaved and been enslaved. The sooner we own our past, the sooner we can be freed by the truth of it.” - LEIGH VERRILL-RHYSON (Maine, verified purchase) “I’ve promoted the heck out of this book and bought for many people with a smile on my face.” - JONATHAN CAMPBELL “Got it, read it, love it!” - AMY VACHON (New York) “Great book.” Jonathan Campbell (Facebook) “Sea Raven Press is awesome! I have one of their books, Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! It debunks the myths, misconceptions and lies that were taught to the public and in public schools after about 1905 or 1910, the time that a certain political party [the Democrats] began to actively conceal important facts about the War of Northern Agression. This book is spot on!” - CHERYL GARRARD BEAVERS “Great experience with a highly recommended seller. Thank you.” - FIVE STAR EBAY REVIEW (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT BOOK”: “Very interesting and informative. A must read.” - LIN67 (verified purchase) “This is my go-to book!” - DAWN GOSNELL DIEHL “Great book.”- JAMES SMITH (Facebook) “I can personally vouch for the excellence of this book!” - CASPAR VEGA (author) “Excellent book. Well written and informative. No library, both personal and public, should be without it.” - AETHLING MACCELTICA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “HELL YES, WE’RE STILL FIGHTING!”: “Hang onto your Confederate money boys, the South will rise again! It has been said that the winners of a war get to write the story. This has been true of the conflict between the Southern and Northern states, though nearly everything on the Internet these days is questionable. Don’t believe this book? Why do you believe the Yankee ones? Mr. Seabrook’s writing is carefully documented, yet incredible in some parts. As a fifth generation Southerner I appreciate his research, and hope more people will avail themselves of this book. Our country would have doubtless been very different had the South had a ‘Marshall plan’ instead of the destruction which was brought upon our region for too many years after the conflict. If readers will read this book with an open mind, they should get a more realistic understanding of Southerners. It will give people in other parts of the United States a more realistic understanding of why Southerners are “still fighting the war.” - MARGIE READ, of Magnolia Mansions (verified purchase) “I read this book last month and could not put it down! I am a Civil War historian, raised in the North, but was smart enough to go to the right place to get the facts: Sea Raven Press. God bless the South!” - MATTHEW MCGILL “I have read this book, and it is fantastic. I would love to get this into the schools.” - HAMILTON MCELROY “Book came yesterday. I’ve already read half of it. I can’t put it down.” - JAY BURKEY “Good book!” - GILCHRIST MCKAY (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “PROVES THE POINT, HISTORY IS MADE BY HISTORIANS”: “I thought it was stunning to learn from Col. Seabrook’s book that shortly before Lincoln’s assassination, he directed Union General Benjamin Butler to report to him to discuss the practicalities of repatriating [deporting] freed blacks back to Africa, or sending them to the West Indies. Ironically, it may haven been John Wilkes Booth to whom American blacks owe their liberty! For had Lincoln governed until 1869, he may well have carried out his plan. The ‘Great Emancipator’ was no friend of blacks, opposing slavery in the Western territories out of fear of more race-mixing, not out of any concern for their freedom.” - MARTY MODANCE “I am a Northerner and I love this book. I also loved reading Col. Seabrook’s book Abraham Lincoln: the Southern View. I love it when truth like this comes out.” - DOUG FLYNN (Facebook) “I love this book. We are losing so much of our real Southern history because ‘the winners’ do not record it correctly.” - DAVID McMAHON "I just finished reading Everything You Were Taught About The Civil War Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! I give it 5 Confederate Battle Flags out of 5." - RALPH ABBRUZZESE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book is great and the author supports it with citing sources and facts. Some critics may have issues with a few selected facts but the book is quite solid. Seabrook gets a bit strident in the book but he builds a good case to question the 3 or 4 pages you read in high school. This book will have you re-thinking the deadliest war the US ever fought.” - FREEDOM FIRST (verified purchase) “Great read.” - JOE HODGES “As the last portion of the Western World with an authentic culture, the South is known for its fine writers and storytellers. Tennessean Lochlainn Seabrook now joins that proud tradition. His new book is a real page-turner that defends the South and shatters Yankee falsehoods about our history. But it’s not just a pro-South book, it’s a pro-Truth book.” - THOMAS MOORE (Chairman of the Southern National Congress and author of The Hunt for Confederate Gold) “Have read this book and several others by Mr. Seabrook. Terrific!” - MARK KEITH “Excellent book. All Southerners should have it!” - DAWN GOSNELL DIEHL “Good read!” - TIM TERRY “Great book! I finished it a few weeks ago.” - DAN CORSO (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Really easy read which thoroughly went over so many important issues about US history, and especially aspects of Lincoln's war! This book would never be allowed in our US indoctrination camps ("public schools"/government schools) because then the kids would be aware of just how true the statement of ‘the victors write the history books’ is in America too. Plus the powers that be (the world over) always spin the history taught to the youth, so that it supports and aggrandizes the ones in power at the time. A book like this would really help Americans wake up to the facts that he has been duped on many issues. The civil war definitely being one of these!” - SNAKE RIVER HOMBREON (verified purchase) “If you want a refreshing pro-South, honest, factual view of the War Between the States that is not tainted with political correctness then this book is a must read. Mr. Seabrook’s work is the first step to confronting the great injustice done to Southern history, emblems, and Confederate heroes by the liberal educational system, Hollywood, and popular culture. All of whom see no evil in stereotyping, ridiculing, and discriminating against descendants of Confederate soldiers.” - RONNY MANGRUM (President of The Green Cannon Tennessee Flag Conservation Foundation; Adjutant for Roderick, Forrest’s War Horse Camp 2072, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Former Heritage Violations Chairman for Tennessee Division, SCV) “Hands down Lochlainn’s best book on the war! It’s packed with so much information.” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “Great book!” - CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE CIVIL WAR WAS NOT AT ALL ABOUT SLAVERY”: Today I hear that the Civil War was all about slavery. A very long time ago I went to school, I recall learning that that was not the case, but my my recall is fuzzy. I got this book to see if there was another perspective on this more in line with my school days. Mr. Seabrook’s book clearly says that the Civil War was not at all about slavery and that it was about much more. Makes me wonder what they are teaching in school today.” - KEN FOAT “I read this book and learned a lot from it! - DAVID MCMAHON “I’m reading Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong right now. It’s a very good book!” - PAUL SCOFIELD (Minnesota) “With the publication of this book we Americans can finally reconcile our history with our past, through a balanced understanding of the greatness of our ancestors, particularly our Southern ancestors.” - BARBARA MARTHAL (African-American educator, lecturer, Civil War re-enactor, and member of the Tennessee Society Order of the Confederate Rose) “This wonderful read proves the point, ‘there’s always two sides to every story.’ A gripping work that upon reflection will make you think about what you were or were not taught in school about American history.” — J.T. THOMPSON (Executive Director, Lotz House Museum, Franklin, Tennessee) "This is one of the best things I've ever read. Keep up the great work! God bless Lochlainn Seabrook!" - PAUL PRIEST (Kentucky) "This is a book that should be in the schools. Very good with the facts." - DON BLACK “I have often told my students that the ‘History’ studied in American Public (Government) Schools is as bogus as what the children in the previous Soviet nations were taught by their Russian tutors. Lochlainn Seabrook takes an objective giant step in seeking to restore accuracy and integrity in our understanding of the American experience of The U.S. War to Prevent Southern Independence (called ‘Civil War’ by northerners). This is an important step in correcting the obnoxious myths and lies widely promoted by the U.S. court historians.” - TIMOTHY D. MANNING (Executive Director of The Southern Partisan Reader) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent read.” - NATHAN (verified purchase) “Amazing book!” - JEFF CALHOUN (Facebook) “From the time that our nation was formed until the time of the War Between the States, many complicated issues within the republic that had remained unresolved finally exploded in a tragic trial by combat. Many of the volatile issues that led to that bloody crucible as well as many that emerged from it, along with the manner in which those issues and connected personages are now portrayed, are addressed in this thought-provoking narrative.” - SCOTT BOWDEN (nine-time award-winning historian and author of Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign and Robert E. Lee at War) "It is so nice to see people take the time to properly educate people about the South and its proud history and heritage." - TRACIE CARROLL "Great Book. Everybody who cares about promoting our Southern heritage with facts should buy a copy and study it! A must read and a must buy to use to inform our folks of how to fight back with historical proof! Should be in every Southern Patriot's home. I love this book!" - BARRY ISENHOUR (Virginia) "Love Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! by Lochlainn Seabrook. It's a great book!" - TOBY HAAS (North Carolina) "Love this book!!!" - RITA RHINE (Maryland) “Great book.” - JOHN MORRIS (Facebook) “There is a wonderful work put out by Sea Raven Press titled Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong! Great Book!” - JOHNNY RILEY "With so much media on the Northern point of view, it's good to see the other side of the story!" - FACEBOOK "Great book! A must have in very home library!" - RICHARD BOHLMAN “Just finished this book last week. Good info. Good read.” - MATTHEW MCGILL "I have read up to chapter three and it has been clearly demonstrated that the ‘Civil War’ was not about slavery. What I do see however are manipulative ways used by the ‘Union’ to sway a public perception and enter into a war closely resembling our current Washington and news media. Namely avoiding truth and creating myths to further government agendas. You need to get this book because not only does it shed light on repressed truth from those that win wars, but it shows how societies are easily moved by the few in power, in this case the Union." - JAMES GREENE “This is a book worth reading. It left me shaking my head.” - BRENDA JONES SMITH AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT COMPENDIUM FOR CIVIL WAR HISTORY”: "This is an excellent book about the Civil War that is useful for those who know little, or nothing of history but have been fed the same stereotypical views for years. I recommend this book for young people (high school level) to present information and views that they likely will never hear due to political correctness and pro- Northern biases. The book thwarts many of the commonly taught notions of how Southerners are evil, and Northerners are righteous solely because of the slavery issues. Readers will be surprised to know how racist the Northerners really were (many still are as I remind my friends here in Kansas that Brown vs Topeka Board of Education was right here in their Yankee state). Give this book to a liberal or Yankee and watch the color drain from them. I rate the book as ‘two thumbs up.’" - LT. COL. (ret) E. KENNEDY JR. (Leavenworth, Kansas, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!”: "They say that history is written by the victors. To get an accurate education of the Civil War, one must read books like this. It is well written in an easy to understand format, basically a series of questions with definitive answers. In today's bizarre political climate, this perspective is even more relevant. This book goes a long way to counter-balance the notion that anything with the word ‘South’ in it is automatically racist. Whether you are from the North or South, this book is a true must read!" - B. BOREN (Charlotte, North Carolina, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I have waited all my life for a truthful text to be put in book form describing what really happened versus all the lies I was subjected to growing up. This Civil War is relevant today as we see the tyranny of the Northern government taking away all of the citizens rights and introducing martial law, as was done in Lincoln's day. Also noted is the immense land seizures going on all over the country especially in the West, and if you question what is legal and right, you even end up in prison or have your head bashed in. This is what the Civil War and our Southern ancestors fought against, what is now, happening right before your eyes for all to see. All this and much more was done during the Civil War and kept quiet, they simply rewrote history. One example, in the movie Batman where he finds the batcave under Wayne Manor, it is said it was a haven for black slaves. The truth is and was always that the black slaves were running from the North, down to the South. Another example, is the movie Glory. The truth is that hundred's of thousands of black slaves fought against the North. This is just part of the truth! More will come out because the one things we have is our great- great-grandfathers letters, which they sent home describing it all. These were something Lincoln couldn't get a hold of, as well as Southern newspaper clippings in the letters, before the North burnt them.” - DAVE C. (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “If you’re well-read, or just starting out on the Civil War, this book is filled with information that has been swept under the rug, so they ‘we the people’ would never know about it.” - STEPHEN DUROCHER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book is a valuable resource as a quick study for those who have been inculcated with the North’s one-sided view of the Civil War, along with that of government run schools and the Liberal dominated media, but who suspect that the first casualty of war is truth. For those who have interest in the facts and a desire to learn, this is a great book.” - SCARLET (Georgia) (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT BOOK!”: "It should be used in the classroom of every history class in this country. It most assuredly dispels the myth that is preached in our public schools. We would do well as a nation to re-examine the War and the events surrounding it." - MIMI (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE TRUTH”: "Being a Tejano, some of my ancestors fought with Hood’s Brigade. It's about time someone told the truth!!!!! This book is a justice to the Confederacy!!!!!!!!!!" - FRANK BEJAR JR. (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE LEGACY OF THE CONFEDERACY”: "At last an honest review of the Civil War 151 years from the beginning of the war. This should be taught also in Europe where all these leftist politicians believe the Yankees fought for the freedom of the blacks." - MARCELLO GAMBERUCCI (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “Excellent seller! Book extremely well packaged. