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DESCRIPTION If we’re to believe the nearly 20,000 books that have been written about President Lincoln by pro-North and New South historians, he was an ardent abolitionist, a Bible-believing Christian, and a Constitution- loving conservative who headed the most ethical administration in U.S. history, preserved the Union, ended American slavery, and became the black man’s greatest champion by granting him full civil and equal rights. In fact, according to Lincoln’s own words, nothing could be further from the truth. After reading our bestselling book, The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln, by award-winning Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, you’ll be asking yourself the question: Why then does Lincoln, a big government Liberal who filled his administration and armies with socialists and communists (such as U.S. Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana and U.S. General August von Willich) and was idolized by radical Left-wing revolutionaries like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (authors of The Communist Manifesto), and later, socialist dictators like Adolf Hitler, continue to be annually voted America’s “best,” “favorite,” and “most important” president by people of all ages, races, religions, and political persuasions? The answer - well-known to traditional Southerners for the past 150 years - is that the real Lincoln has been carefully concealed from us by his faithful worshipers, the Lincolnites, some who are simply uninformed, others who will stop at nothing to keep you from learning the facts about our sixteenth chief executive and his unconstitutional, unnecessary, and unjustifiable war on America. In this eye-opening Civil War Sesquicentennial Edition, Colonel Seabrook closely examines the politically incorrect statements they don’t want you to know. Included here, among some 230 footnoted entries, are Lincoln’s controversial, progressive, even un-American, views on his presidency, the government, the U.S. Constitution, states’ rights, the Union, his war on the South, abolition, slavery, colonization, African- Americans, Mexicans, “mulattos,” the Confederacy, the Southern people, his Emancipation Proclamation, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, and more. This is an indispensable work for those interested in the American Civil War, for without a true and complete understanding of Lincoln one will never have a true and complete understanding of the conflict itself. An attractive, unique, affordable, and popular tourist-friendly work that will appeal to both casual Civil War buffs and hardcore Civil War scholars alike, The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln is the perfect addition to any retail outlet, including not only bookstores, but Civil War sites, historic houses, and museum gift stores. Available in paperback and hardcover. (All text and images copyright © Sea Raven Press) Click on “Reviews 2” to see what people are saying about this book. And please leave a positive review on Amazon for us, thanks! DETAILS AUTHOR-EDITOR: Lochlainn Seabrook CONTENT: adult nonfiction SUBJECTS: American Civil War, history, military, government, politics, slavery, abolition, racial studies ILLUSTRATED: yes (b/w) SIZE: 5.5” x 8.5” LENGTH: 150 pages COVER: paperback/perfect bound/gloss finish; hardcover/case laminate/matte finish PUBLISHER: Sea Raven Press ISBN: 978-0-9838185-2-6 (paperback) ISBN: 978-1-943737-18-5 (hardcover)
Slavery 101: Amazing Facts You Never Knew About America’s “Peculiar Institution”
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All We Ask is to be Let Alone: The Southern Secession Fact Book
"All We Ask is to be Let Alone: The Southern Secession Fact Book," from Sea Raven Press (paperback)
AMAZON REVIEW, FOUR STARS: “Once again, this author has exposed for any and all who have an open mind to be educated, a wealth of little known facts about the War between the States. This time he examines Lincoln, using Lincoln's own words. This is an exhaustive series of quotes by Abe himself, as gleaned from his speeches, debates, and writings over the course of his life. This will shock the reader when he learns what Lincoln felt about secession and state's rights, the cause and purpose of the War, African-Americans and racism, and a host of other timely topics. This man is shown to be no great emancipator. . . . Lest the author be accused of ‘Southern Revisionism,’ he makes his case factually and clearly using no less than ten pages of footnotes, and four pages of bibliography. A true scholar, Mr. Seabrook has authored over fifty books pertaining to this period of history. This is no novel. At times it is hard to read, for it is so infuriating, surprising, and depressing. Your heart will be inflamed. Your mind will be opened.” - B. BOREN
"The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln" from Sea Raven Press (paperback) "The Unquotable Abraham Lincoln" from Sea Raven Press (hardcover)
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Amazon Ranks This Book the #27 Bestseller In Civil War History!
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