DESCRIPTION In 2014, acclaimed screenwriter and award-winning author-historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook signed on with filmmaker Christopher Forbes (of Forbes Film), to bring Lochlainn’s screenplay A Rebel Born - the true life story of the great Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest - to the big screen. After 5 years of sacrifice and hard work, the movie has finally been released and the DVD can be purchased from numerous stores and outlets, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, the Turner Classic Movie Shop, eBay, and Barnes & Noble, among many others. We’ve been told that eventually it will also be available on NetFlix, Hulu, BluRay, and Video On Demand. The distributor of A Rebel Born (the film) is ITN FIlms, London, UK. Support and enthusiasm for this film project has been overwhelming to say the least, and after years of waiting patiently, we, like everyone else, were excited about its release on December 3, 2019! Unfortunately, we are disappointed to say that Lochlainn’s historically accurate, beautifully written script was not followed by the individuals in control of the film. Indeed, so much has been altered, added, and deleted from his original script that the movie, a no-budget indie project, is almost completely unrecognizable to us. Additionally, for some odd reason the distributor seems to be marketing the film as an anti- Forrest movie, using words like “infamous” and “controversial” to describe him on the DVD cover and movie poster. What does all of this mean? This, the first version of A Rebel Born (the film), is not the movie that Lochlainn wrote nor the one that we envisioned! Despite this, and despite the many problems with the film, we’re supporting it. Why? Because at heart it’s still a pro-South movie, one of the few films ever made (if not the only one) that portrays Forrest and the Confederacy in a positive light. For these reasons alone (and there are others) we feel that it deserves to be supported, purchased, and viewed. Our hope is that one day the film will be redone as a big-budget remake by individuals who stick to Lochlainn’s script! Until then, while we are standing behind, and are promoting, this version of the movie, we’re issuing a warning to potential buyers and viewers: the 2019 Forbes Film production of A Rebel Born is not based on Lochlainn’s screenplay. We don’t know why this was done or who’s responsible. But we’re moving forward! That means that we’re pitching Lochlainn’s screenplay again! So if you’re fed up with Hollywood's historically inaccurate, slanderous, anti-South movies, and want to finally see the Confederacy portrayed honestly, correctly, and sympathetically, and you’d like to see General Forrest’s tarnished reputation returned to its rightful position of honor, please support our efforts to get the film remade using Lochlainn’s script. Tell your family members, friends, and coworkers about what we believe will be the most talked about Civil War film of all time - Lincoln's War as seen through the eyes of Forrest and the South - and alert them that we’re seeking a director, producer, actors, and investors. If you’re an indie or mainstream filmmaker, or if your professionally involved in the film industry in some way, and are interested in being part of the remake of A Rebel Born, please contact us. (All text copyright © Sea Raven Press) DETAILS SCREENWRITER: Lochlainn Seabrook CONTENT: adult nonfiction screenplay SUBJECT: biography ILLUSTRATED: no SIZE: 5.5” x 8.5” LENGTH: 152 pages COVER: paperback/perfect bound/gloss finish; hardcover/case laminate/matte finish PUBLISHER: Sea Raven Press ISBN: N/A
"A Rebel Born: The Screenplay" from Sea Raven Press (paperback)
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"I believe that Lochlainn Seabrook’s feature film A Rebel Born is going to have a greater impact on patriotism than Mel Gibson’s Braveheart did in 1996." - MARK WAYNE CUNNINGHAM
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