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!” CUSTOMER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING FOR ALL AMERICANS": “Folks, as Americans, we’ve been born into a lie. We’ve not been taught even half of the real truth about the conflict of 1861-1865. That 4-year period did more to define this country than anything else. I ask, why do we even celebrate the 4th of July? That beautiful American Republic, given to us by the founders with its scope of limited government, died on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse. I believe much of the anti-southern and anti-confederate news we see today is a direct result of books like this, and there are many, that dare to tell the truth and shame the United States for what it did. Many see this knowledge as a threat to the status quo. The Southern people lived out the truths stated in the Declaration of Independence, and they were raped, murdered and burned for doing so. This war was about Money and Power. Make no mistake. Southern states were paying 87% of the entire U.S. revenue in 1860 and yet a mere 7% was spent in the south. And it had been lopsided like that for decades. Lincoln, and The United States Congress, offered the Confederacy everything, even an IRREVOCABLE 13th amendment that guaranteed slavery forever, if only they would re-enter the Union and keep the money train to the northern states flowing. But they demanded that the smaller population in the south pay the vast majority of the taxes. Yes, slavery was wrong and everybody knew it, but at the time it was a United States institution, not just a Southern one. And yes it would have ended peacefully here, just like it did everywhere else in the world. How much better would things be today (think race relations) if gradual emancipation had taken place, with education and societal assimilation emphasized? Instead, it happened overnight in the midst of a total war, the likes of which horrified the entire world. FREEDOM for blacks at that point meant that you were ‘free to die,’ and that was about all. No equal rights or equal treatment under the law for another 100 years! And don’t think for one minute that Yankee guns killed only whites in the south. Federal troops brought much anguish to blacks as well. Read this book! Learn the truth!” - JIM (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "I am not from the South and I have spent most of my life in the military ‘defending’ America; however, it was an America I did not truly know or understand. I have spent the past 40 years relearning what I was taught in the first 20 years. This book has some bias, what book does not, but it tells you it has bias whereas most do not. This book does tend to lean a bit far when it comes to the errors of the South but it is one of the few that will tell the truth about the North, which is now America; i.e., all of us." - LEON SANDERS (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW: “Factoids on all history misconceptions. Provides great research to back all information up. Like the old saying goes: ‘Whoever Wins the War writes their own History of it.’ It is our job to correct what's taught falsely in school. Deo Vindice!” - LA BIKER (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. A real eye-opener.” - KEVIN P. (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Good book. Gave to my son, who is majorly into history, as a present and he loved it!” - AMAZON CUSTOMER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING BY EVERY HISTORY STUDENT AND TEACHER IN THE U.S.”: “Ten years ago when I started researching the genealogy of families through the period of the 1860's/70's, I uncovered local and family documents that conflicted with the things taught me in history classes in both public schools and university. I began trying to learn more about why so many women and children just disappeared and were never in any subsequent census. I also discovered the brutality and disenfranchment of southern whites during reconstruction. Their property was taken and they were left adrift with no means of livelihood. Rape was common and brutality by the military against civilians. The more I dug, the more curious I became and when I discovered this book, Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! by Lochlainn Seabrook, I found many answers to my questions of what really happened. We are just like the Soviet citizens of the USSR, force-fed myths that are unrelated to the truth. One topic that I've investigated, due to reading Latin American histories written by Latin Americans, is the question of why Theodore Roosevelt warred against Spain to take over their possessions, and why the US went to war with Mexico 12 years after Texas won its independence. The topic is 'Manifest Destiny', which was an invention of northern Puritans who believed they should spread their ideas throughout the world. The many wars the US has fought, not including WW2, fit the Manifest Destiny theme, as people think they can impose their world view on others with totally different cultures. Thousands of US citizens have perished in those wars, none of which was won by the US. The height of Manifest Destiny included the 1860's, and Lincoln did what Stalin would do in the 20th century. He used the military to brutally destroy an entire country that had the audacity to exit the Union, a perfectly legal and constitutional right. The death toll of this war is greater than all other wars combined. Our perestroika is the internet, where information hidden for generations is now easily available for those seeking the truth. It's a new age where already there are free classes for homeschoolers and private schools which are proving to be the key to learning in this age where children are electronically savvy. MIT and Harvard have posted their lectures online, free. Other universities are doing the same, and the standardized tests remain, the SAT, GRE, etc. (No need to attend a college). Self-study online is becoming popular and will skyrocket as the costs of the 19th century model of both public schools and colleges continually rise beyond what tax revenues can support. Like the USSR, the US government dictates a one-size-fits-all in everything, and there is never any accountability for the end results.” - CURIOUS ONE (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ONE OF THE BEST CIVIL WAR BOOKS EVER”: "Tens of thousands of books have been written about the War Between the States, and I have read more of them than I can count - mostly written from a Northern perspective. When I discovered this volume, Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!, by Lochlainn Seabrook, it immediately went to the top of my list of favorites. Being an author myself, with six published books to my credit, I must admit that I envy the ability of Seabrook to express himself on the printed page in a way that is easy to understand, yet powerful and thought provoking. I had a very hard time putting it down, and I've found myself going back to read many passages again and again. Actually, if your reading schedule demands that you put this book down before you finish reading it cover to cover, that's okay too. Each of the chapters can stand alone, making it an excellent book for either browsing or for reading straight through. In the introduction, historian and author Lochlainn Seabrook, makes this bold assertion: ‘. . . slavery started in the North, abolition began in the South, Abraham Lincoln was a rabid white racist, Jefferson Davis adopted a black child, 95 percent of Southern blacks supported the Confederacy, and the Yanks started the war, a conflict that was illegal from start to finish.’ Then, in the next 22 chapters he makes his case in a manner which no intellectually honest person can easily refute. Seabrook states much more than just his personal opinions. He backs up every page with extensive notes and bibliography, quoting primary sources instead of just rehashing the words and prejudices of court historians. The introduction to the book is written by the distinguished black educator from Memphis, Tennessee, Nelson W. Winbush, who said, 'I'm proud to be a real grandson, having in my possession the Confederate Battle Flag that draped my grandfather's coffin, a reunion jacket and cap, numerous newspaper articles and reunion pictures. I was five when he passed and I still remember war stories as told me by my grandfather.' Another thing I liked about the book is that it closes with a very practical list, including contacts, entitled 'How you can help preserve the South.' I found this very helpful. I must admit that this book made me angry. Having been born in the Midwest, reared mostly in the South, and living much of my adult life in the North, I was taught, from elementary school through college, only a very one-sided version of the 'Civil War.' I wish I had discovered this book and others like it much earlier. The last three words of the title, Ask a Southerner, is not always the best advice. The sad fact is that the majority of Southerners learn their own history from textbooks written by Northern authors, taught by politically correct teachers and professors - blindly passing down the same misconceptions and prejudices from one generation to another. All Americans would benefit from reading Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong. Prepare to be challenged - enlightened - and maybe even made angry that you weren't taught these truths before." - J. STEPHEN CONN (Loveland, Ohio, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “ENLIGHTENING!”: "As a European, I have been fed with lots of the propaganda the author describes in his book. Until a short time ago I had a quite standardized opinion about Lincoln's war, although I never really shared the opinion about the Southerners as being racists or inhuman (I always get a little skeptical when too many people say the same thing and no-one argues against. Then I need to go check it out!). Because of that I started researching on