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DESCRIPTION Why in the 21st Century should we care about “the Old Rebel” Robert E. Lee, a Victorian who was old fashioned even during his own time, and who died nearly 150 years ago? Why a book about how his peers saw him, when the world he lived in disappeared long ago, making his life and death seemingly meaningless to those of us living in the modern era? In The Old Rebel: Robert E. Lee As He Was Seen by His Contemporaries, award-winning author and Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, provides the answers: in our ever growing impersonal cyber age where we continue to distance ourselves not only from others, but from God and Nature as well, the Christ-like Southern gentleman Robert E. Lee is more relevant than ever before. In his hard-working, conservative, dutiful, and honest ways, in his deeply spiritual, modest, loyal, gentle, loving, and forgiving nature, Lee serves as an ideal moral compass for today’s depersonalized atheistic society, a true-life paragon that all of us - no matter what our age, occupation, race, religion, or political persuasion - can aspire to. To aid us in better understanding the stunning power of Robert E. Lee’s life, Col. Seabrook has gathered together nearly 400 footnoted quotes by the General’s 19th-Century contemporaries, including both his admirers and his former Northern foes. The book, a companion to Seabrook’s equally absorbing work The Quotable Robert E. Lee, is divided into convenient chapters, covering everything from Lee’s birth, childhood, and family life, to his service in both the U.S. military and the C.S. military, as well as his time as president of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University). We also learn about the General’s earliest known French and English ancestors, his royal bloodline through William the Conqueror, Stratford Hall (Lee’s birthplace) and Arlington House (the Lee-Custis family estate), and the etymology of the Lee surname. Seabrook’s personal notes and his numerous Victorian illustrations lend historical context, helping make this Civil War Sesquicentennial Edition an indispensable work for all those interested in Lincoln's War, authentic Confederate history, and Southern culture. Available in paperback and hardcover. (All text and images copyright © Sea Raven Press) Click on “Reviews 2” to see what people are saying about this book. And please leave a positive review on Amazon for us, thanks! DETAILS AUTHOR-EDITOR: Lochlainn Seabrook FOREWORD: Scott Bowden (nine-time award-winning Texas author) CONTENT: adult nonfiction SUBJECTS: biography, American Civil War, history, military, Southern literature, Victorian society, Confederate culture ILLUSTRATED: yes (b/w) SIZE: 5.5” x 8.5” LENGTH: 260 pages COVER: paperback/perfect bound/gloss finish; hardcover/case laminate/matte finish PUBLISHER: Sea Raven Press ISBN: 978-0-9838185-4-0 (paperback) ISBN: 978-1-943737-07-9 (hardcover)
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“I have this book. It is truly a great book on General Lee. I came away awestruck at the man’s character, bravery, loyalty, and humility. Truly one of the godliest men ever.” - KEITH CRAVEN
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"The Old Rebel: Robert E. Lee as He was Seen by His Contemporaries" from Sea Raven Press (paperback) "The Old Rebel: Robert E. Lee as He was Seen by His Contemporaries" from Sea Raven Press (hardcover)
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