my own, and kept finding new 'perspectives' about this part of American history, information and data that did not fit in the picture I got served by the mass-media and the more known books and publications. Everyone who wants to use his own head and try to see through this 'fog' can actually succeed sooner or later, but it really takes a lot of time and of efforts. This book is a compendium of the main lies and of the opposite viewpoint (or of the reality) to any of them, making the effort a lot easier. It should only be made more accessible to everyone, also outside of the US, where it is practically unknown. . . . In a few words, this book tells about the ever repeating story of big arguments and superior ideals being exploited for the lowest power- related reasons, and about the distortion of truth in order to serve the lie being fed to the people. Something that is still going on today; maybe more now than 150 years ago! Someone said that a lie, if repeated thousands of times, becomes the truth!!!" - OVIDIO GENTILONI (Italy, verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Very informative.” - JACK HERTZOG (Roswell, New Mexico) (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Love it.” - JAMES J. BRENNAN (Brooklyn, New York) (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT STORY”: “Loved the storyline [theme].” - ANDY S. (verified purchase) EBAY REVIEW: “Great book!” - ZASTOZATO (verified purchase) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This review is from an ‘outsider’, if you will, learning the TRUTH regarding the Civil War, as coined by the North, or The War for Southern Independence. That being said, I have no leaning towards the North or the South before touching the subject of North vs. South. A background of myself, just so we are clear; I am a skeptic. I just don't believe whatever people will tell me. First, research the subject then decide. I am not clueless when it comes to the war between the North vs. South since I have attended community college and the United States history comes up even in classes that involves American politics. What I know that is widespread here in the Northern States is that the Southern States are pro-slavery and all the ‘sins’ of slavery have been pointed to the South. The South is bad, racist, and other similar derogatory words to describe the Southern States are what is being taught by the North. Of course, I already know before even touching the controversial North vs. South that the victors always writes what is the ‘official’ history. That may or may not be distorted to hide the facts and truths of the war to make the victor as ‘fighting for justice’. The book Everything You Were Taught about the Civil War Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! by Lochlainn Seabrook can be a good starting point to dig deeper into what really happened between the North and South. There are many cited sources that makes this text ‘closer to what happened’. Seems to be that Mary Chesnut's diary is one of the sources of information that both the Northern and Southern authors refer to. A word of caution that rings true not only to the North vs. South but also to other subjects out there. Do not lose your skepticism while researching. I do know that some people who call themselves ‘historians’, ‘Civil War buffs’, ‘academic historians’, or whatever they proclaim their title to be, can also be twisting information about the mentioned war between the North and the South. Read this book: I don’t care if you have a Ph.D. in American history or Civil War history, or even if you’re a professor from a well-known and respected organization! Got that? The reason is that the information that was fed to those so-called ‘pro's’ may or may not be biased. Who knows?” - THOMAS TY (Los Angeles, California) (verified purchase) REVIEW FROM CONFEDERATE VETERAN MAGAZINE, May/June 2012: "Lochlainn Seabrook has written the primer for Southerners and lovers of the Confederacy. For all of us believers he is preaching to the choir. For other Southerners who are on the fence or have allowed lying Northerners to shame them into hesitancy to defend their heritage, Seabrook's book is a must-read. Author Seabrook is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and claims kin with most of the Confederate hierarchy. He wrote the definitive biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest, A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest. This book was previously reviewed in this magazine. The Foreword to Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask A Southerner! was written by Nelson W. Winbush, an honored and respected member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Included is a picture of Nelson with his grandfather, Louis Napoleon Nelson, in the mid-1930s on his way to one of the 39 Confederate Reunions he attended. Author Seabrook confronts twenty-two of the most common falsehoods perpetrated by Northern historians and provides historical Southern truths to demolish each one. This book is a riveting read for Southerners burning with hatred for Yankee defamation of the South as uncivilized, morally deficient, and entirely at fault for having the audacity to start a war to prevent the righteous North from freeing the slavers. For after all, this completely false portrayal of the Civil War as having been fought entirely to achieve that noble goal has indoctrinated students in public schools and liberal colleges for over a century. Author Seabrook includes twenty-seven pages of Notes, plus one of the most extensive bibliographies this reviewer has even seen published. For any Southerner and defender of the Confederacy, the Bibliography lists copious references for further personal research. No one desiring to restore the South to a place of honor and respect can overlook the wealth of information (ammunition to a hideous wrong) contained in this book. Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask A Southerner! is a magnificent historical resource for learning and re-learning all the facts about the Confederacy and why the War Between the States was fought. Seabrook writes excellent prose: easy to read and understand. This book MUST be on the shelves of every self-respecting person devoted to our beloved South and to preserving our heritage." - ANN RIVES ZAPPA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “New York threatened to secede when Thomas Jefferson was in office, and he said he hated it but it was their right to do so! The American Civil War should have lasted less than a year but because of the fighting spirit of the Southern man it lasted over 4 years. Later Robert E. Lee said “had I known how much punishment reconstruction was gonna be on the South I would have fought to the death of the last man.” Over a million Southerners both black and white were either killed, raped, looted, or burned out during Reconstruction by the Northern enforcers, but you won’t read about that in the mainstream textbooks either.” - MARK HOYLE (verified purchase) NORTH AMERICA’S AMAZING MAMMALS: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AMAZON RATING, FIVE STARS: No name “Deeply researched, highly condensed, generously illustrated; an animal lover’s handbook for all ages. Lochlainn Seabrook’s in-depth volume, North America’s Amazing Mammals, is unique, current, educational, and fun to read!" - THE PUBLISHER, SEA RAVEN PRESS EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT ABOUT AMERICAN SLAVERY IS WRONG, ASK A SOUTHERNER! AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book will change how history is taught, and what we think about it! Breaking the chains forged from lies, heavily researched, documented and footnoted, Mr. Seabrook (winner of the coveted Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal) has written yet another masterpiece! If you don't want to know the truth, don't get this book. However, if you have questions about slavery like I did, hard questions that need solid answers, look no further than this book. Seriously, everything you've been taught about the institution of slavery - particularly in the United States - is completely wrong. The truth has been hidden in clever lies with an agenda behind it for the past 150 years. ‘Truth has a way of breaking through, when pains are taken to bring it to light’ (George Washington), and Mr. Seabrook has done just that. This book is a must have for every educator, home- schooler, researcher, and truthful history seeker. This book is worth every penny and much, much more because Mr. Seabrook's Southern wit and charm is worth the price alone. But every fact illuminates a path in the darkness of lies perpetrated on this country. You will not be disappointed. I heartily recommend this book! Put your seatbelt on though, because it's going to shatter every lie you've been told about slavery and the South. Begin the New Year walking in truth. Get this book today!” - LANI L. RINKEL (Mississippi) “Fantastic. This is the most interesting book I’ve ever read in my life and I’m an avid reader. If 1 million people read this book, there would be a permanent change in this country.” - DUANE DWORSHAK “An absolutely wonderful book.” - BECK ROBERTS EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW: “Great seller and an incredibly well researched book, highly recommended!” - EIM_OHBA AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is an excellent book! Full of illustrations and text documents, and very well researched. The full text documents from people who lived during this period is the most telling part of Colonel Seabrook’s history books. A must-have addition to any history hobbyist’s library. Well worth it’s many pages. Though it seems large, it is an easy read for anyone. Very well and accurately researched. A must read for anyone curious about the subject. Very well done. Five stars!” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “It has about 1,020 pages and weighs about 5 lbs! It contains the truth about slavery, and every American should have a copy. This book will not be found in our Common Core history classes, the reason being it contains all of the truth left out of the books they’re using now.” - JAMES GREENE (Facebook) “A complete exposure of the fantasy Northern “history twist” used to perpetuate the Civil War and to occupy the Southern States, in order to capture their cotton fortunes and redistribute the wealth among the Northern industrialists who initiated it!” - THE CALVERT HISTORICAL FOUNDATION “Great book!” - NICK BURRICHTER (Facebook) “Yesterday I received my copy of this amazing book, Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! The packaging was like I have never seen before. The book was nicely wrapped in plastic, encased with bubble wrap, and a personal thank you note. I have been looking for a well-researched book on this topic and this book has more than met my expectations. Thank you for your service. Looking forward to ordering more books from your collection.” - LYDIA C. ACKERMAN (Facebook) “Excellent factual history. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the truth.” - WENDELL GILBERT JR. “A great source book to stop the Liberals cold in their spews of lies.” - BARRY ISENHOUR “Reading this book. What a great read so far.” - PAUL SCOFIELD GOOGLE REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Anyone who has actually opened this book and begun to read it will undoubtedly give it 5 stars. It's a 1,000 page book that can only be described as a page turner, which is very hard to do for a book with such tremendous scholarly value. The notations alone in this book will lead you to a library full of amazing works you have sadly never read or heard of. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book if you are a curious and open thinker in pursuit of Truth." - JOSH REESMAN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “BUY THIS BOOK! IT’S GREAT!”: “Excellent, well researched and documented work on the true history of slavery. It’s amazing how well this information was kept hidden. But the truth comes out eventually to those who seek it. I have only read 250 pages of this 1,000 page tome, but it is full of actual source material, which lends it strong credibility. (Ignore the one-star reviews. They are not verified purchases and probably never even read the book.)” - KINDLE CUSTOMER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Full of info you won’t find in schools.” - LARRY B. “Should be a mandatory reading text in public schools. Also Hollywood writers should pass its test before being allowed to write anything about our true history” - JAMES GREENE (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book on the history of slavery from a Southern perspective. If you are looking for political correctness, this is not your book.” - YOYO “I strongly agree with the information in this book. Highly recommended.” - WILLIAM KINSEY EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This book is a must read for anyone who likes their facts straight and true. No humbug.” - GSBEACH48 EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Fully descriptive. Nice volume covering many little known facts about many issues surrounding the 19th Century. Unbelievably comprehensive!” - HOSERONE BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “Lochlain Seabrook’s massive volume Everything You Were Taught About Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! (around 1,000 pages) might seem intimidating and offputting, given its size and topic, but it’s neither an ungainly read, nor is it revisionist history. What it is, is a book that intends to set revisionist history aright. The winners write history and such is as true for the Civil War and U.S. slavery as anything else. The facts are that the images of a heroic Lincoln freeing ravaged slaves isn’t quite the truth. The history you’ll glean from Seabrook’s eminently readable history volume, shows a much different American slavery - and it’s all thoroughly researched from a plethora of historical documents whose veracity is much harder to deny than the badly written history books and their voluminous caches of bad information. American slaves were slaves in Africa first. They were, on the whole, treated much better here than in Africa. The images of ruthlessly mistreated slaves belongs to the ancient world much more than in American history. Slaves in America (none of this justifies slavery, mind you) were far better treated than that. Slave owners tried not to separate families and slaves were allowed to have property and even make money. Slavery was not the crux of the war, though it was the crux of some very successful propaganda on the part of the North, the Emancipation Proclamation being one of those pieces of propaganda. (Did you know that it actually freed not a single slave?) Lincoln was not a moral abolitionist; rather, it was a political move. He, in his own words, proves himself a man who believed blacks were inferior to whites, and what he really wanted to do was send the slaves back to Africa. Where was his great concern when slaves were freed and there was no plan in place to help them adjust to their new standing. With Lincoln, it was pretty much sink or swim for the newly liberated black population. The South was not a buggabear, a big ol’ bad guy that noble Lincoln was trying to conquer in the namre of good. It wasn’t really a Civil War given that it was two sovereign nations at war with each other. Lincoln never did get the hang of the whole state sovereignty thing. Bear in mind, these are only the facts I’m pulling off the top of my memory. Seabrook is as good a writer as he is a historian. His facts are many but the book is friendly and quite perusable in its presentation. It’s too easy to write off this kind of work as the product of racists or revisionists, but Seabrook - nor myself, for that matter - is neither. He has all the documentation he needs and he makes a lucid, inarguable case for the real facts - rather than the ones you were force- fed in school. This book ought to be important to anybody interested in American history - and preserving its accuracy.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I don’t normally take time to review books. But I’ve used several of Mr. Seabrook’s works in researching my novels, and of all of his that I own, Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! is the best one. In addition to the fact that this title is filled with nuggets of valuable information, his thoroughness and frank style make this an excellent addition to my library and the most helpful resource I own. I would recommend it for anyone who’s serious about true Southern history. If this is the first book of Mr. Seabrook’s you’ve purchased, I suggest you sit back and enjoy it, then go out and buy the rest of his work.” - JAMES RALPH ELSTAD (author of Comes the Southern Revolution) “Go get this one. Good book with lots of information.” - MICHAEL CY FLOYD (Facebook) EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT ABOUT AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND THE CIVIL WAR IS WRONG, ASK A SOUTHERNER! EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EASY READ THAT KEEPS YOU ENGAGED”: “Short and to the point. Chapters are packed with information that only a serious researcher would provide. I learned things that were never taught in school. The title doesn’t do justice to the book’s content.” - 333BLACKCAT333 “I’m reading this right now. Excellent and so informing and eye opening. Love it.” - CHERYL HACKETT (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “EXCELLENT!!!”: “Just finished reading my hardcover edition of this brilliant book. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know the truth about this subject. Well written, cross referenced, and with tons of notes! One of my favorite books!!!” - HISTORYBUFF1974 “I not only like this book, I am filled with admiration that in these dark days of misinformation, hatred and ignorance, when monuments are being defiled, there is this voice of sanity and reason. The South could not have resisted the aggressor as long as it did without the courageous black soldier, integrated into the Southern ranks. General Forrest sang their praises and for this his monument and grave were destroyed, not by the mob, but by local government,” - ROBERT TAYLOR (Facebook) FIVE-STAR CUSTOMER BOOK & SERVICE REVIEW: "Outstanding experience and book!" - SECESH1 EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Very well written and researched book. Recommend to all!" - BIGDUB66 CONFEDERACY 101: AMAZING FACTS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT AMERICA’S OLDEST POLITICAL TRADITION AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book! So glad I ordered it! Interesting read for anyone who wants to know the facts of the War Between the States. Lochlainn Seabrook is a great author and researcher.” - JACQUELINE KARLSEN “Great read!” - PATRICK MONROE “I highly recommend this book. Waste no time in placing an order.” - WOODY W. WOODWARD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Very interesting and informative. The author shows that America was founded as a confederacy. Washington and Jefferson referred to it as such. This is why the Southern states chose that name for their new country in 1861. They wanted the original government that the founders had intended, not the big government that liberal Lincoln was shoving down their throats.” - TK GOOBER EBAY REVIEW: “A great book; this is a book to show why history should not be lost, thank you.” - LEGEND1066 “Great book!” - DOC HOLLIDAY (Twitter) FIVE-STAR EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Lochlainn's books are always very informative." - VMICADET76 “This is truly a great book! Worth every penny! Packed with a lot of information. One can refer to it over and over. It covers what its title mentions. But it also covers the War.” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “Excellent book! Can’t wait to read Mr. Seabrook’s title, Confederate Flag Facts. I’ve learned a lot from his books, and I’m passing them down to my kids.” - BRYAN RIVERS “Great read folks. I learned alot from this book. A must read!” - JOHN EVANS (Facebook) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I have always been very attracted to the history of our nation, and have been particulalry disturbed lately by this insistence to tear down monuments that represent the events that took place that got us to today. The insinutation that certain statues are ‘racist’ is especially upsetting to me (especially when it includes our Founders). Lochlainn Seabrook, the author of this book (and a series of other books), writes very well and his views make sense to me. Some of this book I already knew, but it is very thorough . . . thus the title Confederacy 101. I recommend that this should be read to remind one of our history, but it should also be taught in schools today so people would actually know what really happened and perhaps quit crying ‘racism’ and quit tearing down our history! There is a lot to be reminded of . . .” - CCB-CLUMPY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book. An enjoyable education.” - JERRY “An awesome work.” - AMERICATHEBEAUTIFUL (Twitter) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - "AMAZING": "Great book. Buy this book." - H. CHRISTOPHER (Verified Purchase) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “All Americans, ALL! Americans need to read this book. Any color, creed or any fill in the blank need to read this. Nuf said.” - CRASHLAND73 “I love this book. I have a copy of it, and also Colonel Seabrook’s The Great Yankee Coverup.” - ALEXANDER ROLFE “You should read this book. It shows a direct line from today’s Conservatives to yesterday’s Confederates.” - AL CHACHO (Twitter) “I bought your book Confederacy 101. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I’ve already started reading it. Very interesting and very informative, and very accurate. I will be ordering more of your books. I love them!! Long live Dixie!!” - LINDA SUITOR FOUNTAINE “Good book. I have read it many times.” - JEFFREY COOK (Facebook) “I’m halfway through Confederacy 101. Amazing read thus far.” - DUSTIN REYNOLDS (Twitter) “Great book.” - RICK BROWN HEROES OF THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY: THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CONFEDERATE OFFICIALS, SOLDIERS, AND CIVILIANS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Excellent book!!! Was totally mesmerized by the faces, couldn’t put it down! Really connects us to the past in a way that words can’t! This book is a definite must-have for anyone that wants to see the history.” - RICK CAMERON (Confederate Riders of America, Missouri) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “An encyclopedia of images of the Southern people, from the Civil War era. Haunting images of both leaders and common soldiers of the Confederacy, so many of whom perished in the bloody conflict. An amazing resource.” - SD AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Never disappointed! Tons of pictures from the period. A delight to look through! Such a great addition to my collection from Mr. Seabrook and Sea Raven Press!” - SANDRA FISH (“Adopt-a-Soldier” National Coordinator for Confederate Riders of America) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “A must for all War Between the States buffs. This is not a regular historical work. It is primarily a photo history of hundreds (if not thousands) of Confederate officials, generals, soldiers, and civilians. The author, Mr. Seabrook, is very scholarly in his introduction and paves the way for an enjoyable experience. The photos are amazing and give a literal face to the conflict and those who were involved for the Confederacy. I highly recommend Heroes of the Southern Confederacy for every student of the War, especially the Confederacy.” - DAVID A. VINSON EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Fascinating, interesting & very detailed text; thrilled to get it; thanks much!” - MEMPHIS52 "I just got my copy of Col. Seabrook's book Heroes of the Southern Confederacy, and I literally can't stop looking through it!" - PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE (SCV member, name withheld) “This volume is one of the best collections of photographs bound in one book concerning the personalities of the Southern Confederacy that I have ever seen and I am honored to own a copy.” - WILLIAM HARDEMAN “I recently ordered Heroes of the Southern Confederacy and enjoyed it. Will be ordering more books from you in the future!” - PAULA DUGGER (Facebook) THE CONCISE BOOK OF TIGERS: A GUIDE TO NATURE’S MOST REMARKABLE CATS AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - 'TIGERS AT ONE SITTING": "Having read many tiger books over the last few years, I can say for sure that this is one of the best introductory books on the subject I have come across. In addition to covering all of the tiger basics, like hunting, relationships with humans, and history, it also provides the reader with some very interesting facts, such as the origin of the word 'tiger,' which is quite unusual in other books of the same kind. I recommend it!!" - MARCO ANTONIO DRUMMOND (Brazil) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STAR RATING (no name) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STAR RATING (no name) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STAR RATING (no name) SLAVERY 101: AMAZING FACTS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT AMERICA’S “PECULIAR INSTITUTION” AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “GREAT BOOK FOR BEGINNERS ON THE TRUTH ABOUT SLAVERY, FROM THE TIME OF SLAVERY IN AFRICA TO THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR PERIOD, THAT IS NOT WRITTEN BY LIBERAL PRO-NORTH HISTORIANS”: “An interesting little book with quick facts about slavery. The author, Col. Lochlainn Seabrook, has indeed really done his research. It would be helpful to the reader to purchase the book by the same author entitled: Everything You Were Taught About Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! The book I’m reviewing, Slavery 101, is a digest version of that. These books will be most helpful to those of you out there who are tired of the over one hundred years of neo-Yankeeism and anti-South and anti-Confederate bigotry.” - JASON PRATHER “Just finished this book yesterday. A must-read for anyone that wants and seeks the truth. (I own Lochlainn’s other book on slavery too: Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!) Slavery 101 should serve as a great quick book for research!” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “Great book!” - KERRY WILLIAMS (Facebook) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Eye-opener. 100% would recommend, 100% good value, 100% compelling content!” - YAKKICOYOTE EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Best book ever.” - MR. BORGWARD “Although Lochlainn Seabrook has proven in this book that only the very rich (less than 5 percent) of Southern whites owned slaves, the whole South and all whites will always be blamed for it, and their flags and memorials will continue to be hated - until enough good people read Slavery 101, which tells the real proven truth!!!” - SUSAN EARLE BOOK DEVIL REVIEW: “Slavery 101 by Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal winner Lochlainn Seabrook may be a tiny little sliver of a volume, but there is ample data and revealing truths … revealed. For you see, the contents of this book contradict what you were taught in school about the Civil War. Far from being a battle over the liberation of black slaves, some noble war to bring about abolition, the so-called Civil War was a ridiculously bloody, nation-rending squall over economics. Simply put, the rightful secession of states whose original union established sovereignty was a threat to the northern economy, as well as a movement to heavily centralize federal power in the executive seat. Sadly, great strides in that direction were indeed made by Lincoln, far from the crusading friend of blacks he is usually said to be. With big government, fed-centric politics and unignorable economic impact putting pressure on the direction of the nation, Lincoln (a despotic baboon, truth be told) used race as a hot button issue to prevent European intervention on the side of the south. But the fact of the matter is, any number of documented quotes from leaders on both sides of the Mason-Dixon firmly establishes that slavery was not a motive but rather a major gear in Lincoln’s disingenuous propaganda machine. Besides the Civil War itself, the history of slavery in America (and beyond) is brimming with actual facts that contradict the popular version of events. The slave trade was conducted by the North. Black on black slavery was already afoot in Africa without any prompting from us. I could lay out tons of facts but that would be to give away the contents of this brief but bulging book of hidden history. Suffice it to say the South was far less guilty than traditionally depicted, and the North far more so. Seabrook strikes again with one of his enlightening volumes that help correct the unhistorical history shoved at us any time the topic of slavery and the American Civil War are broached.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN FIVE-STAR CUSTOMER BOOK & SERVICE REVIEW: "A wonderful, scholarly text - like the others offered from this perfect seller. Thank you so much!" - TETONIUS BECK AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “WHAT A GREAT BOOK TO READ!”: “This book is a real eye opener. It destroys the conventional wisdom concerning slavery in America. The information the author provides makes you think outside the box. Purchase this book. It forces you to reconsider what you’ve been taught in school.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER EBAY CUSTOMER REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "Fast shipping, perfect description, wonderful book that should be in every school history class or library. Refreshing honesty on the subject." - BIKLESBOOKS GIVE THIS BOOK TO A YANKEE! A SOUTHERN GUIDE TO THE CIVIL WAR FOR NORTHERNERS “Award-winning author and historian Lochlainn Seabrook has done it again. He’s given traditional Southerners yet another book that not only rectifies many of the notoriously false Yankee myths floating around out there, but one that makes Southerners genuinely proud to be Southern! This brief work, provocatively entitled Give This Book to a Yankee! A Southern Guide to the Civil War For Northerners, is a loosely based distillation of his popular blockbuster Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner! Pared down several hundred pages for quick reading, as the title suggests, Give This Book to a Yankee! makes an excellent gift for your Northern friends, or even for fellow Southerners who have been inculcated with pro-North nonsense, and who need reeducating as to Dixie’s authentic history. . . . Heavily researched and illustrated, this little book is an essential weapon anyone can use to defend Dixie and the Southern Cause, making it a must-have for traditional Southerners, Civil War buffs, and educators. Keep several copies on hand. You never know when you’re going to bump into an unenlightened Yank or reconstructed Southerner!” - KAREN COOPER (member of The Virginia Flaggers) “Great book! Everyone needs to read this info.” - JOHN BULL BADER (Ohio) “My current recommended reading is Give This Book to a Yankee, by a Truth-speaking Southerner, Col. Lochlainn Seabrook at Sea Raven Press. Thank y’all for purchasing and reading this powerful and enlightening book. You’ll be glad you did. I guarantee y’all.” - EDWIN GRAVITT AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Once again the truth is laid before you! These times see more and more people mistakenly think that anything to do with the confederacy, or the South during the Civil War is automatically racist and pro slavery. This little book goes a long way to show that such beliefs are totally wrong! The author very clearly outlines each question in simple easy to follow paragraph form, addressing each erroneous, fallacious notion and setting the record straight. The following are just a few of the examples of this. The cause of the war was so that the south could keep their slaves. Actually, the US congress passed a constitutional amendment guaranteeing that slavery would be legal in all of the states, if the seceded states would just come back into the Union. None did, proving that it was not about slavery. The Ku Klux Klan was a racist organization started by Nathan Bedford Forrest to harass, kill torture, and discriminate against the blacks. Actually, the Ku Klux was founded by a group of men as a reaction to corrupt and illegal treatment of the carpetbaggers and not in any way anti black. In fact there was even an all Black chapter of the Klan in Nashville. Forrest did not even join until two years after the founding. Once Reconstruction was over, and there was no need for it anymore, Forrest decreed that the Klan disband, which it did. The racially biased Klan started in the North in the 20th century, and has nothing to do with the Southern Klan. This little book of only 69 pages packs a wallop of information that anyone who has an open mind needs to read. Additionally, it has over four pages of detailed reference notes supporting the assertions found in the book. Another two pages of bibliography makes this diminutive tome a mighty soldier in the war against ignorance.” - B. BOREN “This is a very good reference book.” - RALPH ABBRUZZESE AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Great book with strong facts. Seems several people who didn’t read it and dislike the truth gave it one star. Facts can be difficult for people who try to change history.” - MARK AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Lochlainn Seabrook has written extensively of the snow-job perpetrated on history by the disingenuous, history (re)writing victors in the glaringly mislabeled “Civil War”. . . . His book Give This Book to a Yankee! is all of 77 pages long, yet [contains a goldmine of information pertaining to] the sins of the history-revising Yankee conquerors . . . [which he has] chronicled concisely but comprehensively. This is a brilliant distillation of Seabrook’s wealth of knowledge about a major war that forever altered our national identity but whose true story is buried in obscurity. . . . This book provides a short read that shouldn’t test your Yankee associate’s patience, but there is damning data aplenty, a wealth of buried historical fact. This book is a great primer, and if it does prime you, Seabrook has many more books on various aspects of the topic. The author proves, as he does every time out, that he is a fact-focused researcher who writes heavy history with a friendly voice. Just a library of Seabrook books would provide an arsenal of weaponized facts to shatter the Northern lies.” - KRISTOFER UPJOHN (Arkansas) EBAY REVIEW, FIVE STARS - “THE REST OF THE COUNTRY NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK”: “Excellent book with lots of facts that won’t agree with the liberal mindset. But they were never interested in facts. Just what they perceive to be the truth. Really gives a telling history of Lincoln’s war of aggression against the South, and what the aftermath would have been if he had lived.” - TOMB9619 “I have this book and I’ve shared it with many people!” - SHARON QUINN AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “Speaks the truth. Wonderful resource.” - AMAZON CUSTOMER AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “I give this book, Give This Book to a Yankee, five stars. Great.” - CATHY “”Excellent read! Give it to a Yankee for Christmas!” - JERRY SEGAL AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is a pared down nuts and bolts version of Lochlainn Seabrook’s larger book, Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong! Hang onto your hat because Col. Seabrook dispels the false myths and fake history of what occurred in the historical time period he calls “Lincoln’s War.” All aspects are covered, like the cause behind the conflict, the legality of secession, race relations in the Old South, myths about slavery, the real origins of the abolition movement, President Jefferson Davis, Mr. Lincoln, blacks in the Southern and Northern armies, Reconstruction, and more. Even better, this book is documented and has a detailed bibliography. Start out with this book and begin your re-education, and there are many more books by this author to further educate yourself.” - JOSEPH A. METCHNIKOV SEA RAVEN PRESS BLANK PAGE JOURNAL: FOR REFLECTIONS, NOTES, AND SKETCHES EBAY REVIEW: “AAA+”- MELCHIL9 HONEST JEFF AND DISHONEST ABE: A SOUTHERN CHILDREN’S GUIDE TO THE CIVIL WAR "It seems to me that in the battle for the preservation of Confederate and Southern heritage and culture we need to be aware of some of the resources that are out there for folks to utilize. Too often we lose the battle because we show up unprepared to deal with an adversary that has been trashing our heritage for 150 years and more and we just found out about the battle last month. So we march into the fray, confident because we now know some truth, and we get stomped on because our enemies have books and publications with over a century and a half of lies contained in them while we have something we got off the Internet last week. We need to start off by training our youngsters in the truth, and that won’t happen in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of years. But we have to start and we have to continue to work at it—pointing out Yankee/Marxist untruths and balancing them off with facts. If you can start your kids off young, so much the better. A really good age group to begin with is ages 8-12, or grades 2-6 in school. Kids are old enough to begin to learn history at that point and there is a new book out now that will enable them to begin. Written by Lochlainn Seabrook, this new book is appropriately titled Honest Jeff & Dishonest Abe: A Southern Children’s Guide to the Civil War. It was published by Sea Raven Press of Franklin, Tennessee. At a level appropriate for 8-12 year olds this book deals with the slavery question and who was responsible for slavery in America. It deals with the abolitionists both North and South (true abolition started in the South not the North) and it deals with the real reasons for the war and the personalities involved, including terrorists like John Brown and dictatorial personalities such as Abraham Lincoln. Books such as this were unavailable when our children were this age but had this one been around our kids would have used it. For a beginning study about the history and reasons for the War this is a good place to start. It is a foundation you can build on." - AL BENSON JR. (author, with Walter D. Kennedy, of Lincoln's Marxists) AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: "A wonderful reference book for young and old. Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe is a must for every home. It is definitely a keeper. You might lend it to a very special friend, but you will make sure you get this book back. I will use it as a reference when I write or talk about this period of our country's history. I plan to purchase extra copies for gifts. Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe is proof that history written by a courageous and truthful author is far from dull!" - JOHNETTE GALT "Should be a good book for my home schooled grandkids." - RONNY MANGRUM (President of The Green Cannon Tennessee Flag Conservation Foundation; Adjutant for Roderick, Forrest’s War Horse Camp 2072, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Former Heritage Violations Chairman for Tennessee Division, SCV) “This is an awesome book. I got one for my daughter (aged 9) and she loves it!” - AMY VACHON (Maine) “Wonderful book.” - LAURENCE LEVINE (Sea Raven Press on Patreon) “We used Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe for a lengthy study, granddaughter and grandson!” - TERESA STARNES EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE & BOOK REVIEW: “Awesome book! My daughter loves it! Look forward to future business with y’all. Service: A+.” - NOLADISNEYFAN “It is said that the victor (of a war) writes the history. I can’t think of anywhere this is more true than here in these United States. Abraham Lincoln and his cronies claimed we were not a separate nation here in the South, but made war on us as though we were, pillaged our cities, raped our land, killed thousands of our people (and his), and expended vast amounts of money - not over slavery, as is commonly claimed, but over money and power. Does this sound unfamiliar? Perhaps even crazy? That’s because the victor writes the history. Most of us attended schools controlled by the very government with a vested interest in training us to believe Abraham Lincoln fought a just war over the evils of slavery (especially since much of the centralization that so increased their power was his doing). Particularly during Reconstruction, a concerted effort was made to teach the history they way they [the U.S. government] wanted it taught. Fortunately, some of us have since learned better. As we prepare to study the ‘Civil War’ in our homeschool this year, I went in search of a South-friendly book for children. I want my daughters to learn the truth about the unnecessary, unjust war Lincoln waged, and the truth about their heritage as Southerners (which has nothing to do with supporting slavery or hating someone because of the color of his skin). I’ve read some good historical material, but it was all very scholarly (relatively speaking) and not well-suited to elementary schoolers. I was delighted to find a new book by Lochlainn Seabrook specifically for elementary-aged children. Honest Jeff and Dishonest Abe: A Southern Children’s Guide to the Civil War is absolutely fabulous! It includes many of the facts you’ll find in the more scholarly works, but the wording is very accessible. Seabrook wrote it for second- to sixth-graders, but I will be reading it aloud with my children, for the benefit of the kindergartener, as well. And if you’re an adult, it’s a great way to learn the real story of Lincoln’s War without wading through the harder-to-read historical tomes. Chapters/sections provide overviews of the major battles; discuss the issues that led up to the war; tell of a soldier’s life; peek into the lives of Lincoln, Davis, and Lee; and more. I find myself wishing I could post the whole book to Facebook, a sentence or a paragraph at a time! This is so important. ‘Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it’ - and so many of our citizens don’t even know it. Do yourself (and your fellow citizens) a favor, and buy this book! (Recommending it to your local library wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.)” - RACHEL RAMEY AMAZON REVIEW, FIVE STARS: “This is a well documented history book. Facts can be checked to be true. Though not politically correct today, it teaches how a centralized government was established. Especially if you have Southern descendants and don’t want this history to be lost. I recommend this book for every student and lover of Southern history.” - GOSHOP4 “A great book for our boys.” - TRACEY STEWART GOSSAGE (Facebook)
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